The time my son used My Pure perfume as air freshener #FragranceOutlet #MyPure

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Disclosure: I received this product to sample; opinions shared are mine.

The Fragrance Outlet #ad

My son is a mama’s boy. He’s always been this way. Although he adores his daddy and practically worships his sister, there’s something different about the way he needs his mom. So when I caught him spraying the brand new bottle of My Pure perfume throughout the living room because he wanted it to smell like me, how could I be angry?


A few days ago, when My Pure landed on my doorstep, I was shocked that it arrived so quickly. It had been only three days since my online visit to the Fragrance Outlet. Ordering online was so simple, and I love that they have a coupon code right on the page. My order was complete within just a few clicks, and it seems that their shipping is just as efficient.

The bottle of perfume was wrapped in a snow-white box adorned with a luxurious ribbon. What a beautiful presentation to receive as a gift! The square, glass bottle is heavy and bold. It offers a strong presence on a vanity or dressing table.

The Fragrance Outlet #ad

My Pure delivers a spicy, warm scent that hints at sophistication and feminine power. I spritzed just a small amount on my wrist when I opened the box. Hours later, I could still detect the fragrance. My husband commented that I smelled so good (I didn’t tell him it was My Pure, though! It’s our little secret, ok?) I used My Pure throughout the weekend and liked the way it lingered without being too stuffy.

The Fragrance Outlet #ad

I didn’t know that my son was aware that I’d been wearing the perfume. He often covers up with my blankets or snuggles with my sweaters, so I should have known he would notice a new scent. When he asked me what the bottle of My Pure was, I told him then absentmindedly continued what I was doing. A few moments later, the whiff of My Pure overload wafted by me. I caught him in mid-spray, whereupon he confessed that he’d already spritzed at least four or five times. He only wanted the room and his backpack to smell like his mama. I gave him a little hug, safely disarmed him, and put the perfume out of arm’s reach. Having a backpack that smells like your mother’s perfume might still be acceptable in 2nd grade, right?

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  1. Oh my goodness, this makes me feel a bit weepy! I agree that a son has a very special attachment to his momma!

  2. How could anyone be mad at any little one who sprayed it because he wanted to smell his mom – how precious is that – he truly loves his mom.

  3. I would love to try this

  4. Fee Roberts says:

    That is so sweet! I couldn’t be mad either.


    My little sister used a bottle of my Calvin Klein as air freshener after using the bathroom! I could have wept!

  6. clojo9372 says:

    My grandmother accidentally sprayed RAID as air freshener once. Needless to say I had to rush her out of the house into fresh air so she could breathe. LOL. Perfume would have been better and much safer!

  7. Amber Brumbaugh says:

    How adorable that he just wanted to smell his mom. I wouldn’t be able to be mad either, this is just too precious. You will have a great story to tell when he is older.

  8. Oh oh. Good thing you caught him before he sprayed too much.

  9. kathi bennett says:

    My sons are mamas boys too, and your son sounds like a real sweetheart. I don’t think we will ever know the true extent of how much our kids need us and I think we would be a bit surprised.

  10. well nnow you air is smelling nice it would be good to put in the drawer if you do not wear perfume

  11. Julie Waldron says:

    LOL That’s cute. 🙂 My daughter has a bottle of Old Spice body spray in her room for an air freshener. 🙂

  12. rochelle haynes says:

    Looking good love perfume

  13. Jerry Marquardt says:

    This does look very nice and fragrant. I will be sharing this with my sister in-law.

  14. Well, it did make the room smell good, didn’t it?

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