Comfortable, cozy cushions for the home

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Our human children barely had a chance to peek at the cozy cushions in the Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle before our furry kids landed on them.  I tried telling the cat AND the dog that Brentwood Home also has products for pets, but they didn’t listen.  [Read more…]

Make friends with the birds! You Do It Suet @youdoitsuet

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You probably heard about the big wildfires that have been raging through East Tennessee. This week, we had the relief of some wonderfully rainy days to quench our dry earth.  During those storms, the wind blew down a few trees and scattered pine cones everywhere.  Before long, winter will be here and the birds will be needing some easy-to-find nourishment.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I posted about homemade suet cakes. It’s a delightful way to bring feathered friends to your backyard.  Think about the people on your Christmas list.  Is there an outdoorsman?  An elderly shut-in? A mother with small children who would enjoy having an easy activity to do with the kids?  You Do It Suet makes a wonderful gift!  The starter kit sets you up with a silicone mold and simple recipe selection.  You Do It Suet #giveaway [Read more…]

Whiffer Sniffers Huggable and Clip Toys are too cute!

Whiffer Sniffer #giveaway

I worked with Whiffer Sniffer to bring you this post and giveaway.  Opinions shared are mine.

I’ll be dating myself with this question, but remember scratch and sniff stickers?  My friends and I would meet up on the school bus and trade our favorites.  Whiffer Sniffers are for the new generation!  This adorable collector’s item combines stuffed toys with favorite scents. [Read more…]

Pretty Personalized Gifts from Krafty Chix

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Krafty Chix personalized gifts

The Krafty Chix have been hard at work getting pretty personalized gifts ready for your Christmas shopping list.  Go ahead and start checking it off!  [Read more…]

Zero calorie stocking stuffer treats – Trust My Heart, Pixie Scents

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Chocolate might be on Santa’s list, but many of us look for zero calorie stocking stuffer treats.  Consider these goodies for guilt-free indulgence!

Pixie Scents

We just returned from a family trip to Disney World.  On one chilly evening, my son passed a popcorn cart and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  After he asked for some “buttery popcorn” the third time, we had to stop at the cart and get some! [Read more…]

The time my son used My Pure perfume as air freshener #FragranceOutlet #MyPure

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The Fragrance Outlet #ad

My son is a mama’s boy. He’s always been this way. Although he adores his daddy and practically worships his sister, there’s something different about the way he needs his mom. So when I caught him spraying the brand new bottle of My Pure perfume throughout the living room because he wanted it to smell like me, how could I be angry? [Read more…]

Watch Cupcakes Mutate Into Alien Cupcakes! Spooky Celebration by Frey

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Alien Cupcakes #CelebrationSpookyTreats #giveaway at

October is always a busy month at the Savings in Seconds house. The changing seasons means it’s time to switch out clothes….double laundry for a couple of weekends! We spend a few days cleaning out the raised beds and planting some fall crops, including several overwinter varieties. Moving all of the patio furniture inside takes some heavy lifting as well.  My daughter is old enough to be a BIG help.   I’m so grateful that she pitches in.  My son is learning how to take responsibility as well.  When the kids asked for some sweet treats at the store, we had to indulge. It would have been easy to buy some pre-made goodies. Why do that, though, when it’s so easy — and FUN! — to make Alien Cupcakes using Celebration by Frey™ candy? [Read more…]

Keeping tweens happy for an adult-free evening – thanks to Classroom Friendly Supplies

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Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener - the BEST! Each week, a small group from our church meets at our house for a time of fellowship.  The adults meet in one room while the kids entertain themselves in another area of the house.  Our collective kiddos range in age from toddler to pre-teen, so there’s a wide gap in interest and ability.  This week, I set out a coloring station for the kids.  The littlest children were given crayons and stickers, while the older kids had an assortment of coloring pencils and a very cool coloring book. The coloring station was a hit! Coloring isn’t only for kids, though. If you’re into adult coloring books or Bible journaling, take note!  Classroom Friendly Supplies has the best pencil sharpener I’ve ever seen!  [Read more…]

Big Reason to Enjoy #luvmichael Locally Sourced Organic Granola that Gives Back

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In our community, there are several stores that support disabled adults who want to work.  A few days ago I visited Walgreens, where several employees were shadowed by a helper. Those helpers worked to stock shelves and bag each customer’s purchases.  In addition to the work skills learned, social skills were highly emphasized.  The young woman who bagged my items was friendly and sweet.  Likewise, our local Food City employs disabled adults to help with bagging groceries. They also bring in the carts from outside.  It’s clear that these individuals gain a sense of pride from a job well done!  Did you know that you can support disabled adults simply by purchasing granola?  Welcome to Luv Michael!

Reasons to love #luvmichael granola - [Read more…]

Zim’s Max-Arnica makes it a naturally pain-free fall break

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Fall Break #giveaway hop - enter at

The days are shorter, the temps are cooler.  When the kids are out for a week of fall break, here are the Zim’s items you’ll want to have on hand!

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