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The Adventures of Pajama Girl – fun book about siblings #PajamaGirl

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In the spirit of Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, and other endearing books, The Adventures of Pajama Girl: The Coronation of the Cupcake Queen is sure to become a favorite at your home!    [Read more…]

My obsession with things in sets

Disclosure: I received this book to review. The post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

When I love something, I want them in sets.  Are you that way?   I guess my mentality is, if ONE is good, MORE would be better!   For example, let’s start with shoes.  You can’t have a Tieks collection with only one pair.  So now that I’ve tried one pair, I really must have another.  In every shade, perhaps.  My husband’s head got whiplash when he saw me looking, and then I told him how much $$$.  My friend asked me if they were worth it, and at first I thought not….but when I realize how much I wear them, my mind is swayed.  And since this post is about SETS, it’s very important to have a set, not a pair.  Very different things.   I feel that way about books, too.

A Heart's Disguise - review at [Read more…]

Love Your Leather – Don’t Let It Crack!

Love Your Leather -

One of my sweetest students gave me the Coach lanyard pictured above.  She was the last of three siblings that I had watched grow up, and each time I pull it out of my purse I think of that dear family and say a little prayer for them.  Unfortunately, I’d never had such a nice ID tag holder before, so I didn’t realize that I should have been taking better care of that leather strap.  As you can see in the photo below, the strap shows a great deal of wear and tear even though I’ve only used it for one year!  It cracked, even peeled in some areas.   [Read more…]

Encouragement Easter Basket ideas – because Easter is a time of hope #FCevents

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What does Easter mean to you? What does Easter mean to you?  For some, Easter is a colorful time of flowers, eggs, and candy.  For others, Easter represents hope.  The life that comes from death was symbolized through the resurrection of Jesus.  Unfortunately, Easter isn’t always a happy holiday for everyone.  Think of that person you know who is going through a hard time.  Perhaps it’s a single mom struggling to make ends meet.  It could be a friend who lost a loved one.  Could it be a hard worker who lost a job, an elderly person who misses her independence, or a church member facing an uncertain diagnosis?  This year, remember that an Easter basket can be a gift to anyone at any age.  Let’s put together an Encouragement Easter Basket!  [Read more…]

I’m officially a soccer mom

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Busy, busy, busy!  If things weren’t already wild and crazy, they sure are now.  This morning was a whirlwind of firsts, from the first instrument my daughter gets to play (clarinet) to the first day of soccer.  All of that was followed by a school practice and a birthday party. When we finally collapsed in our recliners, my husband and I joked about the fact that I’m officially a soccer mom.  We kept joking about the old David Letterman sound byte — Soccer Moms….Soccer MAMAS!  My kids also start ball this summer (t-ball and softball) so there will be more running around.  One of the things that completely baffled me was how much gear we’d need for spring sports.  I’m new to the childhood sports world, and it’s time to take notes.  Today I was grateful for the Paradox backpack we had sitting in the van.  It will get a lot of use this spring!

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Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette made with Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! #whipitup

Disclosure: I’m excited to bring you this post from Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! The thoughts and opinions shared are mine.

Remember that time when you opened the fridge and decided to eat the rest of that salad you made, only to find that you’re out of salad dressing? We’ve all been there. Next time I’m in the mood for a fresh take on salad, I’ll whip up this delicious, creamy vinaigrette using Yoplait Greek 100 Whips as the creamy base instead of buttermilk or mayonnaise. Sweet salad dressings appeal to me, but my regular poppyseed dressing has over 200 calories per 1-oz serving. Ouch! When I factor in the preservatives and other ambiguous ingredients, it’s also hard to tell what I’m actually eating.  When my daughter saw the Yoplait Greek 100 Whips in the store, she asked it we might be able to make homemade dressing with it.  I thought that was such a great idea!  Three ingredients and about one minute went into preparing this delicious Creamy Blueberry Vinaigrette. My kids loved dipping croutons in it; I preferred it with raw veggies and greens.  In fact, our homemade dressing was so simple and scrumptious, I may never buy prepackaged dressing again!  Ready to get started?  First, be sure to click here for this printable coupon to get $1 off the purchase of 5 Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!  [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning giveaway – enter to win a copy of Empty Cup by Suzanne Costigan

Disclosure: I received this book to review. The post and giveaway form contain affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

Empty-Cu book review -


A few days ago, I finished a short novel called Empty Cup. This debut from new author Suzanne Costigan will rock your world.  You’ll fight your emotions, fight your heart, and probably fight the urge to pull a Lorena Bobbit on a child molester.  It’s time to share my copy of this emotional book with you!  Sure, you can enter the book tour giveaway as well, but why  not enter this Spring Cleaning giveaway as well?  That just increases your chances to win!   [Read more…]

Spring Fashionista is almost over – Go right now and enter!!!

Today at work, so many of us said, “It’s already March 18?!” With all the rushing around we do, time just flies. Giveaway events do, too. If you’ve been saying, “I need to enter that one!” then go right now and enter. Savings in Seconds partnered with Plus Size Jewels to bring you a $125 bracelet package. These gorgeous gems will make your spring wardrobe pop!
Plus size jewels giveaway - #FashionistaEvents ends 3/20

Not sure how to enter a blog giveaway?  Check out my “how to enter giveaways” post and you’ll be all set.  But hurry, you only have 2 days left to get your entries in!  I took most of my Saturday evening and entered every single giveaway. Some of my favorite prizes included the 2-winner Janska Jacket giveaway, and the handmade Adora bag prize.  Wowza!  There are other gorgeous bags, too. In the market for a new Coach purse? Take your pick from red floral, ice blue, and a gift card.  Your feet will love all the shoes available in this event!  To find out what the prizes are, just visit the linky and scroll down through the giveaways.

Last year I won a prize package from My Fab Fit Forties, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for her prize again.  The prize I won last time was a set of purses that I’ve really enjoyed.  Which prize  are you most longing for?  The giveaway is almost over, so don’t wait. Enter today. Good luck!!

Spring Fashionista Event 2015 - Plus Size Jewels #giveaway

Honoring Our Veterans and Active Duty Service Members – Ryan’s in Greeneville, TN

Missing Man table at Ryan's - featured on Recently my family enjoyed a complimentary meal at the Ryan’s restaurant in Greeneville, TN.  While we were there, we noticed the Table for the Missing Man.  This symbolic table represents the hole in our hearts, the space reserved for those missing in action.  Coming from a military family, I knew that there was always the possibility that the soldier wouldn’t come home.   My step-father served overseas in several tours; although I was young and didn’t always recognize the dangers that he faced, I realized that he was making a huge sacrifice so that I could enjoy freedom.  The Missing Man table is a beautiful tribute to those who were lost while they served, and shows that we are still waiting for them to come home.  Every Monday, Ryan’s offers a military appreciation discount, but there was more in store!

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The #LuckyLeprechaun wants to give one lucky reader $10 to spend at Amazon

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Lucky Leprechaun #giveaway - $10 Amazon gift code. Enter at

When I receive an Amazon gift code, I tend to hoard it.  It is stashed into my gift card balance right away, then I swoon over all the things I could possibly buy with it.  When my daughter wants a new Warriors book, we head to Amazon first. With Easter just around the corner, I’ll soon be shopping for a couple of Pokemon plush characters to stuff the baskets. Most recently, I spent my saved up codes on an amazing camera  that I play with all week long.  Those gift cards never go to waste!  The best part about receiving an Amazon gift code? There’s no guilt about spending it all in one CLICK! One lucky reader will receive a $10 e-gift code, thanks to the Lucky Leprechaun!   [Read more…]