Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna + Goodreads #giveaway

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At some point, I must have requested Two Girls Down at the library.  Last week, I got a message saying it was waiting for me.  Today I cracked the cover and finished it in one day.

Two Girls Down was all kinds of police mystery, and while that isn’t my usual favorite genre, I really liked it. It was the type of behind-the-scenes story you might see on Person of Interest or Criminal Minds. Normally I’d stay away from a plot that involved bad things happening to kids (just can’t stomach it) but this one focused more on the adults and their methods of solving the crime, rather than the actual crime itself. There is an excessive amount of dialogue in which the various law enforcement people hash out the evidence. Otherwise, it’s truly engaging and makes you want to pay a little better attention when you’re out and about.

The only characters I really liked were the two main characters — Vega and Cap. Most of the other characters seemed to be of the white-trash variety. I didn’t even have much sympathy for Jamie, the mother of the missing children, because she was really kind of a terrible mom.

I kept thinking that this must be a book in a series because several details seemed to be not quite fleshed out. For example, who was Vega’s contact? How did she get involved with an actual boss in fugitive recovery? These were a few questions that didn’t really get resolved.  This is not a clean read, either.  Though no sex scenes are described, adult issues are mentioned.  There’s a lot of profanity, too.

Want to read it? There’s a Two Girls Down giveaway on Goodreads!


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  1. I really, really enjoyed this one, despite the children-in-danger angle (I hate reading that stuff too.)

  2. Casey Garvey says:

    This book looks like a great read

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