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If your kids are like mine, they probably love to get on the computer.  I am very, very protective of what I allow them to see and hear, especially when online.  That’s one reason why I was so excited to try, which is an online learning tool for children.  I’ve purchased several CD’s for my children to play on the computer, but we haven’t had success with any of them.  Often they are outdated, or the program slows down the computer so badly that we have to uninstall. gives us a great option for online fun without having to worry about keeping up with the CD.  There are no pop-ups or links to outside sites. [Read more…] — your source for replacement hot tub covers #spacap

If you’ve invested in a hot tub, one of the most important things you can do is to take care of your investment.  A great way to do this is to consider a replacement hot tub cover from many spa covers insulate with foam (which can saturate), SpaCap uses air instead.  This prevents the cover from becoming too heavy and breaking.  It’s a bonus that these custom hot tub covers are made in the USA!Just take a look at the customer testimonials; you’ll realize that these are high-quality replacement spa covers.   A hot tub is on our long-range home improvement plan and we’ll definitely check out SpaCap for our jacuzzi replacement spa cover needs.(Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post. The information was provided by; the opinions are my own.)

Enjoy your spa again! Check out #spacap

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If you are looking for a replacement spa cover, check out These custom spa covers are made in the USA, so there’s a plus.  Instead of using foam that can break or become too heavy from saturation, SpaCap uses air to insulate.   This helps the cover to last longer and to be more lightweight.   Additionally, I think they are really attractive.  There are many options available on the website.

We are installing a pool this summer, and I would love to have something easy to put on it this fall like these lightweight spa covers.  Who knows, maybe I can talk the hubs into getting a jacuzzi, too?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  Information for this post was provided by; the opinions posted are my own.

Wallpops wall art help to make the decor pop

Tee hee!!  I love making my 8 year old smile!! If you have a girl this age, or if you have ever been a girl this age, you probably know that I am no longer a cool mom.  I don’t know everything anymore, and I definitely don’t have the best style in the world.  According to my daughter, of course.  Somewhere after Christmas, my daughter turned from being my biggest fan to thinking that she was somehow switched at birth. And yes, I realize that things might get worse from here.

But I was able to change all that, at least for one day.  You see, Wallpops sent me a cool peace sign kit to review.  I put it up in her room one afternoon while she was watching TV.  Yep, it was that easy and that quick. The final result was very, very cool and to her liking, which is saying something!!  [Read more…]

Summer is officially on its way….Scott’s Strawberries are here!

If you live in the Tricities….or anywhere NEAR the Tricities….and you haven’t picked up your Scott’s strawberries yet, I implore you to RUN now and head out for some! We got our first yummy berries this week and they are heavenly; I don’t know how Scott Farms does it, but their berries are so soft and sweet.  You definitely don’t need to add any sugar to these.  They are divine just the way they are.

Scott's Strawberries are featured on

One thing I’ve noticed is that we have to eat the berries right away for peak freshness.  [Read more…]

On My Bookshelf: The Fall by Chana Keefer

 The book I want to share with you this week is The Fall by Chana Keefer.
As I said last week, Christian fiction is no longer a sugar-coated sticky sweet affair.
The genre is now tough and gritty, facing the real issues of Christian moms, dads, families, and sometimes rocking the core of faith.
The Fall is an excellent example of such a book.  In fact, I would recommend it even (maybe especially?) to those who are not believers because it is a fantastic read for virtually anyone.

Thrifty Thursday: Ways to Save on Summer Reading

If your child’s school has a required reading list, or even if you are just thinking about keeping the kids busy over the summer, you’ll want to get a head-start so that you can save money while snagging these great novels.   As a teacher, I see many kids coming in at the beginning of the school year with frustration because they waited to order their book just before school started and the bookstore is sold out.  Finishing a novel probably isn’t what most kids want to do over their last week of summer break (although it sounds glorious to me!)  So why not start early and have the books available.

Your first step is to get the summer reading list from your child’s school.  At our school, it is mailed home with the final report card.  Some schools post the list on their websites.  Others just have an ongoing list of suggested reading.  You’ll have to check with your child’s teacher to get the scoop on their procedure. [Read more…]

New Disney movie coming up!! Great story line for budding readers.

I just got this info on a new Disney movie coming up, I’m SO EXCITED!   Taking my kids to see movies is a really fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.  They always love Disney movies, and so do I!

Maleficent To Hit Theatres on March 14, 2014 [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Is exercise cheaper than medical bills?

A few weeks ago, I noticed a sign on a local gym that read “Exercise, it’s cheaper than medical bills.”  It got me thinking……is that really true?

Well, how much could your medical bills amount to when you don’t exercise?  I suppose that depends on your weight, genetics, and maybe a bit of luck.  I have friends who don’t exercise, eat all they want, and have zero medical issues and weigh next to nothing.  Stupid metabolism.  On the other hand, I have the unfortunate genes that make me look like the Woman of Willendorf.  (If you don’t know who that is, let me warn you not to Google it.  It’s not a pretty picture.)    Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, oh my! It all runs in my family. So the cost of medicine could really add up in my case.  Not to mention all the doctor’s visits requiring co-pays that would be required.  So I made a very rough estimate of $100 per month in the consideration of NOT exercising for better health.  That figure includes potential medications and doctor’s visits.  You could also include time missed from work in that amount if needed.

To conduct My Very Unscientific Research, I used Amazon to determine the cost of exercise.  I realize that the sign was meant to prompt me to exercise at that gym, but I would prefer a free or at least cheaper option, like walking or yoga at home.  I tried to consider the approximate cost of equipment that I might need.  For example, the cost of exercise shoes is something to consider if you’re going to walk. [Read more…]

Tricities Tuesday: Kingsport Deals

One site I like to visit for local deals is Kingsport Deals. It has great printable coupons available for eating out, beauty services, and other fun things.   If you’re heading to the Kingsport Mall, or Kingsport Town Center as it’s now called, definitely check Kingsport Deals before you go.  There always seems to be coupons for mall stores, like the one for Aeropostale that is pictured above.  Usually you will see coupons for other area stores too.  While you’re on the site, enter to win the “Big Deal Giveaway” which is sponsored by local businesses.

It’s important to check the expiration date on the coupons you print from Kingsport Deals.  They don’t always end on the same day, which can be an issue when you’re standing in the checkout line.  I try to print a couple before we head to the mall.  My kids usually want a pretzel or some other snack, and it is easier on the pocketbook when I can save a dollar or two.   There are often discounts for jewelry stores and other high-dollar items.  Those are perfect to take along when you’re shopping for a gift.  If you find that you’re not going to use the coupon, you can just pass it along to another shopper.  Being a coupon fairy is rewarding, too!

To me, the best part of Kingsport Deals is the support for local businesses.   When we keep our dollars in our community, it’s like magic—the benefits spread all over!

Did you find any great discounts on Kingsport Deals? 

(I received no compensation for this post. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.)