Civil war history set in Tennessee — is it a winner?

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Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres.  When I received this copy of Pursuing Gold from Litfuse, though, I wasn’t sure if it was a biography or a novel.

That black and white photo threw me off!  Bland cover aside, I set forth to enjoy this story.  It’s a Civil War era story focused on a banking mystery.

Pursuing Gold contains detailed dialogue.  Much of that is written in dialect, so the voices in my head switched between voices as I read.  For example, the hardest to follow was Maud; sometimes her “lines” had to be read two or three times to make sense.  If you enjoy knowing every word a character says (and the thoughts they hold in between) then this book might be for you.

Though I don’t typically revel in Civil War history, I do enjoy learning about Tennessee history.  We live in an area that was influential during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  The setting of this story is Chattanooga, TN. It’s been almost 20 years since I visited that area. It was fun to go back there, even if just in a book.

One thing I really enjoyed about Pursuing Gold was the mentions of home remedies.  This type of history intrigues me, and it was fun to read how simple plants could be used for medicinal purposes.  Then a charming character, Ms. Bessie, shared how the story of Ruth was a spiritual cure for anxiety.  I liked the thought of using something non-chemical to try to redirect anxious thoughts.

Finally, this story really speaks to caregivers. Despite the emotional ups and downs of the characters, the real heartache lies within the relationship of the dutiful daughter and her dying father.  It was encouraging to read how the community came together to support Mary Beth.



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  1. (Civil war history set in Tennessee — is it a winner?) Sounds really good to me, I find any reading material during this time in the past very interesting.

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