On My Bookshelf: Renee of France (Bitesize Biographies)

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First of all, isn’t “Bitesize Biographies” the cutest name ever? This series of books is exactly what it says—a small snippet of a book that contains the background you need without a lot of irrelevant details.  Don’t be misled, however.  These books are not children’s books.  In fact, Renee of France addressed some deep subjects including the Reformation and the dangers Renee faced.   I do have middle school students who can handle the maturity level of the book.  It wasn’t graphic or disturbing in any way; the writing was just a little advanced for most of my students.   Since my students learn about the Reformation and the division that people often faced even within their own households, this book would be an appropriate supplement to my teaching materials.  I enjoyed using this as background information and reference materials.  I had never heard of Renee before and was fascinated by the personal choice she made to go against her husband and community in pursuit of her faith.   Even in such a dangerous time, Renee had the strength to use her means to support others in the church.  Would I be willing to risk my family and myself for such a cause?  I hope so.  Reading Renee’s story certainly brought the Reformation to life for me.  Although short (less than 130 pages) Renee of France was engaging and interesting.  It’s perfect to keep in a church library or to take along when traveling.


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  1. Simonetta says:

    Thank you for this great review! Quite a few people think this is a children’s book, so thank you for warning the readers. I am glad you were able to use it with your students.


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