Anomaly by Krista McGee book review

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If you’re a fan of dystopian novels, you’ve come to the right place.  While I love dystopian fiction, I always prefer books that don’t have a lot of profanity. I also avoid books with mature subject matter simply because I want to be able to recommend books to my tween daughter (and also my 6th grade students.) Here are some titles that I feel comfortable suggesting to my favorite young people.


Aquifer - Christian dystopian fiction (featured on

Thunder - Christian dystopian fiction (featured on

Anomaly - Christian dystopian fiction (featured on

There’s still the trademark unconventional thinking that is sought after in dystopian fiction, minus all the grown-up stuff that kids don’t need to read.  Don’t shy away from these titles just because they’re in the Christian section.  Although they’re written by Christian authors, these books aren’t evangelical or scriptural. They’re just GOOD.    My favorite title out of these three was Anomaly.  I read the book last summer and it’s still on my mind. Check out my review!

I liked the fact that Anomaly by Krista McGee focused on a female main character.  That’s one nuance of dystopian fiction that’s really enticing for my students.  My daughter especially loves reading about tough girls, and I find that it helps her gain confidence in herself.

What do you like about dystopian novels?

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