Natural pain relief options

The summer months are busy with activity around the Savings in Seconds house.  We have a time-consuming yard that my husband maintains with painful diligence. When I spend time working in the garden, my bones complain to me for hours afterward.   The smell of rub-on pain relief products brings back memories of the days my mom would use Ben-Gay after a long day’s work.  She had a very physical manual labor job in order to support our family.  The cream she rubbed on brought temporary relief but the scent lingered long after the effect wore off.  Now that I’ve experienced some health issues of my own, I’ve tried to find natural pain relief options  that are effective and, well, don’t make my hands smell bad.

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Train your brain to be happier, print some caffeine — I mean, coffee — coupons, and more spring break savings.

Spring break at home with the kids is a total blast.  We haven’t been very productive….we did get our grocery shopping finished and worked in the garden a little, but that’s it.  You know what, it has been wonderful to just have a relaxing week at home.  We’ve showered and put on clean pj’s which we stayed in all day.  I love days where we can just be a bit lazy!  I know that my carriage will turn back into a pumpkin in just a few days, so we’re enjoying it while we can.  It just wouldn’t be Savings in Seconds if I didn’t post about some spring break savings!

Need some happy optimism?  Try happify!  I think my mom would love to sit and play these mind games on the iPad.  They are supposed to train your brain to be happier.  This would also be a great idea to give to the person who is recovering from an illness or the mom-to-be on bedrest.   Think of someone in your life who could use a boost and send them this link!

If you’re hitting the mid-week blues and need a good cup of joe to get you through, here are some coupons to print out and get you that caffeine fix.  The coffee drinkers at work are always needing to replenish the stash. If you’re in the same boat, print off a couple of extras and leave them at the coffeemaker.  Your bleary-eyed friends will thank you for it. [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: save 15% when buying spring shoes!

Shoe shopping is always fun, but when I’m shopping for spring and summer shoes, it’s almost as good as a day at the beach!! Add a coupon and the whole experience almost like skydiving. It’s such a rush to get a pair of adorable shoes for a great price. A brightly colored pair of strappy sandals or cute wedges with a summer dress is the perfect outfit for me.  It’s also a great excuse to work in a pedicure!  After all, those toesies need to look beautiful in the sandals, right?!   If you’re headed to Famous Footwear, be sure to print off this coupon for 15% off your purchase.  Just click the picture below.  For me, that discount covers tax plus some, which is always nice.  Even if you don’t think you’ll be shopping for shoes soon, go ahead and print off the coupon.  Pass it on to your friends, too.  You never know when the shoe-mood will strike!  This offer expires 3/31 so you still have a few days to take advantage of this deal.  It’s also good for online purchases, so you can even shop from home.  Actually, you could even go shoes shopping while sitting in the doctor’s office.  Now that almost makes it worth having that yearly appointment……

but those would have to be some seriously fabulous shoes.


Filling the Easter baskets with goodies, filling your wallet with green.

As I said before, we try to fill our Easter baskets with less candy and more fun.  Outdoor toys and board games are the favorites, but my kids also like DVDs and other non-caloric treats.

Here are some coupons to get you started if you’re going shopping for Easter basket goodies this weekend!

Tell me, which coupons would you like to see more often?

Disney Wreck It Ralph Book – 4 Books, $0.99 Each
Dr. Seuss – 5 Books For $5.95 + Free Backpack

$1.00 off Crayola Giant Coloring Pages

$1.00 off any $5 purchase of any Crayola product

Are you signed up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards?  I love this….it’s easy to get small “prizes” and the codes are easy to enter.  They have lots of good printable coupons, too.
Kellogg’s Family Rewards – Get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands.

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Thinking ahead: getting the Easter baskets ready ahead of time!

Both of my kids were born around Easter, so it’s a really special holiday for us.  I start shopping early for our Easter basket goodies.  Our family is not anti-candy, yet when it’s time to give the kiddos a gift we try to keep it sugar-free.  I love to give my kids outdoor toys, like sidewalk chalk or jump ropes, to keep them active.  Movies are also a fun option since we can watch them together over spring break.  To help you save some green while watching your screen, here are a couple of coupons for kid-friendly DVD’s: $3.00 off Spy Kids DVD or Blu-ray and $3.00 off Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit on Dvd can be printed off and taken to the store.   Who says the little ones get to have all the fun?  Fill a basket for your teen with some make-up!  Save $5.00 off any TWO (2) Almay Cosmetic Product or $1.00 off Rimmel Bronzing Product.    I usually try to get my husband a little goodie also, he loves Altoids so I’ll save 0.50 off on any ONE (1) 1.76 oz. Altoids tin and tuck these in his jacket pocket on Easter morning.  He’ll probably snack on them all through church!   And if you just have your heart set on a sugary treat for Easter, I’m not going to judge.  Take along this coupon for $2.00 off Rich’s Ice Cream Cake or Dessert and $1.50 off any two Life Savers peg or laydown bags so you can save some cash, too! [Read more…]

Packing lunch… you choose saving money or saving time?

Packing lunch is usually considered a bigger savings, but I think that’s generally dependent upon what you’re packing.  At the school where I teach, kids get lunch for $1.80 which includes a main dish, two sides, and a milk.  That seems like a pretty good deal to me.  My daughter prefers packed lunches, though, so I try to accommodate her tastes when possible.  For the most part I try to pack leftovers of meals that we have at home for my own lunch.  When I’m putting away the leftovers, I use single-serving containers so I can just grab and go in the morning.  That works well if we have leftovers, but sometimes I make just enough for one meal.  And usually I’m the only one who eats them for lunch.  My husband doesn’t like to pack leftovers because he won’t hassle with heating them up.   My daughter is pretty selective when it comes to food.  She doesn’t necessarily choose quality over quantity, or texture instead of taste.  Instead, she just goes with her old standbys.  For example, she won’t eat cheese on sandwiches AT ALL, ever, except on hamburgers.  It’s difficult to pack lunch that’s easy to fix, affordable, and convenient while still maintaining some level of healthful nutrition.   She rarely eats lunch at school, so it’s pretty challenging to come up with a decent rotation of lunches that we can all enjoy.

Thankfully, I can use coupons to make it a little less expensive to put together a decent lunch for all of us.  Here are some ideas that got me started. [Read more…]

Buying something at retail? A couponer’s worst nightmare!

I used to go with a friend of mine to a consignment shop that had a $1 tag sale.  We always came home with awesome buys, spending only a few dollars.   After one of our shopping trips, she had a nightmare that she was shopping at the mall, and shirts were all a penny each. She hit the rack for skirts and they were $1 each.  She couldn’t bring herself to buy a skirt because she couldn’t justify spending the equivalent of 100 shirts on the price for one skirt!!   We had a good laugh about that because I knew exactly what she meant.  When you’re living a frugal lifestyle, the retail cost of items can really cause sticker-shock.   Value is a relative term……it’s hard to pay $3.79 for a tube of toothpaste when one is used to getting it for free. [Read more…]

Great gift for your Secret Santa…..a holiday ecookbook from Wholesome Sweeteners

You might remember this post where I shared some ways we used Wholesome Sweeteners here at the Savings In Seconds house.  I especially love their brown sugar—it’s perfect for making a crunch crust on my homemade sweet breads. Here’s a really comprehensive holiday dessert cookbook, available for download for FREE from Wholesome Sweeteners. I think this would be a great gift for your Secret Santa.  Maybe prepare one of the recipes (the Salted Caramel Millionaire Bars sound AMAZING) and download or print out a copy of the ebook for your Secret Santa.

As an added bonus, there are 9 printable coupons at the end of the ebook!

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SAFESKIN giveaway: helping us keep delicate skin safe from germs

What do you use to keep germs out of healing skin when your little one gets a cut or scrape?  Recently I had an opportunity to try SAFESKIN on it and was really impressed with the results.  In fact, I even used it on my sweet little dog.  She was nicked by the groomer at her last appointment and it wasn’t healing very well.  I dabbed some SAFESKIN on it for a few days.  Within a week, it was completely healed up!  I don’t know if SAFESKIN is officially approved by veterinarians or anything but I would use it again on my dog.

Once her little sore spot was healthy again, she was as happy as could be!!  Thank you, SAFESKIN.   A few days ago my daughter had a cooking accident. Instead of peeling the potato for our soup, she peeled her finger.  It was not a fun evening.  The poor girl was hustled over to the ER where they patched her back together, and she had to keep a huge gauze covering over it to keep it dry.  Once the gauze is gone, I plan to use SAFESKIN on my daughter’s finger, too.  SAFESKIN is available at select Wal-mart stores.  It’s clear and doesn’t have an odor at all.  I didn’t have to use much; it spread very easily.  I think this tube will last us a long time.  I hope it will, anyway…….we don’t need any more cuts or bruises around here!

Here’s a printable coupon to help you save $1 on SAFESKIN kids antibacterial gel.   Be sure to enter the giveaway below, you just might win your own tube of SAFESKIN!  The giveaway is open to US readers and ends 11/30.

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Here’s the disclosure: I’m not a doctor and am not making medical claims.

Newman’s Own Organics and The Organized Cook

Disclosure: We received product samples. Opinions shared are mine.
We were thrilled to feature the fabulous Newman’s Own Organics company in this blog hop.  First of all, I didn’t realize at first that this is its own company.   The quality of these products is just amazing, especially considering how affordable they are!    I was very impressed by the diversity in the products this company offers.   The flavors really take the food to a whole new level.  For example, when we recently entertained my husband’s family I set out a platter of the Ginger Snaps (from the Family Recipe Cookie line).  Ginger Snaps are my husband’s favorite cookies and he could not get enough of these.  Our visitors also loved them.  They couldn’t believe that the cookies had real ginger in them!!   Remember when food actually had real ingredients?   You can go back to that time with Newman’s Own Organics.   We tried several other products from Newman’s Own Organics, including the licorice twists (love the sour ones) and the chocolate bars. The chocolate was dark as it comes and was DELISH.  It was so incredible that I only ate one small piece a day.  One bar lasted me an entire week.   The best part was that the small piece satisfied my craving for chocolate, so I didn’t feel like I had to eat the whole bar to feel like I had a treat.  My family even devoured the pretzels which were really light and crispy.  I can’t say enough about the quality of these yummy foods.  I’ll definitely be shopping for Newman’s Own Organics in the future.  One lucky winner will receive a prize package from Newman’s Own Organics containing up to five products.  (Open to US only)    Meanwhile, grab printable coupons on their website so you can snatch up some of these treats when you’re at the store.

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