Starting school in September is easier with these websites

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It’s hard to believe that some students are STILL not back in school. We started on August 3! Starting school in September is a little easier with online shopping deals. A few days ago, one of my students told me (eyes shining) that there is a whole slew of new Apple devices ready to launch. It was clear that he’s making his Christmas list early this year! Many of us shop at resale stores and consignment shops for clothes; why not consider gently-used devices as a cost-effective option for technology? For those parents and children heading back to school after Labor Day, get ready for classroom success with Gazelle Certified devices. With Gazelle Certified, you can rest assured that the product cleared an extensive inspection and is not connected to a prior account. Additionally, these items come with a 30-day return window. I’m considering this option for a phone upgrade. I have very little storage on my iPhone, and would like to have one with more available space. Gazelle Certified is a realistic, affordable option for me. Cashing in your used device is also a way to make some quick cash when trying to upgrade your phone!
Get cash for your iPhone!

Some students find it a challenge to make friends when heading back to school. One great way to find a common thread between new classmates is to share a favorite TV show or character. CafePress offers unique tees and school supplies that happily proclaim a student’s status, whether he’s a Star Trek fan or a Glee girl.

College students might share closets, but those hangers might be bare after summer spending. Cents of Style offers the latest woman’s fashion accessories at low, low prices. Their Fashion Friday steals alone are worth the bookmark, but you’re sure to find great savings all through the week. They often have an exclusive offer at checkout that you just won’t want to pass up (a scarf for $1.95, for example). Their deals can often be split up to make 2 or 3 Christmas gifts, too.

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    Amazing exclusive deals…my daughter loves scarves! Costs of school supplies and clothes really add up; it’s nice when you can get deals.

  2. I’m going to check out Gazelle Certified- we are on the market for a Kindle this year. It would be nice to save a few bucks!

  3. Dotty J Boucher says:

    These sound amazing, I know this coming september I will be having two grandchildren who will be starting school, one in preschool and one in kindergarten..

  4. I want to check out Cents of Style and Gazelle Certified! Great finds!!! I’m always looking for ways to save without sacrificing what I want!

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