Movies to make bed rest more bearable

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Movies to make bed rest more bearable - With my first pregnancy, everything went well until my 29 week appointment.  After school, I went to my normal OB/GYN visit only to find that I was in labor! Those back pains I’d been feeling were labor pains, not just general pregnancy discomfort.  They sent me directly to the hospital where the doctor was finally able to stop the progress. As a result, I was required to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy (which turned out to be nearly 5 more weeks).  Laying in an actual bed was too much stress for my body, so I spent all of that time in a recliner.  I could only get up for restroom trips, and even then the contractions threatened to flare up.

My family and friends tried to make bed rest more bearable for me, but it was a really tough time. I was lonely, and working on my National Board Certification took up most of my time. I wasn’t allowed to even get up to get any materials from school, though, so I had to work with the documentation I’d already collected.  Playing hours of solitaire, reading lots of books, and petting the cats also got me through the day. We didn’t have internet at that time, and it was pre-texting days. Having so little to do kind of sounds lovely at this point, but it was like a dark mood at that time.  My husband was tasked with finding me movies to watch, and he trotted off to the video store to collect a few.  He brought home the most depressing titles — Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Steel Magnolias…..I guess he thought “chick flick” meant something to make me cry.  Not what a pregnant mama needs when she’s already down in the dumps!   I realized that today’s bedridden preggo mamas are a LOT younger than me, and might not have seen some of the good comedies from my pregnancy days. So, I put together a list of movies that will help bide your time on bedrest.  Hopefully you have Netflix or Amazon Prime, but if not, no worries.  They’re also pretty affordable on DVD.  [Read more…]

Snow day phenomenon #Snowmageddon2016

#Snowmageddon2016 Snow Day Phenomenon

This week we had 3 snow days from school. Since we were also out on Monday for MLK Day, we only went to school for one day. ONE DAY.

Bask in the glory of that notion.

On snow days, I give myself express permission to do nothing.  Laying on the couch, reading or blogging all the day long, is totally acceptable. After all, it was a day I was supposed to go to work and didn’t, so it’s a free Free Day.  I’m absolutely willing to let Siri entertain my kids for an indefinite amount of time, and the Netflix subscription has more than paid for itself.  Well, now that it’s Saturday and we’ve been watching the snow fall for Day #4, I’ve picked up on some peculiar snow day phenomenon. Do you ever notice these things?

This is my new favorite tweet because it’s so ME. If you don’t follow @laurendestefano, you should. She’s funny.

Here are the other things I’ve noticed about #Snowmageddon2016: [Read more…]

Most of us could stand to be a little more NOURISHED – book review

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a middle school teacher?  Think about a time when you got on the phone and your children all started clamoring for your attention.  Now, multiply that times 25.  Multiply THAT times 4.  I have 100 students in 4 class periods during the day.  Oftentimes, I answer five questions from students in the span of thirty seconds.  It’s a wonderful, inspiring, exhausting existence!  Recently at work, we went over a to-do list for teachers.  It was more than a little overwhelming to see all of our job responsibilities listed in a tiny-font spreadsheet.  We have had two meetings about the list and STILL aren’t finished hashing it all out. At the last meeting, while we deliberated over the list and tried to streamline where we could, it became apparent that no part of our job could be effectively eliminated. Every single task held its own importance; the ramifications of giving up one responsibility could impact the whole school.  While that might sound overly doomsday-ish, it’s true of most moms, too.  Have you ever tried to think about your to-do list in terms of a job?  By mid-morning, many of us want to crawl back in bed and call it a day!  If you’re nodding your tired head, consider giving the book Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep a read.

Nourished book review -

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What do Vegas, luggage, and CMT have in common?

I've Never Been to Vegas But My Luggage Has - book review

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Mandy Hale is the answer to the question in the title, of course.   Just as the cover has a quirky, fun look you can expect the same from Mandy’s funny stories.  I received I’ve Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has: Mishaps and Miracles on the Road to Happily Ever After to review and giggled all through this book. As a weekend read, I’ve Never Been to Vegas is completely enjoyable.  Mandy is the kind of girl you’d look forward to sitting by at the Pampered Chef party because she has such a fun outlook on life.  She doesn’t take things too seriously and can really laugh at her own antics.  As I read her stories, I kind of thought she must really be older than me because she made it sound as if she is just an old spinster.  But then I realized she is a few years younger than me!!  So in a way, she’s a bit dramatic about having already tapped the dating pool.  Girl, you’ve got plenty of time. Live it up!  [Read more…]

Have a Sample Swap for Mom’s Night Out – everyone takes something home

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You’ve probably heard about the movie Mom’s Night Out to be released on Mother’s Day Weekend.  Mothers everywhere will relate to the story, which features moms who depend on the dads to watch the kids for a few hours.  It reminded me of one day last summer when my husband’s parents offered to keep the kids so that my husband and I could go out with my brother- and sister-in-law.  While the boys weren’t interested in going out, sis and I decided we were not letting the opportunity go. We headed out and got pedicures!  Why is it so hard to get a moment away? [Read more…]

Time to come clean with my dirty little secret

My sister and I have an unspoken pact to go to Pampered Chef parties together whenever we could.  We needed each other’s support to get through the cheesy pitches and games.  There’s always that moment when the consultant asks what the guests’ favorite Pampered Chef product is; we get a little giggly when we hear some of the passionate responses.   Does anyone really love their kitchen gadgets that much?  Apparently so.  For us, we agree that the orange peeler is a pretty nifty little tool.  When I’m being honest, though, my Pampered Chef stoneware is probably my favorite product.  I’ve had some of my stoneware for years and it’s just about the only way I can make biscuits without burning them.  Crescent rolls come out perfectly baked, and my friend Kathy swears that the stoneware loaf pan is the secret to my banana bread recipe.

But here’s my dirty little secret.   [Read more…]

Are your hats getting heavy?

Disclosure: I received this book for review. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Disclosure: I received this book for review. The opinions shared here are 100% mine.

My grandmother is the ultimate multi-tasker. She raised six children, helped my grandfather run their small business, plus taught most of the town’s children how to play piano. She had a little corner of her music room that was filled with at least a dozen tote bags. Each bag was filled with the items she needed for that bag’s activity. For instance, she had the Sunday School bag, the piano lesson bag, and the Bible study bag. She often played piano (or sang) for funerals and weddings, so she had separate bags filled with music for those, too. Her organization was amazing and now I can see that it was necessary to her sanity! These days we call all of these bags our “hats.” If you’re like most people these days, you have too many hats on your head all trying to be the one on top. From work to school to church to extra classes, it’s not surprising to know that most people say their hats are getting heavy. So what’s a girl to do? [Read more…]

5 Things That Puzzle Me

We’ve had 3 consecutive snow days this week.  To truly appreciate this, you need to know that our school system prides itself on going like the USPS — in other words, we never get out of school.  This week, however, we’ve had 3 consecutive snow days due to the 8 inches of snow then sheets of ice that have decorated our roadways.  During this time, I’ve had time to think.  Scary, I know.  And I fear that these revelations will expose how truly mundane my life is, but there it is.  Perhaps you can provide some insight into these very perplexing matters of life.

5 things that puzzle me --

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Attention Karma. You owe me some Girl Scout cookies.

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend -- #cookieboss #sponsored
Teaching for 16 years in the middle school has given me the chance to get to know lots of kids.  Among the thousands of children with whom I’ve spent my school days, some of the best were Girl Scouts. Without fail those girlss are always respectful, hard-working, and dedicated students.  Even now, when one of my Girl Scout students asks me to buy a box of cookies, I try to always say yes.  My niece is a Girl Scout and I’m always happy to buy several boxes from her.  When my own daughter signed up for Girl Scouts I was thrilled.  Supporting the organization that helps young women become responsible citizens is perhaps one of the most worthy causes in the world.   Alas, there is an ulterior motive to my saying “yes” to so many boxes of cookies.  So yeah, I received payment for this sponsored post through Mom It Forward Blogger Network but the opinions and sad, sad story I’m about to share are 100% mine. You see, in 2009 when I was pregnant with my second child, gestational diabetes hit me like a beast.   [Read more…]

TGFI – Thank God For iPads

TGFI = Thank God For IPads

The Universe must have read my blog yesterday because it threw me for another loop around 3:00 this morning.  My sleep pattern has been reduced to a series of naps in the past few days. Last night just as my brain was enjoying a pleasant dream, my entire being was shaken by my son.  No, literally, he had to shake me awake asking me if he could take a shower. He had an accident in his bed.  Which he never, ever does.  Except if he’s getting sick.  He didn’t want me to just change his sheets.  He wanted a shower.  I knew what that meant.  Shower=son awake.  Son awake=no sleep for me.   I could just hear the Sleep Nazi shouting it, “No sleep for you!”  Alright, Universe, I hear you loud and clear. [Read more…]