Surprising Places Where You’ll Find Halloween Decor

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I’d like to be able to make special trips for Halloween decor to create the perfect Spooky-Land for the kids.   As it is, there’s barely enough time to get my hair cut; therefore, my home decor purchases are generally impulse buys made while I run other errands.  Here are some surprising places where I’ve found great holiday decorations at affordable prices. 

Grab a patch-full of these foam pumpkins at the DollarTree. This little cutie measure 4.5 inches and can be carved to your heart’s content.  Make an instant floral arrangement by carving a hole in the top, pop in a small jar or cup, and add flowers.   Prefer your pumpkins pre-decorated?  Go for these 4-inch polyresin cuties.   They’d be adorable lined up on a shelf or windowsill.

I’ve also had good luck shopping for Halloween decor at the grocery store.  Check in the party supply section or with the seasonal goods.   There’s usually a rack with creepy vinyl clings or terrifying tablecloths that are perfect for a little extra gloom to our Halloween festivities.  This is also a great source to find dry ice.  Just a little of that magical substance really ramps up the creep factor for trick-or-treaters!

Finally, check at your local school supply store, especially if you want non-spooky fall decor.  There’s often a good variety of fall-related items that aren’t scary.  This is the perfect way to set the stage for the younger crowd.

Where do you like to shop for Halloween Decor? 

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  1. Dollar Tree is good for all kinds of seasonal things. I like the big pumpkin.

  2. I like to grab some holiday decor at the grocery store after the holiday is over, store it and use it the following year.

  3. Nice source you share for Halloween, Thank you!

  4. Love a dollar store! And love Halloween! I have a huge Halloween decor closet and I find stuff everywhere, from the drug store to the dollar store and everywhere in between!

  5. I like the idea of purchasing fun stuff for the kids from DollarTree, but I’m always weary when it comes to plastics, lead levels, etc. Does anyone have any ideas how to be sure the items they purchase are safe for children? My children are past the age of putting toys in their mouths, but I just worry about them handling the toys then putting their fingers in their mouths for any of the reasons they still do that. Any ideas would be helpful!

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