Fences DVD releases March 14 #giveaway ends 3/20 #FencesMovie #ad #RWM

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There are some names that just create buzz.  Then there are the names that ARE the buzz.  Having Denzel Washington and Viola Davis star together in the Fences movie makes the DVD entirely buzzworthy.  Plan to get your copy when the DVD releases on March 14! [Read more…]

When Books Are Better Than Cards #BearHugs #FlyBy #Giveaway ends 2/12

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People always say you can still get the flu even if you got the shot. Some people say that they get the flu worse if they get the shot. I can’t attest to the second opinion, but the first is true.  I always get the shot…..and this year, I still got the flu.  UGH.  Thankfully, there were some books waiting on the shelf for me.  Since I can barely lift my head for more than a couple of minutes at a time, reading a book is pretty much my only open-eyed activity right now.  Then I remembered that this post was due and awwww…….it’s like getting a feel-better card in the mail. It’s official….sometimes books are better than cards.   I’m so lucky to share I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug! with you. [Read more…]

Inspirational Nursery Rhymes offer parent resources for building positive beliefs

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A few weeks ago, I struggled with the memory of E vs. A — as in, Berenstein vs. Berenstain.  If you’re familiar with the Mandela effect, you know what I’m talking about!  The bigger picture, though, forces me to acknowledge that the Bears in question simply portrayed human situations in the comfort of Mama Bear’s world.  Now that I’m a Mama Bear myself, it’s important to find ways to help my cubs build a positive belief system.  Recently, I was invited to share the Inspiration Nursery Rhymes including the newest title Max Gives Thanks to God.

[Read more…]

Help your daughter get her head above the waves

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If you were riding in the van with us this morning, you would have thought I was mother of the year.  My sweet almost-teen daughter and I were sharing beloved worship songs, listening to each other’s music and talking about old favorites like Rich Mullins.  Every once in a while, my son chimed in with his own thoughts about the songs.  Life isn’t always like that for us — it’s just that right now, my daughter’s head is above the waves of life.  It’s inevitable that more storms will bring waves crashing down upon us…..we don’t expect constant happiness.  For now, though, this is enough.  If you’re struggling with your daughter’s life waves, here are some things that might help. [Read more…]

Getting your teen into a book (and vice versa)

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Twenty years of working with teenagers has taught me this, at least……they don’t like to do anything they’re told to do. While you might understand the benefits of being a strong reader, most teenagers DON’T CARE.  If you’re telling your teen, “You should read this book” and it’s not working, try these sneaky strategies to get your teen into a book. It worked for me! [Read more…]

Lovely new devotional from Faithgirlz @BookLookBloggers

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My daughter recently attended her first teen convention. She had an absolutely amazing trip with our church, and when she came home I could see the growth in her spiritual self.  As I perused the BookLook available titles for January, she saw this lovely new devotional and asked me if I’d get it for her.  That, in itself, is a big step!  [Read more…]

Read and Share books are fun to read with kids @TommyNelson #giveaway

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Read and Share - Look I'm Reading Bible #giveaway

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Many people have asked me how my daughter was able to read from such an early age.  They look at me like I’m lying when I tell them the real truth.  Honestly, she learned to read because of the frequency of our times reading together.   I think most of her early reading developed from memorization and picture recognition. As time went on, she learned to recognize the words in place of the pictures.  That’s why Read and Share books held such an important place on our family bookshelf.  An example can be found in this Look I’m Reading Bible Storybook from Tommy Nelson. [Read more…]

Launch the new Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible in 2017 #giveaway

Airship Genesis #giveaway
I received this book as a Tommy Mommy. Opinions shared are mine.

For our family, one of the most wonderful moments of 2016 was the day when my son was baptized.  He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  As we praised that decision with him, it also became clear that I need to provide him with spiritual guidance.  Now that he’s a strong reader, he can explore God’s word on his own.  A kids study Bible like the new Airship Genesis is perfect for providing him with support, yet allowing him to be an independent learner.  [Read more…]

Sleep Like a Baby with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer

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When my babies were little, taking their temperatures was such a tough task!  Trying to get a thermometer under their tiny arms, hold in their ear, or even sweep across the forehead seemed to always stir the child’s light fever-induced slumber.   I wish we had owned a Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer back then.  Taking a temp in one — read that again….ONE!– second would have been a dream!  Well, it’s your turn to sleep like a baby.  Take a peek into this treasure of technology!  [Read more…]

Dont panic if your child says I Hate Reading

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I hate reading.  Have you heard this declaration from your children before? 

When students enter my class each August, it’s inevitable that some of them will claim, “I hate reading.” It makes my heart hurt a little, because reading is so crucial to survival in our modern age.  Every day for the rest of their lives, their reading skills will influence their success and understanding of the world.  However, my approach to this teenage brick wall is very passive.  I don’t try to change their minds. I try to change their experience.  It’s hard to overcome a teen’s determination to be stubborn.  I’ve found that most students who claim they don’t like to read just haven’t found the book they like to read.  By introducing them to titles of different genres, it’s usually possible to find at least one book they’ll grudgingly admit they like.  Here are my secret strategies…just don’t tell the kids! [Read more…]