Our house is full of polished music

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What does the fox say? He says you’ve gotta jam on Christmas break!!   Look what Santa brought to our house on Christmas morning.

Disclosure: I received samples; the post contains affiliate links. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Disclosure: I received samples; the post contains affiliate links. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Can you just imagine the tunes that are floating out of these microphones?! You, too, can have this polished music at your house.  You see, before my kids performed their little concert tonight, my daughter insisted on having her nails painted with the new SinfulColors topcoat collection. She preferred the polish on its own rather than over another shade. She likes the look of the glitter on bare nails and I have to admit that I do, too.  These holiday shades are perfect over the polishes that are already sitting in your nail polish box.  You can brush these on and create a whole new look.  I love the shades; they perfectly match the tartan colors from the Boden gift tags I received earlier this month.   I saved the tags because I loved the colors; they’re so perfect for winter.  Then when I noticed that they are the same shades as the polish, I realized they are meant to be in my beauty box!  Follow SinfulColors on Twitter and on Facebook to make sure you know about their newest trends.

SinfulColors topcoats -- savingsinseconds.com

So what are we singing on the karaoke machine?   We’ve got the new Kidz Bop CDs and they are better than ever!  Although
the older Kidz Bop CDs we own are actually kids’ voices, this one has a more professional sound. It seems easier for my kids to understand the lyrics on this CD than on the radio (from the original artists) so they’ve enjoyed singing along. The only thing that would improve this would be having the lyrics printed right in the CD case.  Kidz Bop 25 has my kids’ favorite songs like “What Does The Fox Say?” In fact, when we went through the bank drive-thru on Thursday, the teller started singing along with us! It was quite funny.  My daughter has been obsessed with The Cup Song for ages and it was on the CD as well.  The kids put on concerts for each other and just love singing along to these tunes.   Want to have a copy for the kids in your life, too?  Enter the New Year giveaway hop starting January 6 for your chance to win one!

Kidz Bop 24 and Kidz Bop Christmas! are also playing, even though Christmas is over. The old favorites are on the Christmas CD.  I wouldn’t expect anything less since my kids want the upbeat tunes, not the oldies that parents love. It’s embarrassing to admit that I don’t know most of the songs on Kidz Bop 24.  We listen to a lot of contemporary Christian radio in the car, so I’m often out of the loop when it comes to popular songs.  What I like best about the Kidz Bop music is that I don’t have to purchase an entire album for my kids. We can have the song(s) they love, edited for language, and I don’t worry about the rest of the songs on the CD.  That way, they are able to sing along at the playground with their friends but they don’t have to hear a lot of the adult stuff that is on the radio or on a CD.  My daughter has already put these songs on her iPod to use with her Dance Rave.

To make things even more fun, Kidz Bop also has Tooth Tunes musical toothbrushes. We received one in our CD package and my daughter instantly called dibs. Maybe we won’t have the fighting over the tooth-brushing in the mornings now?


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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    Lordy, Sabrina (11) would never put those microphones down, she’d be singing along to Glee Karaoke or Kidz Bop. I love that the station has a place to mount the mics and can accommodate duets.

  2. I can imagine the fun kids would have with that! Much, much better than a hairbrush which is, of course what MY generation used as a microphone. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

  3. SinfulColors has some super cute glitter shades!

  4. My little ones are always dancing around pretending to have microphones. My kids would have so much fun!

  5. oh if we had one of those in our house, our house would never be quiet again! lol. That is a sweet set up! I love it! we also have the Tooth Tunes toothbrushes and my kids love them. And my oldest is obsessed with the cup song too!

  6. This is so much fun! My kids would love dancing to this!

  7. OMGoodness. My 3 year old would love a karaoke machine like this!

  8. I was just discussing with my husband that we should get our daughter a karaoke machine for her birthday!

    • It’s SO much fun. You and your husband will probably enjoy it too. We may or may not have stayed up singing “Sweet Child Of Mine” last night…….

  9. WOW that is pretty cool – way to spend the Spring break

  10. Sounds like you and your kids had a great time prepping for their performance.

  11. Sherry Compton says:

    Sounds like a fun, crazy, noisy morning…just the way Christmas should be. What a great gift! Music sessions are so much fun. Great for all ages and guaranteed to bring laughs.

  12. Susan McNeills says:

    This looks more than fun!

  13. Kitty Iecvan says:

    I love singing along to music!

  14. Singing is so much fun! Glad your kids like to do it.


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