No more burnt pancakes – find out my secret!

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Disclosure:  I received product to sample. I am not a doctor and do not make any medical claims.  The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Since my mom wasn’t native to the US, she didn’t know how to make many American foods. Mom had to work hard to learn to prepare “normal” dishes that my friends loved. I remember the first time I tried french toast at a sleepover! I came home to tell my mom about it, so she asked my friend’s mom for the recipe. As far as I knew, pancakes came from a just-add-water Bisquick box. It never occurred to me that pancakes could be prepared from scratch. He loves pancakes the way that bears love honey.  When I’m too tired to decide what to cook, we have “Brinner.”  Breakfast for dinner is always popular with my kids! We try lots of different recipes, including sour cream pancakes and fruit-topped goodness.  Unfortunately, the first pancakes of the batch always had to be thrown away because they were burned to a crisp. The griddle was never quite hot enough, then it was too hot, then it scorched the pancakes. Finally, FINALLY, I learned a special trick. No more burnt pancakes!

No more burned pancakes -


The secret is using coconut oil to grease the griddle.  Up until this point, I’ve tried everything else.  Melted butter, cooking spray, margarine…..the works. It always resulted in a pan that Goldilocks would complain about — either too cold or too hot.  Coconut oil gets the pan just right.  I spoon a small amount onto the griddle, smear it around, and the pancakes come out with a lovely crisp golden edge.  A couple of days ago, my batter was too thick (more like quick bread!) and I feared the worst.  No worries!!  I cooked the hotcakes for just a few minutes longer, so they’d cook through, and they STILL didn’t burn. It was amazing!  I even used a bit of the coconut oil with some extra milk to thin the batter. The rest of the batch was just as perfect.
Perfect Pancakes -

Coconut Oil tastes great.  It’s known for having many potential health benefits.  I like to use it because it’s organic and cold-pressed.  Coconut Oil gives a rich flavor to food, too.  You can use it in so many ways, from food to cosmetics!   These days when we have breakfast for dinner, I make a night of it. We have a total feast and every recipe is doubled or tripled.  I use the Ziploc vacuum sealer to freeze the extra pancakes so we have at least 10 mornings of breakfast made.  The rest of the eggs are boiled and popped into the fridge.  Our mornings are peaceful for the next couple of days, at least!


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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    I will be trying this!!! Brinner is great, and my husband makes amazing pancakes. The ones that are the size of the plate and really thick and fluffy. Yum! I can’t wait to try this with my pancakes and other goods. Thanks.

  2. It also helps to cook it at a slightly lower temp. Been a while since I’ve made pancakes, but will keep your tip in mind!
    Scott recently posted…Look Out! A (Rivet) War is Coming!My Profile

  3. Thanks for this great article. I love making pancakes, but I tend to make them on the dark side.

  4. Danielle Isom says:

    I’ve heard such great things about coconut oil, but haven’t tried it yet myself. I’m definitely going to have to look for it in my grocery store.

  5. I never would have thought to use Coconut Oil to grease the skillet!!! We love to have breakfast for dinner it’s always a hit.

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    I bake with coconut oil all the time, its just o much healthier, and smells better (IMO.) I did not know, however, that it evens temperature and minimizes burning! Great trick!

  7. I never would have known this. Thanks for the info.

  8. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I had no idea. I did not know that coconut oil evens temperature and minimizes burning! DH loves really thick pancakes

  9. These are good tips; I always burn pancakes. :/

  10. What a wonderful idea, I love making dinners or lunches ahead of time, never thought about doing breakfast. And I love that you use coconut oil, one of my favorites.

  11. Shakeia Rieux says:

    Thank you for sharing this!I would definitely have to try this

  12. Coconut oil is great for baking. I will try it with pancakes, thanks for the tip.

  13. I ADORE coconut oil. I use it in baking all of the time now. I buy it at Trader Joes.

  14. Sandra Watts says:

    Great tip. I hate burnt pancakes. Yours look good by the way.

  15. Connie Saunders says:

    I need to put coconut oil on my grocery list. Thanks for sharing.

  16. My teen will NOT eat my pancakes because they either are too dark or not cooked enough in the middle. This sounds like a saving moment and she’ll eat them again!

  17. I never thought about using coconut oil for pancakes! What a great idea-thanks!

  18. rochelle haynes says:

    This is nice to know

  19. Dee Lafrenz says:

    I never heard this before. Thank you for the idea, and I cannot wait to try it. I hate burnt pancakes.

  20. Thanks for this tip. I’ll be using it next time 🙂

  21. kathy downey says:

    Thanks,I cannot wait to try it.

  22. I’m definitely going to try this out. I think I’m going to do it with waffles in the Waffle Iron though. I’m sure it will still turn out great.

  23. I’ve never used coconut oil before but I LOVE making pancakes, and I just hate it when they burn quickly.

  24. well, there ya go! Another great reason to use coconut oil!

  25. Christine A says:

    I don’t make pancakes very often and I tend to burn some when I do. I usually have coconut oil in the house so thanks for tip!

  26. Jennifer Shelton says:

    This is great because we eat pancakes often in our house! My husband is great at them, me not so much lol

  27. Amber Ludwig says:

    We use coconut oil for just about everything but Ive never thought to use it to grease a pan!! GENIUS!! Hubby will bbe so happy that Ive leanred this new trick 😉 thank you!

  28. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    Great idea. I would never have thought to use coconut oil in pancakes. Thanks!

  29. Jennifer Herman says:

    Great idea- i gotta try this!

  30. I don’t have much of a problem with burning pancakes, but I’ve heard a LOT about coconut oil. I’m going to try it!

  31. Have to try this next time I make pancakes.

  32. You have totally, gotten me craving pancakes. I will try this. I really like coconut oil, so I am sure it will be a perfect addition. 🙂

  33. Tamra Phelps says:

    I avoid making pancakes because they never turn out right, so I’ll definitely try this! I’ve never used coconut oil before.

  34. Thanks for the recipe to avoid disaster. I will try this out so I don’t burn those pancakes anymore.

  35. I was just thinking about trying our coc0nut oil….great tip about the pancakes, I think you’ve inspired me to give it a go!

  36. Thank you for sharing your secret with us.

  37. Julie Waldron says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have some coconut oil & will have to try this.

  38. Haven’t had pancakes in a long time. I like your trick.

  39. I remember reading this a while ago and I finally got some coconut oil. I’m going to talk hubby into pancakes this weekend!

  40. Amber Ludwig says:

    Thanks for sharing your secret!! I am a pancake ruiner so hubby always makes them lol!! I’ll never tell him I can probably master it now 😉

  41. (No more burnt pancakes – find out my secret!) I really like this little secret that you shared here. I am going to remember this one-

  42. This is great. I too have tried everything but every so often they stick and burn. My youngest daughter won’t try and make them anymore because she doesn’t want to see the burn again. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m passing it on to her as well.
    Carol L

  43. Jennifer Boehme says:

    I had no idea. I do know it’s good to give your dog a tablespoon a day also.

  44. I’ve never thought about using Coconut oil before. Thanks for the tip!

  45. Jenna Hudson says:

    I use coconut oil everyday but I never thought of this. Will try this weekend!

  46. I have this issue so I ask my hubby to make pancakes instead…or they come out a bit too gooey in the middle, mainly because I’m afraid to burn them. I’ll have to try this next time! Thanks.

  47. I need to get some coconut oil and start cooking with it.

  48. Cynthia W says:

    Awesome – great tip! I’ll make pancakes this weekend and try this. Thanks!

  49. I have coconut oil, I never tried it this way. I’m excited to try it! No more burnt pancakes for me, either!

  50. We have “brinner” at least once a month!


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