The day I said YES $500 Amazon Giveaway #WhyNotWednesday #BetterMatters #ad

Enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card! #giveaway #ad #BetterMatters #WhyNotWednesday
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Enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card! #giveaway #ad #BetterMatters #WhyNotWednesday
Communication issues with a tween are tough enough. Add the cell phone battle, and you might as well wave a white flag.  With the many after school activities and weekend sleepovers that take place, a cell phone for my daughter became a necessity.  She had a small “emergency” phone but it didn’t work well, so she never used it.  It was definitely time to upgrade.  We didn’t want to let a bad cell phone connection to keep her from being able to contact us if there was an emergency.  When she asked me if she could have an iPhone from Verizon — just like mine — I said YES.  Since I’d initially opened my new customer account online, I knew that the site was reliable and user-friendly.  I was really surprised at how easy (and quick!) the online ordering process was.   Lucky for us, Verizon made it super easy and affordable to add another line.  My daughter inherited my gently loved smartphone, and I got to purchase a new iPhone 6.   Through 2/29, new customers can receive up to $50 off select smartphones with coupon code COUPONVZW.  Take a look at all the options! Which smartphone would you like to get with this discount?  [Read more…]

Hooray for a snow day! What I bought and what I read

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The day started out as semi-normal.  I sat in front of the TV hoping in vain to see our school system’s name scroll across the bottom.  When it became evident that the call wasn’t coming, I rounded up the sniffling, coughing troops and we headed out into the icy snow.   After a slow crawl onto the treacherous main road, we got a text saying that school was called off.  Another 20 minutes back home, and we were back into pajamas.  The curtains are open, lights are off, and snow is falling — we feel like we’re sitting inside a snowglobe.  Hooray for a snow day!  It’s already off to a great start; I just placed a Jane order!

Here’s what I got….totally thrilled with the goodies. I love that I can pay via Paypal…don’t hate me for thinking about shopping online some more today. [Read more…]

How to reach your reluctant reader #LitfuseReads

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How to reach your reluctant reader - #LitfuseReads

Since books have always been a big part of my life, from even my earliest memories, it’s difficult for  me to imagine NOT wanting to read.  I’ve been known to read the car manual out of sheer desperation for reading material.  Becoming a language arts teacher seemed inevitable!  These days, when parents come to me with the worry that their child hates to read, the desperation starts to claw at my heart all over again.  I’ve got to find a book for that child!   It seems to me that most children don’t actually hate reading; they just haven’t found “their” book yet.  If you want to know how to get your reluctant reader into a good book, try some of these tips!  [Read more…]

Share the Love #Giveaway Hop – enter to win $10 Amazon gift card code

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Share the Love blog hop #giveaway - enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card

The Share the Love giveaway hop is a great idea because it is meant to honor our favorite book blogs. These are all bloggers who have gifted me with a giveaway prize, so I’m returning the love by sending them some follow pixie dust.  You benefit, too — one lucky reader will receive a $10 Amazon gift code.  Pretty sweet, right?

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Jesus Today devotional – enter to win the Favorites Book Hop Giveaway

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Jesus Today #giveaway - enter at

I’m a big fan of the Jesus Calling books.  I have given away copy after copy to friends and family. The book just speaks to me, and makes me feel so comforted on tough days.  When Jesus Today came out, I knew they’d love this one.  Although it’s geared to kids ages 6-10, I find myself being uplifted through each daily message as well.  It makes our family’s devotion time very special.  It’s important, though, to let kids know that these are not actually scriptural messages.  Instead, they’re from the imagination of the author Sarah Young. The daily devotionals reflect her thoughts spent in prayer.  The take-away is lovely, and feels like a God Hug! It’s one of our new favorites, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Thanks to Tommy Nelson, one lucky reader will receive a copy of this lovely devotional.  Keep it as a gift, or share it with a special little one in your home.  The giveaway is open to US readers ages 18+. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck!

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Your comment matters! Paypal or Amazon #giveaway

Why your blog comment matters + #giveaway at You might wonder why bloggers are always asking for comments.  Browsing through blogs is fun, and sometimes there’s just enough time to read a post but not enough time to leave a comment.  I get that.  To bloggers, though, your comment means a lot!  Here are 5 big reasons why your blog comment matters.   [Read more…]

The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacy Henrie – review and #giveaway

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Women enjoy independence these days, but it wasn’t always so. In the not-so-distant past, being female meant that one was limited when it came to travel. When Delsie Radford tried to get to California in the book The Express Rider’s Lady, she needed an escort to ensure her safety. Enter Myles Patton, the Pony Express rider hired for the cross-country journey.

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XOXO Giveaway Hop featuring White Teeth Global

What’s your best feature?  You might be surprised to see how many would say that their smile is their best feature.  It’s one of the first things I notice on someone.  To me, a smile is made more beautiful when it’s pearly white.  If you’re caught hiding behind your hand instead of showing your shiny smile, you need to enter to win the teeth whitening kit from White Teeth Global.

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Enter to win a book up to $15 in the Romance is in the Air #giveaway book hop

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Romance is no new topic to novels.  It’s a huge draw for stories of all types — whether it’s action, drama, or even horror.  My personal preference is “clean” romance.  I like to have a little to the imagination rather than have everything spelled out for me, if you please.  Young adult romance is also a favorite.  The books from this genre tend to hold my attention in more ways than just the romance.  Here are some of the February new releases that have me clicking “add to wishlist” — what’s on your wishlist? One lucky reader will win a book of choice, up to $15.

Salt to the Sea #ad #giveaway

I’m very anxious to get my hands on Salt to the Sea. This WWII story is based on a historic event that I’ve never heard of.  The reviews are excellent, and I like the idea of the story being told from 4 different perspectives. One of the characters writes love letters home to his girl… touching.  It’s on my wishlist, what about you?  [Read more…]

Hallmark Puzzle + Amazon gift code #giveaway #LoveHallmark

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#LoveHallmark makes great puzzles for adults - snow day #giveaway

There comes a point in the snow day where everyone is too cold or tired to play outside.  That’s a great moment to pull out the puzzles and get to work!  The whole family can get involved, or the puzzle fun can be a quiet pastime to enjoy on your own.  Enter to win a puzzle of your choice in this giveaway!

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