Wondering IF you can make a difference? Read The Jesus Club by Brian Barcelona

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Disclosure: I received this book through a Cross Focused Reviews tour. Opinions shared are mine.

A few times in my life, I’ve wondered if I make a difference in the world.   Haven’t we all been there at some point?  When you’re a Christian, it’s even more important to feel like you’ve made an impact for Christ.  After all, keeping Him to yourself is like winning the lottery and keeping it a secret from your best friends!  The Jesus Club chronicles the impact that Brian Barcelona made when he entered the doors of local high schools.  By sharing the gospel, he changed the lives of hundreds of teens. 

Initially, I thought this book would include the experiences of actual students who found God in the hallways of their high schools.  Barcelona’s account was more of a memoir. While it wasn’t a bad read, it wasn’t really invigorating either.  Many passages were repetitive, making me want to flip through a little faster.  Still, the message was clear — God IS still present in our schools.  As teens reach out to each other for encouragement and hope, it’s important to make sure that Christian students are there to offer support.  Though FCA and other Bible clubs might be available in some schools, The Jesus Club seemed to be really a grassroots campaign to offer time for prayer and outreach. I loved that!  It would have been nice to find comments from some of the students influenced by Barcelona’s message.

The Jesus Club would be a good read for youth ministers who need a boost.  It would also be helpful for teens who ask, “How can I make a difference, and where do I start?”  Following the footsteps of men like Brian Barcelona won’t lead you wrong.


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