ESV Illuminated Bible review #ESVIlluminatedBible #FlyBy

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Thanksgiving is a time for blessings and gratitude. Even if you don’t live in the US, I hope you’ll join your American blogger friends for our Gracious Giveaway.  Family and togetherness is so important to me, yet I also treasure the quiet prayer moments I have as the calendar inches ever toward the holidays.   [Read more…]

Same Kind of Different As Me movie release #ad #SameKindMovieL3 #giveaway

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My children don’t usually realize how blessed they are.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ve allowed them to grow up too soft, ill prepared for hardships they might face in the world.  We’re not wealthy or living in the lap of luxury, but we definitely have a comfortable, content life. My husband and I have tried to demonstrate a life of service and faith, but sometimes I wonder….is it enough? Can we make a difference, not just in the lives of our own children, but for the whole of God’s kingdom?  In the movie Same Kind of Different As Me (releases Oct. 20),  an unforgettable true story of forgiveness, love, and friendship celebrates what happens when faith becomes action.  The tremendous talent for this movie includes names like Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, and Jon Voight. [Read more…]

Jesus Always : 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young

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During my college years, long devotional workbooks filled with reflection questions and application challenges appealed to me.  It was a time of deep faith and I look back on those days with a longing to get back in that place.  In this season of my life, I prefer short devotionals that give me a target on which to focus for the day.  It feels like an accomplishment when I can start with a moment of prayer or a bit of worship-mindedness.  Even though Jesus Always is meant for a young audience, it’s actually perfect for my morning!

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My Reader Rewards Club + book #giveaway ends 10/15 US

In August I told you about the changes coming to Tyndale Rewards.  It’s now the My Reader Rewards Club and offers even more ways to earn points.  In the past few weeks, I’ve been able to redeem for 3 new books.  I’m giving one US reader the chance to use up to 75 points in the October Book of Choice giveaway (thanks to Flylef for hosting!) [Read more…]

The Action Storybook Bible + Kindle #Giveaway

As I’ve said before, the kids and I have a bit of a trek to school/work every day. We spend about an hour in the car together.  We use that time to chat and discuss all things big and small.  Several times a week, we listen to an audiobook.  My kids love The Action Bible because it’s completely unlike the other children’s Bibles they’ve read before.  This one is exciting and sometimes shocking.  I was excited to get The Action Storybook Bible from Litfuse because we enjoyed The Action Bible so much. Opinions shared are mine.

The Action Storybook Bible
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All Saints movie #AllSaintsFlyBy #FlyBy #AllSaintsMovie

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The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee Gadd #giveaway ends 7/23 US – from the author of @Coffee__Crumbs

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When I was pregnant, a friend of mine told me that pregnancy was the easiest part of motherhood. The hard part, she said, was raising a family. At that time, I couldn’t see past my fear of the pain of childbirth. Two kids, 13 years, and 60 pounds later, I completely understand what she meant!  Motherhood means that you google weird things like, “Does broccoli make your pee smell funny?” and “What does ringworm look like?”  Motherhood means that you stay up all night listening to your child breathe, wondering if it sounds tight or wet.  Motherhood means that your heart breaks every time someone else looks at your child with disdain or pity.  Why didn’t anyone tell me those things when I was pregnant?  I think that’s what my friend meant when she said the hard part was coming later.  [Read more…]

Israel – God’s Heart book tour

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Happy Father’s Day, everyone! I hope this day is full of love for you. My father passed away last year, and even though we weren’t in contact for 20 years, I still think of him with love on this day.

I gave my husband the copy of Israel God’s Heart a few weeks ago as an early Father’s Day gift.
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23 Minutes in Hell book review – Splash Into Summer #giveaway

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A few years ago, there was such a buzz over the book Heaven is for Real.  I also read Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven.  Both stories were profoundly inspiring.  So much controversy rests on the subject of the afterlife, and it’s interesting to read different accounts of people’s experiences.  Bill Weise has quite a different story to share, though, in his book 23 Minutes in Hell.

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The Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron – review

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I’m not sure why this book cover feels so scary to me…..maybe it’s the covered eyes, or the context of the title.  While I don’t know much about polygamy, it has been the subject of many TV shows and news stories in the past few years.  The Polygamist’s Daughter was available from Tyndale’s blog network, so I requested it for review.   [Read more…]