Divergent by Veronica Roth is one of my favorite books

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In the summer, I tend to re-read my favorite books.  Of course, there are lots and lots of new books on my summer reading list, but there are a few that I read over and over again.   Divergent by Virginia Roth is a cool dystopian novel that makes “being different” illegal.  Actually, it’s a life-or-death situation if anyone finds out.  Since the third book in the series comes out this fall, you’ve gotta read the first two NOW so you’re ready!!

The strong female main character, Tris, makes this story really stand out.  Tris is a very complex character with quiet strength.  Her determination and intelligence make her beautiful inside and out.  Divergent is such a unique coming-of-age novel!

One of the reasons I loved this book was that it made me wonder, “Which faction would I be in?”  I don’t think you could read it without wondering that.  Those types of questions come out with engaging stories.  It would open opportunities for great discussions in class.  I could also see this being used as a debate for a civics and governance class!

It’s nice to see such unique books available in the teen and young adult genre.  When I was a teen, this type of plot didn’t exist (at least, not that I ever read!)  I encouraged my daughter to read the Divergent series because it will help her to think about her own path in life.  Which faction would she choose?

If you’ve wondered what the world might be like without uniqueness or individuality, you’ll love Divergent!

Which faction would you belong in?


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