Nail It This Spring — great beauty buys

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If it must be cold, I’d like to see some snow. Now that it’s hitting the 40’s with no sign of a snow day, I’m thinking ahead to spring. These fun beauty buys helped to get me in the mindset of brighter colors, lighter fabrics, and sunnier smiles. My skin hasn’t caught on to the new program. A few days ago, it became clear that my hands were starting to look like old-lady skin. There is a definite crepe thinness to the skin on my hands. They’re dry and showing lots of fine lines. You can imagine my horror! It was time to take drastic measures. Recently I’ve been using the New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum on my neck and decolletage. [Read more…]

Simple Prayer Rocks * inspired by Before Amen by Max Lucado

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Back in my college days, we played a game at the cafeteria.  It was meant to be innocent and kind of funny, but looking back on it I feel rather ashamed.  When it was time to say prayer together, we’d all prop up our thumbs which meant “Not IT.”  The last person to catch on had to thank God for our food.  Why did we skip out on that opportunity to speak with the Lord?  Asking the Lord’s blessing on our meal was a chance to share that moment in God’s presence.  Matthew 18:20 says that when 2 or 3 are gathered in the Lord’s name, He is there among them.  What an awesome reminder of the power of prayer!  So God, I’m sorry for all those times I skipped out on talking with you. I’m doing my best to catch up these days.

Prayer Rocks DIY - inspired by #BeforeAmen by Max Lucado #sponsored [Read more…]

Kyoku for Men combo set #giveaway

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If your Valentine doesn’t want body wash that smells like fruit, or prefers to use lotion when it isn’t floral-scented, check out Kyoku for Men.  The bottles are even boxy shaped, more masculine than the girly girl personal products we have in our bathroom.

Kyoku for men: #giveaway at

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Vehicle Magnetic Signs at Lowest Price from BestofSigns

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Back when my daughter was a baby, I became a consultant for a skincare company.  I kept my full-time job while doing spa parties in the evenings.  Building my clientele was tough.  Working from home in a direct sales program can be a tricky business.  Word of mouth is an important step, but it’s important to get new customers outside of one’s general social circle.  My friends were exceptionally patient and generous by hosting parties, purchasing products, and sharing the news that my business was growing.  Looking back on those days, I know that things would have been even better if I had put a vehicle magnet sign on my car.

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FANdom is alive and well – enter to win a $15 Paypal giveaway!

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  Hockey Combo from Mabel's Labels - enter to win $15 paypal at #giveaway
It’s time for the Celebrate Your FANdom Giveaway Hop! 
Football fanatics, racing fans, and basketball buffs, unite!  It’s time to celebrate your FANdom by entering a giveaway on the blog hop! Let’s give a cheer for our event hosts, The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It.  After entering my giveaway, hop around to each giveaway.  You can enter to win prizes valued at $15 or more!  One lucky reader will win $15 Paypal cash to purchase a great fan item.

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Missing in Paradise – book review

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Missing in Paradise book tour

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon buried treasure?

Okay, neither do I.  But I got pretty close with Missing in Paradise!

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Verified Codes has no-clip coupons. Save half the money with a fraction of the effort

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Verified Codes makes it easy to go paper free. #ad
Online shopping is a big part of today’s consumer world.  With credit card bonus points, virtual clearance sections, and expedited shipping, it’s often more convenient for my family to shop online rather than make a trip to a brick and mortar store.  There’s also the savings issue.  Although paper coupons exist for online shops, it’s a hassle to keep up with those coupons and codes. Online codes are easier to use because they’re no-clip, quick, and easy. I’m always interested in saving time and money. Verified Codes makes it simple to get BIG savings with a couple of clicks! [Read more…]

SeaCozy lets you Welcome Winter in style! #giveaway

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From the time she was about 2 years old, my daughter’s one wish was always the same.

“I wish I had a mermaid tail.”
SeaCozy - the next best thing to being a real mermaid.
Many a star heard that plaintive plea. Her pretty Ariel costume just didn’t seem to be enough. Even when we went to Disney and met her favorite mermaid, my sweet princess never had her dream fulfilled. That is, until we found SeaCozy! [Read more…]

Team US – Marriage Together book review

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Team US Marriage Together - enter to win a copy at

“Finishing your marriage story well is definitely within your reach, no matter what your history tells you.”

Whether or not you’re part of a married couple, chances are good that you have an opinion about marriage.  This perspective could have been influenced by many experiences in your life.  Your parents’ relationships, your personal goals, and perhaps even books and movies probably impacted the way you see that gold band on the left hand.  The great thing about marriage is that most people enter into it with optimism.  The tough part inevitably comes when the couple realizes that they’re no longer courting.  Instead, they’re in it together.  Some people have a fight-or-flight mentality when it comes to living with their partner.  In the book Team Us: Marriage Together, author Ashleigh Slater addresses some important challenges that married couples face.   [Read more…]

Mama’s New Look featuring Ageless Derma

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I’ve used several Ageless Derma products in the past. I’m especially excited to try the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener again. The formula is now an all-new combination of natural ingredients paired with bio-engineered properties that are supposed to lighten the skin without any harmful side effects. Although I don’t really have freckles or age spots yet, I have noticed a difference in my skin pigmentation on areas where I’ve recently had a blemish. I’m anxious to try Ageless Derma to see if this will lighten my skin. It’s great that they use no parabens or harsh chemicals in their products. Additionally, the skin brightener is formulated in the USA. It is not tested on animals. Why not enter to win your own jar of Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener? [Read more…]