The Action Storybook Bible + Kindle #Giveaway

As I’ve said before, the kids and I have a bit of a trek to school/work every day. We spend about an hour in the car together.  We use that time to chat and discuss all things big and small.  Several times a week, we listen to an audiobook.  My kids love The Action Bible because it’s completely unlike the other children’s Bibles they’ve read before.  This one is exciting and sometimes shocking.  I was excited to get The Action Storybook Bible from Litfuse because we enjoyed The Action Bible so much. Opinions shared are mine.

The Action Storybook Bible
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1000 Questions and Answers book #giveaway – ends 9/30

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We all know that kids can ask some pretty tough questions. Thankfully, Discovery Kids has your back on at least 1,000 of them.  [Read more…]

Why I Want to Read Banned Books – #giveaway $10 Amazon Card

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Back in the Dark Ages called my 8th grade year, I participated in a banned book competition.  The teams were given trivia about specific books and — bzzz! — we had to buzz in with the correct title or author.  One book I was asked to read was Animal Farm, and it shocked me to my core!   The academic team coach, Mr. Price, was my favorite teacher of all time.  Looking back through a teacher’s eyes, I appreciate what he risked to expose his class to banned books.   The idea of banned books encouraged me to challenge ideas and think for myself. Even now, almost 30 years later, I want to read all of the banned books.

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The Lost Causes by by Jessica Etting and Alyssa Schwartz #giveaway

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The Lost Causes could have been a 1980s movie starring Molly Ringwald.  Well, if Molly Ringwald had a black-hair buzz cut.

I think it’s interesting that this book is classified under the teen loners and outcasts genre.  Think of traditional outcasts stories (like, The Outcasts?) and add a paranormal twist.   [Read more…]

Shark Factivity paperback book + 6 shark teeth US #Giveaway

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We’ve never been lucky enough to find an actual shark tooth when visiting the beach….but that doesn’t mean my little shark hunter hasn’t tried!  I don’t really want to see one attached to the creature, and we did see a shark the last time we went to Virginia Beach.  My son loves to learn facts about animals and so, thankfully, the Shark Factivity book offers the best of both worlds. [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for Your Little Justice League Fan #giveaway US

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There’s a little Justice League fan in my house. He lives and breathes all things superhero.  This year at Christmas, I’m sure we’ll have to have some League gifts for him!  Here are some of the items on the list I’ve started.  Feel free to add your ideas below!  [Read more…]

Holiday in the Hamptons book tour #giveaway

I don’t normally get to title a URL with “The Hamptons.”  This is a good day.
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National Geographic Has Gift-Worthy Books for Kids

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For years, I tucked a $20 bill inside a great book for my nieces and nephews on gift-giving occasions.  My children usually request a title or two for their own gifts.  You don’t have to be a language arts teacher, or even a bookworm, to find fabulous gift-worthy books!

Many of my students have told me that they received a book from a relative as a gift, and it became a favorite.  Wouldn’t it be an honor to be the one to gift that beloved book? [Read more…]

The problem with The Problem With Forever by Jennifer Armentrout

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Since joining the Library Love Challenge, I’ve been checking out books pretty regularly.   You know, because there aren’t enough books here at my house.   HA HA  [Read more…]

Super Hero Kids Contest #Giveaway with David C Cook

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My kids are HUGE into fandoms.  They love talking about characters from games and books.  Sometimes they also role play, a fun game of pretend that I remember playing as a child.  My son is a big fan of comic books in particular, and he really enjoys drawing.  The Super Hero Kids contest is perfect for him!

Does your child love comic books and super heroes?  If so, here’s a chance for you to make your child’s dream come true.  He (or she!) could be illustrated as a super hero!  This contest is in partnership with the Action Storybook Bible which my children LOVE to listen to in the car.  I bought it for around $20 a couple of years ago, and they listen to it all the time.  It’s been a fun way to learn about Bible stories, and it’s very different than the typical Sunday School class story!  [Read more…]