Binge Watching series shows about time travel

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Disclosure: I received this book to review. The post contains my affiliate links; the opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Netflix I give Netflix a lot of credit.  For one thing, I don’t think the word “queue” was ever in my vocabulary until Netflix came along.  So you see, it’s really educational.  Also, my Netflix subscription has increased my organizational habits.  After one too many lost DVD mailers, sleeves, or discs, I finally came up with a system.  Netflix has reduced my spending habits as well.  Instead of buying a new DVD for the kids every time I darken the doors of Target, I put movies for them in my queue (there it is again!) and we watch those together.  Thank you Netflix for making my world a better place.

My husband and I have always preferred to watch series shows rather than movies.  We become invested in the characters and plot.  Whatever show we’re watching becomes a conversational fallback so we have something to discuss besides the kids.  We’re also pretty boring; we spend most anniversaries and holidays watching our favorite shows until the wee hours of the morn.  

It all started with X Files. Those were the pre-Netflix days; I had to record the episodes on a VCR if we were going to miss it.  Other series we have loved include 24, Alias, Lost, Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and then some teen shows like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.  Those aren’t all about time travel but they’re super addictive!  Although hubby has his own favorites (Breaking Bad) we usually watch series shows together.  We’re currently on the last season of Fringe which we binge watched for the past few weeks.  I love that show because it’s got a cool sci-fi vibe with an FBI twist.  It’s kind of like X-Files meets Lost.  The basic premise of Fringe explores the theory of time travel and parallel universes.  It’s such a fascinating concept!  When my husband is out of town or unable to watch with me, I’m always tempted to sneak in the next episode.  He’d see it in the recently viewed list, of course, but I would also feel guilty for watching it without him.  Luckily I have some good books to get me through!

The same time-travel idea is brought up in the second book of the Verona Trilogy.  Book II is called The Bronze and the Brimstone.    In this book, we meet up again with the characters from the first book in the series (The Lens and the Looker).   Three teens are tasked with the responsibility of blending into their new Renaissance surroundings while having the knowledge of futuristic technology.  In a way, the book reminds me of a steampunk novel by bringing in devices and ideas that are too advanced for the book’s setting.  The language in The Bronze and the Brimstone gets kicked up a bit as the characters deal with situations like illegitimacy and intense peril. When I read the date on one of the art pieces, I realized what was about to happen in the story and inwardly said, “Rut Roh.”

Readers who are familiar with Shakespeare and the Odyssey will catch a few references throughout The Bronze and the Brimstone.  There’s also the issue of elopement followed by a mention of….well, what happens after marriage.  Although it’s not overly descriptive, it should be noted if this book is to be given to younger kids.   You can purchase this series on:   AmazonBarnes & Noble, Book Depository and Indigo Chapters.   Lory Kaufman

Author Lory Kaufman lives and works in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. His post-dystopian novels and their positive bent come from his interest in environmentalism, sustainability, population studies, history, and wanting to have a serious discussion about the future. Plus, he likes to have a good time.

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Is this the type of book you’d like to read?  What kind of series shows do you like to watch?


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  1. Ohhh, this book seems to be a fascinating concept. I am totally in love with the Renaissance era, so I would probably love this one! Thanks for sharing … I’m off to check it out now.

  2. I love to watch series shows too. This sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dorothy Boucher says:

    this book definitely sounds like something I would read and hubby and I do believe in time travel after all we are not alone 🙂 thanks for share

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    This reminded me I wanted to call Netflix about a series. I started watching The Killing. It’s a crime show, dark and intriguing. The first three seasons are on dvd but only Netflix put out four and just for streaming. My daughter and I recently started the binge watching on weekends thing. Fun times and this being a thought-provoking show gets us talking, too.


  1. […] Remember last week when I told you about the great show Fringe that I’ve been watching?  We only have 2 episodes left; I’m already suffering the sadness that comes when we reach the end of a terrific storyline.  When I picked up the book Hacker by Ted Dekker, it was like being shoved back into Fringe.  Wow!!  This book takes a stance similar to that of Fringe and explodes it into a young adult novel.  In Hacker, young Nyah has a tenacious gift for hacking into computer firewalls.  But what happens when the firewall of time and space is cracked?  Nyah goes to great lengths to find out. […]

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