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Gifts for the Fitness Minded Friends in your life + #Giveaway

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If you ever visit my town, you’ll see people running on the sidewalk. I’ve tried to run before, and it’s not pretty! If you see me running these days, it’s probably because something is chasing me. I’m more of a low-impact fitness person. Yoga, pilates, and tai-chi would be more my thing. I’m always tempted to give up a few minutes into the exercise routine, and need some motivation to keep me going. Whatever your fitness goals, visit Family Christian to find some great inspirational items to keep you sweating!
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Teens and Time Management – Teach Your Kids How to Protect Their Time

Disclosure: I received this book to review. The post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.
Over the 18 years that I’ve taught middle school, I’ve heard lots of stories about busy families.  Parents send notes to ask for their children to be excused from their assignments for one reason or another.  Students go into long diatribes about birthday parties, relatives who suddenly fell ill, and yes — the dog that ate their homework.  When I became a parent, my perspective on schoolwork changed somewhat.  My children are responsible for completing homework, projects, and test preparation.  We’ve had our fair share of busy mornings, when I realize I forgot to check the take-home folder, or when my son needed 3 photos of himself to take to school that day. Then we have after school activities to consider; sports, church, and music lessons keep us running most days.  Does any of this sound familiar? It’s time to teach your kids how to protect their time.  When I received the book What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management? to review, I was struck by the thinness of the book.  Could author Leslie Josel really explain the time crunch solution in just 77 pages?   Yes, she can. It’s totally worth the $3.99 Kindle price. By using her ideas, I feel like I have a working plan for the coming school year. Teens and time management might not seem like they go together, but you can (and should!) help your child to become a responsible, successful young adult.

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What to read this weekend – The Proposal at Siesta Key

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The Proposal at Siesta Key by @ShelleySGray - book review at

So when you’re wondering what to read this weekend, you know you can always find some ideas at Savings in Seconds!  I’ve been reading at least a couple of books per day. Such bliss!  The Proposal at Siesta Key was as sweet as the cover, just as you might expect from author Shelley Shepard Gray.  This story was based in the Pinecraft area of Sarasota, Florida. I didn’t realize that it is a real place, so I especially enjoyed the author’s list of places to visit in the area! [Read more…]

Cabela’s has the Father’s Day gifts you need #CabelasGiftsForDad @Cabelas #ad

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21.  I’ll wait here while you do the math.  That’s right, it’s less than a month away.  That special man in your life deserves something that will make his life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable, right?  For my husband, that would mean outdoor equipment. Recently, we had a wonderful family fishing trip at Grandfather Mountain, NC.   We loved being outside together, doing a fun activity, and making memories.  The trout farm we visited offered fishing gear to customers, but I know my husband would have preferred to have his own rod and reel, like this Shimano Symetre/Cabela’s Fish Eagle 50 Spinning Combo that I found at Cabela’s.  Psst: Great Father’s Day sale starts June 4 through June 21, Father’s Day.  Also, don’t miss Free Shipping on clothing & footwear – $49 min starting June 4. #CabelasGiftsForDads #ad


It would make my husband swoon! Shop Cabela’s Father’s Day Sale and you could save up to 50% on gifts for your special guy.

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Michael W. Smith does it again! Sky Spills Over video + SOVEREIGN CD

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When my husband and I approached the altar to say our “I Do” speech in 1998, we selected a Michael W. Smith song as “our song.” I’ve always enjoyed listening to Smith’s worship hymns and praise music. When I was given the chance to share his new album Sovereign, it was a given! Today he released a brand new video for the song “Sky Spills Over,” so let’s celebrate with a giveaway! [Read more…]

Good, Better, and WOWZA! Book reviews

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Ah, summer. A cold drink, poolside chill, and a great book — can anything top this bliss? I enjoyed three (yes, three) books this weekend that you’ve got to check out. They each escalated in the WHOA scale. I’ll start you out gently!
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Summer Project: Wall Decals #Bobeefan

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Summer tends to inspire me to brighten up my space. Paint is a quick way to add color, but decals are faster and so much cleaner! Within a couple of minutes, you can have an inspirational message or a fun image cheering up your wall. Wall decals are ideal for areas like the baby’s nursery or even a classroom, where you might want to change things up fairly often. In my classroom, I wanted students to enter and leave my class with a little word-hug. Bobee sent me the the “You Are My Sunshine” Wall Decal on the door where students will see it each time they leave the room. It was so simple to apply! I followed the instructions on the merchant’s 2-minute video, which I highly recommend! It saved me the frustration of not knowing why my decal wouldn’t stick. The decal was unrolled, applied, and admired within ten minutes during my planning time. How simple is that! The flourished font and the sunny yellow color added a bit of whimsy to the otherwise blah wooden door.
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Summer Project: Update Your Greeting Card Stash #PutYourHeartToPaper

Update Your Greeting Card Stash #LoveHallmark #giveaway

Yay for summer!  Yay for the time to actually tackle some of those things that have been on my to-do list since before my kids were born.  I’m terribly guilty of planning to do something all summer long, then realizing on August 1 that I never even started the list.  This summer, I’m determined to do better.  Even if I have to document the list right here on my site!  Chances are good that you have the same to-do list, so let’s accomplish it together.  Hallmark sent me a fabulous mix of awesome cards for Mother’s Day.  From funny to heartfelt, you can count on Hallmark to have high-quality greetings waiting for you to send to someone special. [Read more…]

What to read this weekend

Ready for another giveaway? Here are a few new titles for you to check out, plus a chance to win one!  The books were sent to me for review; this post contains affiliate links. Of course, these are just my opinions!  If you’re wondering what to read this weekend, I hope you’ll consider reading one of these.

When Grace Sings book review #LitfuseReads [Read more…]

A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade – book review

My to-be-read list is quite full this month since we wrapped up school. I was out of town for several days when we took the 6th graders on a camping trip.  Being at a camp with 240 6th graders isn’t really conducive to reading a relaxing novel.  So when I got home and recovered, it was time to play catch up. Just so you know, I received this books to review. The post may contain affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.  I had been reading this cute romance by Becky Wade – A Love Like Ours – and bookmarked it just before we left for camp.  We’d been basically living out of the van for a few weeks in between school, the ball field, and home, so I thought the book was in the car.  After a frantic search for it, I finally found it on the kitchen counter.  Sigh.  You know it’s a good book when there’s a frantic search for it, right?   A Love Like Ours - book review [Read more…]