Dear Mother…. my response to The Mother Letters by Amber C. and Seth Haines

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There have been times of uncertainty in my life, but motherhood was probably the height of that misgiving.  I wasn’t one of those women who always knew she wanted to be a mother.  It was a spark that grew into a flame within my heart.  Perhaps that made my children even more precious to me — the realization that I wanted to be a mom more than I wanted anything else in my life.   The roller coaster ticked upward again, though, as my pregnancies were difficult and I learned how to care for these tiny people who depended on me for survival.  When I read The Mother Letters by Amber C. Haines and Seth Haines, my heart fluttered at the reminders of those precarious days of infancy, toddlerhood, and beyond.

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What do you get when you cross Rustic Crust, seedlings, and leftovers?

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Rustic Crust #giveaway

My family has a tradition – they always get me hanging plants for Mother’s Day.  I love getting my annual baskets; they hang happily from my front porch.  Unfortunately, those flowers don’t prepare lunch for my family. We’ll still arrive home from church on Mother’s Day, with everyone expecting to be fed.  Does your family have special plans for Mother’s Day?  If lunch is in order, why not set out Rustic Crust and let everyone prepare their own meal? If you’re shipping your Mother’s Day gift, no worries. All online orders receive free shipping. [Read more…]

Mother’s Day 2016 gifts: The Choice, Mars…with Venus Rising, BeautyBox5

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Lucky us, we have another whole week before Mother’s Day. That means if you think quick, you just might have a gift wrapped and ready before your mom even suspects anything!  Here are some sure-to-please gift ideas.

Ready for another heart-slash-cuddle-inspiring story as only Nicholas Sparks can deliver?  Get mom The Choice paperback, and tell her that you’ll see the movie together.

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Mother’s Day – FREE #oreobiscuitbites at Church’s Chicken and Cricut deals

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Oreo Biscuit Bites Mother's Day #havethelove #mothersday #oreobiscuitbites

Oreo biscuit bites are good.  Dang good, as a matter of fact.  Getting them for free?  Even better!

On Mother’s Day, I count my blessings.  Being loved by little people is a very special thing indeed.  My kids don’t have a lot of disposable income with which to purchase a gift, and my husband isn’t the type to help them create a cherished handmade gift for me.  That’s okay.  Getting dinner out is one way to enjoy my day. It frees me up from my typical responsibilities for a little while.  Indulging in an Oreo Biscuit Bite, covered with glaze and filled with Oreo goodness, is the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Now through 5/10, the purchase of a Church’s Chicken family meal gets you a free 20 piece of Oreo Biscuit Bites!  The only thing better than free Oreo Biscuit Bites?  Getting enough to share them with the people you love.  [Read more…]

Looking for Something Special For Mom – Enter to win Beaute La Royale Skin Cleansing System #giveaway

Something I’ve never purchased for myself was a skin cleansing system. I’ve seen them on TV and wondered about their effectiveness, but didn’t know if it was worth the splurge in time or money. When Beaute La Royale sent me this 6-piece set, I was curious about how to use it. The kit comes in a handy little bag that’s roomy enough to hold makeup and other personal care items, too.  Batteries are not included; you’ll need 4 AA batteries.
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Mother’s Day gifts made easy with Zazzle

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The spring months are always tough around here.  We spent January recovering from Christmas, February was spent blanketed in snow, and when March came along it was full of catch-up activity.  April has been busy with days at the ball park.  When I realized that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it took me by surprise.  How did May get here already?  If you need some ideas for great Mother’s Day gifts that have a custom look without the price tag, head to Zazzle.  They are currently offering 30% off custom gifts for her, and even has product categories set up for you.  It’s Mother’s Day made easy!

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Happy Mother’s Day – to all the women out there!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there!  As I’ve said many times, giving birth does not qualify one to earn the congratulations for mother’s day.  Being a mother is so much more than that.  Women who have never borne a child are still mothers when they offer love, nourishment, or compassion on one of God’s creatures.  I’ve also known some mothers who had their kids yet possess the maternal instincts of a grasshopper.  So girls, today we all celebrate the moms who give of their hearts and souls to nurture their kids.  Let’s especially remember those women for whom Mother’s Day might bring a moment of sadness, whether they’ve lost a mother or they have had struggles with motherhood.   [Read more…]

Gift giving on a tight budget

It’s that time of year when our family’s budget is typically tighter than a steel drum.  Last year I posted about being strapped for cash around this time, too.  I think it has something to do with the fact that both our kids’ birthdays are in April, plus there’s a host of other events right around that time that we always seem to be shelling out cash for.  Anniversary, Mother’s Day, buying teacher gifts for the end of school, spring break, graduations, opening the pool, and so on — although we try to plan and budget for these events, there’s the inevitable pitfall that causes me to check the bank book more frequently.

Are you feeling the pinch of a tight budget too?  Here are some ideas for gifts that won’t make you dip into the emergency fund.  They’re ideal for Mother’s Day but could also work for teacher’s gifts too.  I’m not a DIY kind of person so I do have to resort to purchasing a gift, but with these ideas it’s easy to find a gift that doesn’t have us eating Ramen noodles for the next month.   [Read more…]

Generous and hard working – my mom is an inspiration

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#MyMomIs my inspiration --- she's such a hard worker!

Meet my mom.   In this picture from 10 years ago, she came to help me with my new baby.  Only months later did I stop to remember that she didn’t have her mom with her when I was born.  That means that she doesn’t have a photo like this with her own mom.  You see, she moved here when she was in her early 20’s after marrying my dad and having me.  She spoke no English, had no job skills, and had no family nearby to help her with me.  Still, she somehow made it.  After she and my dad divorced when I was 8 years old (my brother was 3 years old), my mom learned to drive a car and got a job.  She couldn’t take us back home to Japan due to the custody agreement, so she ended up staying here in the States and made a life for us.  For as long as I can remember, my mom has been the hardest worker I know.  I don’t remember her taking a sick day or even leaving work early when I was a kid.  She was the sole provider for us and took that very seriously.  That might be why I feel such a passion for my career — my mom showed me that hard work pays off.  She is also generous as the day is long.   We were not flush with money, but mom always found a way to help out a friend in need.  She really is the most generous person I know.   We don’t always get along.  We definitely don’t always agree.  Still, when I have a hard day I think about the struggles she faced as a single mom all alone.  She endured so many hardships to raise us; her love for us kids kept her going.  In return, that keeps me going.  Mom lives 7 hours away from me and we don’t get to spend much time together, but she is an inspiration to me. [Read more…]

Give mom a memory

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Family Excursion

Giving mom something special for Mother’s Day gets increasingly harder the older I get. It’s hard to please my mom. She doesn’t spend any money on herself, doesn’t really want for anything, but also loves to be pampered. The thing I love about IfOnly is the variety of truly unique, personalized packages that are available.  Save your pennies then splurge on a great gift package; you can give mom a memory this year. [Read more…]