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Thrifty Thursday: Saving on produce at the Farmer’s Market and CSA

Saving on produce is a real challenge for most of us.  There are few coupons available and while the weekly sales often include produce, it’s usually a very limited selection.  One way that you can really save each week on fresh produce is to purchase yours at the local farmer’s market.  This summer I did a trial package for a CSA to see what would be included.  Each week was $25 and I had to pre-pay in advance.  The trial was for 3 weeks, so it wasn’t a long-term investment.   I picked up my basket of produce at a downtown natural food store.
The quality of the produce was really good but I was disappointed in the quantity of the foods we would actually eat.  Basically, there was enough to add to one dish each day.
Here’s what I got in my first basket:

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EXPIRED free photo package for new baby

When the new baby comes along, it seems like every company on earth bombards you with offer upon offer.  Everyone wants to give you a sample of this, a complimentary package of that.  One of my favorites is the photo package deals.
When you’re a new parent, you deserve some free stuff to make up for the exhaustion.  Olan Mills offers a New Baby Package for babies up to 3 months old.  I love this because you get a great assortment of wallets to mail in thank-you cards, an 8×10 to frame, etc.  We’ve had pictures made at Olan Mills many times and were always impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the photographers.  I only do the package deal each time and they never make me feel pressured to purchase more than I want.  It’s great to get a free photo package when the baby is young because everyone wants to see photos when you’re out and about!

Tri-Cities Tuesday: Fun Expedition in Johnson City, TN EXPIRED

 update — Fun Expedition is now closed.
If I ask my daughter what she wants to do on any given day, chances are very good that she will shout “FUN EXPEDITION!!”   Located in Johnson City, TN, Fun Expedition is a pretty affordable way to spend an afternoon with your kids.  They have many attactions including go-cart racing, bumper cars, rock wall climbing, mini-golf, bowling, batting cages, and others.  My kids also love to play the games and one of their favorite activities is chasing each other around the play structure.  Fun Expedition also has inspirational scriptures decorating the walls and some of the attractions.  And the restrooms are super clean!!!

Survey Sites—are they legit?

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Are survey sites legit?

Updated 2/7/13….read the new post here.

I have recently started doing online surveys to earn gift cards and small cash prizes.  I really enjoy it and it has been nice to have some “free” money to spend online.  Here are some of the sites I really like.  Do you have any experience with these? I’d love to hear about it!  And if you participate in survey sites that are not listed, I’d love to give yours a try!

Note that not all of these sites are accepting new members…you might have to check back later!

Opinion Outpost:  This is my favorite survey site.  I earn rewards very quickly there and they pay out within a couple of days.

MySurvey:  I like this site because it usually doesn’t have a screen-out halfway through the survey.

MyView:  This survey site gives me lots of surveys but I don’t qualify for many of them. The nice thing is that even when I screen out (usually after one or two questions), they give me 125 points just for trying.  It adds up quickly that way!

Synovate:  This survey site rewards with big points, but I have a hard time opening the links from home. Still, the surveys are pretty easy to complete.

I also love Pinecone Research, but it’s hard to join.  There are sometimes banner ads posted on various websites but you never know when or where.  If you see one, take advantage of the opportunity!  They pay $3 per survey (via paypal) and I get several per month.  Ipsos i-say has been good to me too, and I usually do a  few others. If you would like for me to send an invite to you, please leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send it if there’s one available!

Swagbucks doesn’t have a high payout per survey, but it adds up quickly. I usually qualify for 2 or 3 surveys right off the bat.  The great thing about Swagbucks is that you can get bonus SB just for meeting your daily “goal” which is set by the site.  The bonus pays out at the beginning of the new month. It’s always nice to see an extra 400 points or so added to my account with no extra effort.  Then, I cash out for a discounted Target gift card.

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Earn Gift Cards easily and quickly…..totally free! Here’s how.

This post contains my referral links. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Do people REALLY earn FREE gift cards?!

The easy answer is — YES!   If you spend any time on the Internet and haven’t joined at least one search-to-win site, you are really missing out on some freebies.  I spend only a few minutes per day on the tips I’ve posted below and have earned gift cards which I use to buy Christmas for my family, give as gifts, or just “fun money” for me.  In my opinion, it’s not a way to make a regular dependable income but it’s a fun hobby and can be rewarding, literally!  I am a member of several sites and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just click my link to join one (or all of them!) and get started earning your freebies today!

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