On My Bookshelf: The Choice by Robert Whitlow

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I was selected to be part of the blog tour for The Choice.  I was drawn to this book because of the cover.  The book addresses teen pregnancy and the turmoil that one young mother goes through even years after her decision.  It was a book that really kept my attention and made me wonder what I might do in her situation.  As a teacher, I’ve seen teens struggle with the hardships of teen pregnancy.  Though I’ve watched them come back to school and resume “normal” life, I never really considered what life was like for them years down the road after their choice.  This book encouraged me to reflect on that issue and to stop to pray for those young mothers.

Our church supports a home for unwed mothers.  Specifically, the center helps women who are either homeless or have very few options.  Teenage mothers who have supportive parents, or alternate ways of getting help, are usually not the recipients of this ministry.  Instead, the center focuses on those women who are on the outskirts of life and need extensive help.  By providing these women with a home, mentors, job skills, and longterm support, the ministry provides the chance for these families to become whole again.  The Choice gave me a renewed sense of urgency to donate time and material resources to the women –and babies– who so desperately need our help.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to read The Choice.






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