Recycling flowers: grow next year’s flowers from this year’s seeds

Last year we grew these gorgeous poppies and sunflowers from seed.  We grew wave petunias in pots that cascaded around the front porch.  Dahlias, zinnias, and many other bright and beautiful blooms decorated our outdoor space.   I thought about how I could re-use these plants…..then did a little searching to see what I could come up with.

Basically, here’s what you do with petunias.  The steps vary for other flowers, but the idea is generally the same. [Read more…]

Five FREE things to do for your kids today

5 free things to do for your kids today --

Several of my students have said, “My mom is too busy for me.”  That just breaks my heart.  I realize that kids don’t see the things that adults have to juggle, but it’s never okay for my kids to feel that I’m too busy to care about them. Think about it, would your child say that?  It also makes me wonder…..would MY child say that?  I hope not.  Here are some of the things I’m doing to make sure my child will never think I’m too busy for her.

I understand the struggles and challenges of keeping everyone happy.  Here are five FREE things to do for your kids today.  These are small things that don’t take a lot of time, require zero money, and they can  make a world of difference in your relationship with your child.  If you can’t do all five, try to do at least one.  Keep in mind that if you’ve put some distance between yourself and your child, it might take some effort to break down that barrier.  Keep trying.  I promise that your child is worth it. [Read more…]

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop — Enter to Win a $100 CVS gift card

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You know what I love to receive as gifts?  Gift cards!! With a gift card, I get to choose what I want.  So dear readers, for your Christmas in July gift, you have a chance to win a $100 CVS gift card courtesy of the CVS PR team.  That way, you can choose what you want, too! [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Plan ahead for Mother’s Day and save.

You and I both know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  This year I’m determined to save myself a lot of grief over getting an appreciated gift……I’m going to plan ahead.   Most years around this time, I think, It’s only February.  I’ve got plenty of time.  March somehow flies by, then a fuzzy thought in April pops in…..Hmmm, what am I getting the grandmas for Mother’s Day this year?   Some random toy flies by in my peripheral vision right about then, so I lose that thought.  Then all of a sudden it’s the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day and panic sets in when I realize it’s too late to send a card and still have it arrive on time.  My last resort is an expensive edible fruit arrangement or a gift card, knowing that my mom will just regift it and never enjoy it herself.   How do I know?  Because that’s what has happened the past two years.

A reader comment spurred me to add the reminder that Mother’s Day can be a special day for ALL women, not just mothers.  I love to remember my girlfriends, special women in my life, single moms…anyone who might need a pick-me-up.  Mother’s Day is just a good reminder of that.

Our beloved grandmothers aren’t really on Facebook or Instagram, so they miss out on all the cute candid shots that are shared in our family.  This year I’ve found a way to solve that problem as well as the whole Mother’s Day gift situation.  Blurb books are ideal and convenient for gift-giving as well as memory preserving.   This is perfect timing, too, since Blurb is offering 25% off purchases from 2/22-2/25. Head over to Blurb now and tap into your creative side!  [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Earning money with survey sites

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Are survey sites legit?

When I first heard about earning money by taking surveys, I really thought that it was too good to be true.  After all, who would give away free gift cards?   It wasn’t until I joined a couple of different sites that I really found how easy and fun it could be to take surveys for money.  Now, I’m not saying that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme.  This is something that I enjoy doing when I’m waiting in the pickup line after school or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  I find that I can finish one or two surveys in 10 minutes or less.  After several days of doing that, I have usually earned enough points to cashout for a gift card or some other reward.   I much prefer the gift cards, but have used the rewards to purchase magazine subscriptions and things for gifts, too.  Here’s one of the gift cards I received after just a few days of doing surveys….I love to use these for online purchases, especially those that are “freebies” that I have to pay up front. [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Using ham steaks as part of a meal

My mom visited recently and was really surprised when I pulled out a ham steak to make for dinner.   I guess she’s never served these before!

I buy these ham steaks about once per month.  They usually cost around $5, but go as low as $2.50 and $3 on sale.  That’s when I try to stock up on a few packs because the expiration date is almost always for another month or so.  We use them in soup and as the main entree for a lot of our meals.  My kids love to “paint” the ham for a Green Eggs and Ham dinner, too!  I’ll post about that another time. [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Tell me your best uses for baby wipes

WipesWraps from CleverRelish After posting the Bellies to Babies giveaway event, I started thinking about the various ways we use baby wipes at the Savings in Seconds household.   I use them all the time to remove eye makeup. They are far cheaper than the little towelettes I used to use and they don’t irritate my eyes.   We keep a tub of wipes in the car for wiping hands and faces after playing at the park.  I often use them to clean the dashboard, door handles, and other surfaces while waiting in the car-line after school.  [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday in the Tricities: Renting a breastpump



Okay, are you ready to get personal with TMI?   I’ll give you a second to decide.

[Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Save on pet medications

A few weeks ago I was at our vet’s office picking up our dog who was being boarded there.  The office was uncharacteristically busy and there were at least ten people in line.  I saw an acquaintance and we chatted for a few minutes.  She said she had been sitting in the office for almost two hours waiting for a refill on her dog’s medication.   Now, I am all for supporting local small businesses, but I don’t have two hours of spare time to sit in a waiting room for my dog’s medication.  I told her that many pharmacies in our area fill pet medications too, and she was shocked.  I know that I’ve seen a sign for it at the Kroger pharmacy, and after checking the Walgreens website I saw that they also fill pet prescriptions. My guess would be that filling the prescription at these bigger-name pharmacies would also offer some savings on the medication as well (although I don’t know that for sure.) [Read more…]

Freebie alert: Cute gift tags and more in Boden catalogs

Do you get catalogs from Boden?  I LOOOOOOOOOVE (can’t emphasize LOVE enough) Boden’s clothes for kids.  One great thing about the print catalogs is that they usually include some fun things in them.  In the kids’ catalogs, there are sometimes paper doll outfits, stickers, coloring pages, or other creative activities.  These are great to take along to church to keep in your purse so the kids will sit relatively quietly during the service.  In the recent women’s catalog I received, there were 6 adorable vintage-looking gift tags to tear out and use.  These are free, so always check your catalog for fun stuff!