5 Reasons to Visit Patriot’s Point in historic Charleston – home of the USS Yorktown

During a recent trip to Charleston, SC, my family received complimentary tickets to visit Patriot’s Point.  We’ve been to Charleston several times over the past two decades, but somehow we’ve missed this amazing attraction.   Here’s why you should visit Patriot’s Point on your next Charleston trip!

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Celebrate Earth Day with Classroom Friendly Supplies

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It’s homework time.  Can your kids find a sharp pencil?

Best pencil sharpener ever - #giveaway savingsinseconds.com

I should get enough of the graphite-gobbling wooden sticks at school, where my students easily run through a gross of pencils per grading period.  For some reason, though, I’ve never outgrown my love of a freshly sharpened pencil.  Traditional bookshelf-mounted sharpeners weren’t practical for my classroom arrangement.  I purchased handheld sharpeners, which were almost immediately lost or dismantled by my student.  Plus, the Oops-I-dropped-the-pencil-shavings moments got old pretty fast.  Heavy duty electric sharpeners cost around $75 and just wouldn’t last through the year. Color me disheartened. So when Classroom Friendly Supplies claimed to have the quietest pencil sharpener, I was all in.  I purchased 5 for my classroom (one per table) with my classroom budget, and bought one for home use with my personal money.   [Read more…]

Be a champion for girls’ education with Malala #HeNamedMeMalala #WithMalala #ad

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Teaching social studies really opened my eyes to the plight of women over historical periods and across geographical borders.  If you haven’t been challenged before, try teaching a group of 6th graders about the way education works in other countries.  You might also explain how non-democratic governments work, and why it’s so important to value the opportunity to vote.  Tweens have a way of bringing the truth into the open, and they can sniff out injustice like bloodhounds.  When Malala’s story went viral in 2013, the focus was on her injuries. As I read more about her, though, it stunned me to learn that Malala  had been an advocate for girls’ education for years!  This courageous young woman has so much to give to a world that longs for freedom and individual rights.

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5 Ways to Use Book Sneak Peeks to Get Kids Reading

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5 Ways to Use Book Sneak Peeks to Get Kids Reading - savingsinseconds.com

My wonderful teaching assistant came into school a few weeks ago with handfuls of book sneak peeks.  These are small promotional booklets to draw attention to an upcoming release.  They often contain the first two or three chapters of the new book.  My students could NOT get enough of poring through those pages!  After a few days, the newness wore off, and those goodies sat untouched on my whiteboard tray.  Would you throw them out?  Teachers are known for their hoarding ways, and I’m not immune to a little bit of hoarding.  Here are 5 ways I use book sneak peeks to get kids to read!  [Read more…]

How to reach your reluctant reader #LitfuseReads

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How to reach your reluctant reader - #LitfuseReads savingsinseconds.com

Since books have always been a big part of my life, from even my earliest memories, it’s difficult for  me to imagine NOT wanting to read.  I’ve been known to read the car manual out of sheer desperation for reading material.  Becoming a language arts teacher seemed inevitable!  These days, when parents come to me with the worry that their child hates to read, the desperation starts to claw at my heart all over again.  I’ve got to find a book for that child!   It seems to me that most children don’t actually hate reading; they just haven’t found “their” book yet.  If you want to know how to get your reluctant reader into a good book, try some of these tips!  [Read more…]

Sam’s Top Secret Journal Memorial Day book review

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Sam's Top Secret Journal Memorial Day #giveaway - savingsinseconds.com

When I had the chance to read Sam’s Top Secret Journal: Memorial Day by Dr. Sean Adelman, it was a pleasure.  The books are thoroughly delightful on their own, but knowing that Sam has Down syndrome makes them even more special.  One of my BFFs has a daughter with Down syndrome, and she’s a big ball of wonder.  Her happiness is contagious, with those bright blue eyes and spirited play.  If you saw little M playing with a group of children, you’d quickly realize that she’s not set apart.  Instead, she’s completely one of the gang.  Like M, Sam is high functioning and ready to take on the world.  We all get to join her adventures through her journal!  [Read more…]

What to read this weekend: The Tank Man’s Son, No Fear, and What Teachers Make

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Ready for a book that will take your breath away?  These nonfiction books are worth the read!


The Tank Man's Son book review

If you were a fan of Oprah’s Book Club, The Tank Man’s Son will be right up your alley.  This memoir is evidence of the way God works for the good of those who love him.  Sad at times, hilarious at certain moments, and definitely inspirational – this book will tug at your heartstrings.  Some parts are so outlandish that it’s hard to believe that this story could even be true. [Read more…]

Introduce your child to a new type of art with Ice Cream Work

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I’ve never really been in touch with my Japanese heritage.  My kids love to eat certain Japanese foods, and they call their grandmother “Oba” (just as I do).  Beyond that, the only thing that defines our Japanese affinities would be our Honda van.  So when I received Ice Cream Work to review, I didn’t really appreciate the Japanese artwork at first.  It seemed more retro to me; it immediately reminded me of 80’s cartoons.  The muted colors and stylized patterns seemed reminiscent of books from my childhood.  The author’s page revealed that Ice Cream Work represents a unique form of artwork called SUNAE.  Have you heard of it?

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Get up to $1000 in Sponsored Funds for Your School!

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Finding funds to sponsor your child’s sports team, school organization, or church group might seem like a difficult task. When you see those awesome custom t-shirts and other unifying items on other groups, do you wish you could raise that kind of money for your team? All you need to do is Pear, which is a subsidiary of CustomInk! With this unique opportunity, the sponsors are already secured for your group. Pear wants to help your group reach its full potential, and they’re willing to provide some cash to help you get there. Sound good? Get up to $1000 in Sponsorship Funds for your School.

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Back To School Like A Boss at Walmart #BTSLikeABoss

As if Back To School season wasn’t stressful enough for a family with 2 educators AND 2 school-aged children…..
As if we didn’t have enough going on with selling our house and buying a new home….
We decided to do it AT THE SAME TIME!!

#BTSlikeaboss #sp https://ooh.li/b3a46dd savingsinseconds.com

Okay, so we didn’t really choose for it to be this way. We’re grateful that we sold our home, and that we were able to find a new one very quickly.  The problem was the timing; starting school on August 3 just seemed to come too quickly for us. We have kids in different schools, and my husband works in a different school system than we do.  This year, it’s back to school like a boss, thanks to Walmart. [Read more…]