Use Loom Magic and goloops! to keep the kids interested while indoors

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When winter weather hits and school’s not in session, it can be a real chore to keep the kids contained.  We try to limit the screen time even though we’re on a school break.  Those poor iPads sure get a workout!  If your kids haven’t yet hit the Loom Madness, what are you waiting for?

Keep the kids busy indoors this winter --

My sixth grade students love to create bracelets for me, often asking what colors I’d like or what style I prefer.  Each time I came home with a bracelet, my kids wanted to wear them.  When my sister bought us a Rainbow Loom, my daughter was over the moon.  She  jumped on the bracelet bandwagon and was so excited to find unique tie-dye bands at Michael’s.  She wanted to sell the bracelets at school, but we wouldn’t allow that, so she decided to make them for any classmate who wanted a bracelet.  You can imagine what a stir that created!!   Soon she came home with “orders from clients” and couldn’t wait to get started.  Her next endeavor was to make different styles of bracelets, so I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to review Loom Magic!

This hardcover book contains exciting never-before-seen designs for projects that all kids will love.  Pencil toppers and wall hangings are just the beginning.  Learning to make rubberband creations is a great opportunity for kids to practice giving to others.  An older sister might hang a peace sign in her locker, or a parent could hang a snowman from the rearview mirror.  As a parent, I love seeing my daughter get inventive with her designs.  She gets such pride from seeing her creations displayed in our home.  The photos in the book make it really easy to follow the instructions.  I also liked the tips that are found throughout the book, which encourage reading skills.  Each plan starts with a little “You Need” box so that kids learn to set out all necessary materials before starting their project.  This book is best suited for kids who have a good foundation in making bracelets, as well as reading, since the instructions are pretty detailed.  It might even be a good project to leave with the babysitter for your New Year’s Eve outing.

Goloops! make something special out of those rubberband bracelets.

If your child has mastered the rubberband art, you can kick it up a notch with some cool charms from Goloops.  You can find these in quality toy shops nationwide or even on Amazon.  They’re pricier than the alternatives I’ve seen, but these cute charms are a huge step above the plastic nonsense I found on ebay.  Goloops are the perfect way to accent an ordinary bracelet.  You could also attach a goloops! charm to a hair barrette or another accessory to give it some added character.  We tucked these goloops! in my daughter’s stocking and got many excited shrieks in thanks.  I love the themed packs because they are so personalized.  You can find something that fits your child’s interests, from sports to travel to girl power.  Consider stashing a few of these in Easter baskets this year.  Perhaps you could even grab a few packs to jazz up the birthday goodie bags!  

With Loom Magic and goloops!  your craft basket will never be the same.


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  1. What a great way to encourage creativity!

  2. My kids love looming. I had not heard of goloops. They look like a cool addition to looms.

  3. I used to do loom projects when I was a young girl. It’s a great way to pass the time; I’ll have to look into Goloops!

  4. I love those goloops charms – really cute. I can see how this would keep kids engaged. I love items that encourage creativity.

  5. Goloops looks like so much fun I think I would like to do it myself.

  6. That is pretty cool. I am sure my daughter woud love some of these

  7. I’ve actually been thinking about getting some of these bracelets for myself, but I like the options for patterns and charms.

  8. This looks awesome! My daughter would love this!

  9. I have seen LOTS of kids with these looms, looks like they are one of the must have gifts this year. When I was a kids I loved making bracelets and crafts like this too.

  10. My girls would love this.

  11. loom projects? I don’t think I ever tried that before but it looks fun!
    Cinny recently posted…Sleeping well as a #NewYearsResolution #NSAmbassadorMy Profile

  12. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I think my twin granddaughters would really love this and their dad would love to find things to keep them occupied indoors since it is so cold where they live

  13. I remember when they first came out- I don’t think a lot of units were sold. But now it is definitely a craze but a wonderful way to spark creativity and keep little ones busy!

  14. I have been seeing these cute bracelets everywhere, they are super sweet! My neices would love them!
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  15. Those look great! I am bookmarking to share with my daughter- thanks!

  16. I am well aware of the loom fad. I have a 6 year old and a baby, so avoiding them has been hard. I don’t want all those pieces laying around (because of my son), but my oldest really wants a rainbow loom. I’ll have to give in soon, I’m sure.

  17. Great! Always looking for activities for school holiays.

  18. I love activities that promote creativity (and don’t involve gadgets)! This fad reminds me of the looms back in the 80s, and the plethora of potholders that were made for moms everywhere! lol

    • The process is rather similar, Lauren! My daughter has the potholder loom, too; she made her uncle one for his birthday. She was so proud! Now, if we were really going back in time, we could mention plastic canvas…….

  19. My children finally have looms and have enjoyed making bracelets for the whole family. I think I’ll get this book and order them some goloops! They will love them!

  20. Anita Yancey says:

    These are so cute, and so creative. My daughter would love it, she likes to make things. I will have to look into the Goloops for her.

  21. Sherry Compton says:

    This gets kids active and creating. It’s great how they want to share them with others. How cute that she has “orders.” My grandson just got into loom bracelets. His first thought was, of course, I’ll sell them. Kids!

  22. My great niece would just love this…would keep her nice & busy and having a blast!

  23. my g-daughter wants one of the looms badly. Wish I could win one

  24. Mary Dailey says:

    This would be so much for for my granddaughters. I love how cute the bracelets are!

  25. These looms are crazy-popular right now. I like to see the kids get excited about creating something!

  26. My 16-year-old daughter and my nieces love doing the loom bracelets. Funny but I only have ONE bracelet. They keep giving them to everybody else, lol.

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