New spring looks made easy!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission. I received a hair gloss sample. Opinions shared are mine.

We’ve had a crazy-weather week here in TN.  It went from high 50’s to snow, and now we’re expecting 60’s temperatures this weekend.  Daffodils have already bloomed, and my sister’s tulips are starting to show through the ground.  If you’re feeling spring in the air, too, it’s time to freshen up.  New spring looks are made easy with these great offers.
SCARF sale - 2 for less than $9 SHIPPED #affiliate
The first biggie that I’m taking advantage of — Spring Lightweight Scarves – 2 for $8.99!  PLUS FREE SHIPPING w/code SCARVES2  I’m getting the Allie Floral Outline Infinity Scarf in sea foam and the Kaye Rose Print Ombré Infinity Scarf in black.   UPDATE — just went back and placed another order, because the Floral Stamped scarf was calling my name!  And bonus — it was the new 99-cent scarf today. HOORAY!!   This affordable deal is also great to stock your gift closet.  A scarf is a lovely gift for friends, sisters, teachers, and coworkers.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you just get them for yourself!

Scarves - 2 for less than $9 SHIPPED #affiliate

Another easy way to refresh your look for spring — color reviving gloss.  Madison Reed offers a simple way to add subtle tints, bringing back the vibrant sheen of a fresh color process.  For me, this is especially convenient because I absolutely HATE trying to get a 2-hour time slot to get my hair colored in the salon.  Coloring at home, and touching up with gloss in between, is so much easier! The color arrives right on my doorstep.  Each time I use Madison Reed, the compliments come in.  My friends and coworkers always notice that my hair looks healthier and glossier.  YOU CAN refresh your color at home, even if you’re nervous about it!

You can refresh your haircolor at home

One tube of color reviving gloss contains two applications (for shoulder-length hair).  There’s no mixing needed.  You just unscrew the cap, peel off the seal, and apply!   The formula comes out quite quickly, and my hair is soon saturated with the solution.  After waiting for 35 minutes, I rinse it off in the shower.  It’s THAT easy.

Color reviving hair gloss - review

The gloss isn’t dark enough to fully cover my gray hairs.  However, it gives them a glossy brown tint that almost resembles highlights.  It’s just the pick-me-up I needed for a pretty-weather weekend!


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  1. It’s Spring here in Colorado this weekend: 70 degrees tomorrow. Then a snowstorm on Tuesday. Ah, well.

  2. Sherry Compton says:

    That sounds like our weather – all over the place. Today does make you think of spring and so does that scarf. What perfect timing of their sale! We want fun new items but need the reasonable price. Thanks.

  3. Renee Rousseau says:

    Beautiful light weight scarves at such a bargain!! Spring! Spring! Spring!

  4. What a good price, my daughter loves scarves.

  5. What adorable scarfs! I love the colors!

  6. Hannah C says:

    I love Cents of Style! Such cute products and good prices!

  7. I think the scarves look magnificent. I thank you for the latest in trends for the spring season.

  8. Is this a permanent or a wash out over time product? I like the hair color products that slowly wash out over the course of 4 weeks or so. That way I have no root line. It covers my grey hair for 4 to 6 weeks but I’d love a product that requires no mixing that I could do at home if it was a semi permanent and washes out over time.

  9. Scarfs are great for traveling too. You can use them to shield the sun, wind and rain. Can use as a coverup, a way to carry souvenirs, a eye mask…just to name a few. I think I have around 75 so far.

  10. Cynthia W says:

    Love that scarf!

  11. I love that scarf!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  12. rochelle haynes says:

    This is nice love to try this

  13. Can’t wait for Spring! I got to try that color reviving gloss. My hair is already damaged from constant coloring, maybe a gloss for a few months will help.

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