Spring in the USA Krystal meal vouchers

Spring is in the air here in TN — even though today is chilly, the days have been wonderfully warm until this weekend. I spend most of my free time in the garden. When the hours go by and the kids remind me that it’s time for dinner, it takes me by surprise. If you’re in the same boat, enter this giveaway for a chance to win 4 Krystal combo meals! These vouchers were sent to me for an earlier promotion, but we didn’t use them. So I’m sharing them with you! Spring in the USA means time spent outside, and if you have these coupons you might not have to cook. Score!
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Honoring Our Veterans and Active Duty Service Members – Ryan’s in Greeneville, TN

Missing Man table at Ryan's - featured on savingsinseconds.com Recently my family enjoyed a complimentary meal at the Ryan’s restaurant in Greeneville, TN.  While we were there, we noticed the Table for the Missing Man.  This symbolic table represents the hole in our hearts, the space reserved for those missing in action.  Coming from a military family, I knew that there was always the possibility that the soldier wouldn’t come home.   My step-father served overseas in several tours; although I was young and didn’t always recognize the dangers that he faced, I realized that he was making a huge sacrifice so that I could enjoy freedom.  The Missing Man table is a beautiful tribute to those who were lost while they served, and shows that we are still waiting for them to come home.  Every Monday, Ryan’s offers a military appreciation discount, but there was more in store!

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How to get a free Panera treat

The girls at work love to get away for a yummy lunch every once in a while.  Most of us pack or buy the school lunch (yuck) but every so often, we have what we call “Lady Lunch” at Panera.  I love their salad and soup combo. [Read more…]