Keeping tweens happy for an adult-free evening – thanks to Classroom Friendly Supplies

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Disclosure: I received the adorable yellow sharpener in exchange for an honest review. Opinions shared are 100% mine.

Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener - the BEST! Each week, a small group from our church meets at our house for a time of fellowship.  The adults meet in one room while the kids entertain themselves in another area of the house.  Our collective kiddos range in age from toddler to pre-teen, so there’s a wide gap in interest and ability.  This week, I set out a coloring station for the kids.  The littlest children were given crayons and stickers, while the older kids had an assortment of coloring pencils and a very cool coloring book. The coloring station was a hit! Coloring isn’t only for kids, though. If you’re into adult coloring books or Bible journaling, take note!  Classroom Friendly Supplies has the best pencil sharpener I’ve ever seen! 

Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener - the BEST!

I have several of these fabulous pencil sharpeners in my classroom.  Hot pink and electric blue are the color patterns for my room, and I have those colors on my tables.  I don’t like to mount them because it’s such an advantage to have portable sharpeners. At home, we already had a red one that I purchased a few years ago. Since my “personal” kids love to use extra-sharp pencils, we needed a second sharpener at the house so they can each have one on their desks.  The yellow sharpener has a bold, mood-brightening tone that makes me smile!   The sharpener has been well-loved in its few days at my house.  My daughter often comments about its magical ability to sharpen pencils to a perfect point.  It might be the only thing we agree on.

Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener - the BEST!

If you’re a homeschooling parent or you like to use coloring books, this is one item you need in your coloring pencil cabinet.


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  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    My niece would enjoy this stuff. Remember that back-to-school/new-supplies feeling, lol? That was the best part of going back after Summer vacation.

  2. I remember that feeling, Tamra. I still love to shop for school supplies! I got a new set of Flair pens the other day and felt like a princess.

  3. I’d be sitting there with the kids coloring!

  4. rochelle haynes says:

    This is nice great for the little oned

  5. This is popular for the adults now to help relieve stress. I always did like to color with the kids. thanks

  6. Julie Waldron says:

    My daughter’s love adult coloring! My youngest even found some adult dot to dot books that she loves to do.

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