Dont panic if your child says I Hate Reading

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I hate reading.  Have you heard this declaration from your children before? 

When students enter my class each August, it’s inevitable that some of them will claim, “I hate reading.” It makes my heart hurt a little, because reading is so crucial to survival in our modern age.  Every day for the rest of their lives, their reading skills will influence their success and understanding of the world.  However, my approach to this teenage brick wall is very passive.  I don’t try to change their minds. I try to change their experience.  It’s hard to overcome a teen’s determination to be stubborn.  I’ve found that most students who claim they don’t like to read just haven’t found the book they like to read.  By introducing them to titles of different genres, it’s usually possible to find at least one book they’ll grudgingly admit they like.  Here are my secret strategies…just don’t tell the kids! [Read more…]

Brentwood Home cheers your space #ChristmasCheerHop #giveaway

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Brentwood Home #giveaway #ChristmasCheerHop
Is lounging part of your winter routine? We love the cozy days of Christmas. Brentwood Home has lovely items that bring warmth and comfort into any room in the home. [Read more…]

Display your memories on your wall

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This is a beautiful river near our home. I took the kids there over the summer and we walked along the riverbank. What a fun afternoon we had! Do you display your memories of special moments like this?
Sycamore Shoals -
Looking for something special for that person who’s so hard to please?  Do some social media sleuthing and have home decor made with a special vacation photo!  My friends post pictures of their families, vacations, and DIY creations all over social media. When we visit their home, though, they don’t have any prints of those special memories. After all, it takes time to print off images. A lovely acrylic or vibrant poster of a special moment is so simple to create with a few clicks of your mouse. Like the photo of my special river, those memories are clear in my mind but haven’t made it to my wall.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to give a friend such a personal gift? 

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Periwinkle’s Journey signed book and pendant #giveaway US/CAN

Periwinkle's Journey #giveaway

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Periwinkle's Journey #giveaway

If Periwinkle — the charming blue penguin on this book’s cover — looks familiar, it might be because she’s from the author of the Suzy’s Zoo characters.  Just as you’d expect, Periwinkle’s Journey is as cute as can be!   The book sends a positive message about looking at the inside, not at outer appearances.  It also provides an educational viewpoint into the penguin species, highlighting fun facts and habitat information.   [Read more…]

Pretty Personalized Gifts from Krafty Chix

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Krafty Chix personalized gifts

The Krafty Chix have been hard at work getting pretty personalized gifts ready for your Christmas shopping list.  Go ahead and start checking it off!  [Read more…]

National Geographic Kids Books make great gifts! #Giveaway #holidaygiveaway #holidaygiftguide #giving #givingtuesday


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National Geographic Books #giveaway

The week before Thanksgiving, our school hosted a book fair in the library.  It was wonderful to see my students get so excited about reading.  My students keep their own TBR lists (to-be-read) in their reader/writer journals. Many added titles like these National Geographic kids books on their TBR lists.  Why not consider some of these for the holiday gift list.  Whether you’re shopping for the kids, their teachers, or a holiday angel, you’re sure to hit the target with these. This or That #giveaway at

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Zero calorie stocking stuffer treats – Trust My Heart, Pixie Scents

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Chocolate might be on Santa’s list, but many of us look for zero calorie stocking stuffer treats.  Consider these goodies for guilt-free indulgence!

Pixie Scents

We just returned from a family trip to Disney World.  On one chilly evening, my son passed a popcorn cart and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  After he asked for some “buttery popcorn” the third time, we had to stop at the cart and get some! [Read more…]

Try Sun Basket with 4 FREE meals! Cyber Monday extended

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Have you seen the ads for mail-order meals but wasn’t sure which one to try? Sun Basket is making it so easy for you with 4 free meals in their extended Cyber Monday sale. I’ve been drooling over these Sun Basket menu for weeks, and finally was able to select a few to try from the current meal choices. What would YOU choose? [Read more…]

What would you do with an extra $250 Holiday Cash? WW #giveaway

250-holiday-cash Enter to #win #giveaway
Are you getting set up for a Happy Thanksgiving? Putting a feast on the table seems to get more expensive every year. I’m sure you could use a little extra holiday cash! You’re in luck. We’re bringing you a Shopping Spree Cash giveaway where you have the option of choosing between $250 PayPal Cash OR an Amazon E-Gift Card! Entering on my link is simple – just leave a comment on any post where you haven’t already commented. This event was organized by The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island and sponsored by the awesome bloggers, authors, and Etsy shop owners listed below! [Read more…]

Eyes of Autumn blog tour #paranormalromance #mystery #giveaway @CynthiaHWise @candacemom2two


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When someone mentions paranormal romance, do your ears perk up? The cover of Eyes of Autumn might look spooky, but it’s more of a mysterious adventure. It reminds me of the romantic tension of Twilight. Marcus Hillyerd’s bold confidence was a little much, but it suited his character.

I didn’t realize that this was book 2 in a series. It did not impact my enjoyment of the novel. [Read more…]