How we prevent problems with allergies #ecologyworks

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We recently moved to a new home that is located out along a tree-lined road. The cars driving by tend to blow dust into our yard, which shows on the wood floors. Since we’re heading into fall, the pets have been adding their own share of dust from their dander. Here’s what we do to make things a little easier around our acting-up allergies!

1. Use a steam mop.
Shark steam and mop -
Since this mop uses the power of steam from distilled water, no chemicals are necessary for a high-quality clean. It sanitizes up to 99.9% of the germs and leaves behind a beautiful shine. The microfiber cloth is great for collecting dust, and is machine washable.

2. We received Anti-Allergen pet shampoo to review and gave it a try.

#ecologyworks Anti-Allergen pet shampoo #ad

It is gentle on my dog’s sensitive skin, and provides a good clean. Our little sweetpea develops an itchy coat around the fall, and I never realized that it could be due to dust mites. The shampoo does not have a detectable scent, yet somehow overcomes doggy odor quite well. Best of all, it neutralizes allergens in pet dander. I’m considering giving my cat a good dunk in it, too! As an added bonus, it helps to protect animals from fleas and ticks as well.   I was surprised that the formula didn’t get sudsy at all. It contains organic neem tree extract and is 100% biodegradable.

3. Take off shoes upon walking into the house. Having a Japanese mom means that it’s an automatic reflex for me to take off my shoes when I come home. I’ve trained my kids to do the same. Taking off our shoes at the door limits the allergy-causing dirt that tracks through our house. It also helps to keep us organized so that we don’t have a scavenger hunt for shoes in the morning. Keep a shoe organizer right by the front door to encourage your family and guests to take off their shoes and stay a while.

What are your tips for avoiding problems with allergies in the fall?


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  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    These are all wonderful tips, I love the steam mop, I find this works really wonderful.

  2. Those are all great ways to prevent dust and allergies I would think. I am interested in trying the doggie shampoo. My baby gets itchy skin, too.

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    Great tips and definitely helps. My dog does better on allergen free shampoo. Gentle on the skin. Any ideas for laminate floors? We’ve been looking at a steam mop, and I wondered if they would work on fake wood or laminate.

    • Have you tried the Swiffer WetJet? We used it on parquet flooring before we installed hardwood. I love how simple it is to use — and it’s battery powered, so super lightweight.

  4. I don’t wear shoes in the house. I have my slippers that keep my feet nice & toasty.

  5. Natalie Brown says:

    These are great tips to reduce allergens! I wouldn’t have thought of dust mites on my dog but he does get itchy at different times during the year. I’m going to look into getting this special shampoo for him too. Thank-you for the information. 🙂

  6. Amber Ludwig says:

    We are so big on taking off shoes once walking into the house!! Helps a lot!! We also have an air purifier and that helps too!! Hubby flushes out his sinuses a lot as well!!

  7. I’m lucky that I don’t have allergies. My shoes come off before I enter the house.

  8. Amber Ludwig says:

    We have such bad allergies!! We actually try to change and wash clothes often, we change our air filters often and we always remember to take our allergy meds!! Ive been hearing about these air cleaner/humidifiers though and Im thinking we need one!!

  9. Alison Gibb says:

    I never had allergies until about four years ago. I try hard to keep up with the pollen when it lands all over the tables and furniture. It is nasty. I vacuum often, as well!!

  10. My grandson has allergies. We allways take our shoes off when we come in . I love the mop i would like to get one

  11. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about allergies, but the tips are good anytime.

  12. I love using a steam mop and not just for the allergies.

  13. Jeanine Carlson says:

    No pets in the bedroom is a hard one cuz I love my furbabies, but it’s heck on allergies!!

  14. We don’t have a lot of carpeting in our house. I’ve had two steam mops, which I absolutely love. Unfortunately the last one broke after a few months. grrrrrr.

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