Try Sun Basket with 4 FREE meals! Cyber Monday extended

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Have you seen the ads for mail-order meals but wasn’t sure which one to try? Sun Basket is making it so easy for you with 4 free meals in their extended Cyber Monday sale. I’ve been drooling over these Sun Basket menu for weeks, and finally was able to select a few to try from the current meal choices. What would YOU choose? [Read more…]

How to get Book of the Month for $5

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I’m lucky to work with lifelong learners.  My friends at work love to read, and we are always sharing books.  While some of the girls prefer audiobooks, I’m still fond of the paper versions.   If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’re probably aware of my love for subscription boxes.  That’s why I’ve decided to gift myself the Book of the Month membership!  Through Oct. 31, use code BOTM5 on your new subscription to get the first month for just $5.  Or if you prefer, you could use code 30TOTE for 30% off 3 months plus get a free book tote.  I chose the 3 month discount, which was a bigger savings overall for a 3 month plan.

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Great gifts for a Secret Pal

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One of my friends commented that having a Secret Pal sort of forced her to connect with people outside of her classroom.  She learned to take the focus off of herself and enjoy making someone else happy.  So, that’s when I decided to fill out the Secret Pal form.  For the past couple of years I skipped the signups because I was a little overwhelmed with teaching a new subject area.  Now that I know my way around the language arts curriculum, it was time to step out of the comfort zone.  Here are some gift ideas that caught  my eye this weekend.

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Groupon Coupons can make it a spring to save

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Groupon has been a trusted name at our home for a long time. I often use their deals to purchase luxury activities, such as a massage or a salon visit. Local adventures such as the Alpine Roller Coaster discount can make a day trip even more fun. Now, Groupon Coupons make it even easier to save money! From the Groupon website, just go to the tab that’s on the far right and click “Coupons.” You can search by store or category.  Plus, it’s absolutely FREE to use!

Groupon coupons make it even easier to save money -

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New spring looks made easy!

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We’ve had a crazy-weather week here in TN.  It went from high 50’s to snow, and now we’re expecting 60’s temperatures this weekend.  Daffodils have already bloomed, and my sister’s tulips are starting to show through the ground.  If you’re feeling spring in the air, too, it’s time to freshen up.  New spring looks are made easy with these great offers.
SCARF sale - 2 for less than $9 SHIPPED #affiliate
The first biggie that I’m taking advantage of — Spring Lightweight Scarves – 2 for $8.99!  PLUS FREE SHIPPING w/code SCARVES2  I’m getting the Allie Floral Outline Infinity Scarf in sea foam and the Kaye Rose Print Ombré Infinity Scarf in black.   UPDATE — just went back and placed another order, because the Floral Stamped scarf was calling my name!  And bonus — it was the new 99-cent scarf today. HOORAY!!   This affordable deal is also great to stock your gift closet.  A scarf is a lovely gift for friends, sisters, teachers, and coworkers.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you just get them for yourself!

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Hooray for a snow day! What I bought and what I read

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The day started out as semi-normal.  I sat in front of the TV hoping in vain to see our school system’s name scroll across the bottom.  When it became evident that the call wasn’t coming, I rounded up the sniffling, coughing troops and we headed out into the icy snow.   After a slow crawl onto the treacherous main road, we got a text saying that school was called off.  Another 20 minutes back home, and we were back into pajamas.  The curtains are open, lights are off, and snow is falling — we feel like we’re sitting inside a snowglobe.  Hooray for a snow day!  It’s already off to a great start.
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The day I said YES #WhyNotWednesday #BetterMatters #ad

Enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card! #giveaway #ad #BetterMatters #WhyNotWednesday
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Enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card! #giveaway #ad #BetterMatters #WhyNotWednesday
Communication issues with a tween are tough enough. Add the cell phone battle, and you might as well wave a white flag.  With the many after school activities and weekend sleepovers that take place, a cell phone for my daughter became a necessity.  She had a small “emergency” phone but it didn’t work well, so she never used it.  It was definitely time to upgrade.  We didn’t want to let a bad cell phone connection to keep her from being able to contact us if there was an emergency.  When she asked me if she could have an iPhone from Verizon — just like mine — I said YES.  Since I’d initially opened my new customer account online, I knew that the site was reliable and user-friendly.  I was really surprised at how easy (and quick!) the online ordering process was.   Lucky for us, Verizon made it super easy and affordable to add another line.  My daughter inherited my gently loved smartphone, and I got to purchase a new iPhone 6.   Through 2/29, new customers can receive up to $50 off select smartphones with coupon code COUPONVZW.  Take a look at all the options! Which smartphone would you like to get with this discount?  [Read more…]

Birthday party ideas with Valentine’s Day theme

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Both of my children have birthdays in April, so holiday-themed candies and supplies are plentiful during that time. Don’t fight the system! Instead of trying to separate the party from the sea of holiday-colored items, make the holiday part of your plans.  If your child has a birthday in February, here are some affordable ideas to build a party around the Valentine’s Day products at DollarTree.

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Holiday gifts from Onecklace have a personalized touch + discount code

We’re determined to commit to simplicity in our new, smaller home. That means reducing the amount of “stuff” we accumulate. We purged closets and toy boxes before and after the big move, and I’m not anxious to fill it all back up again with generic Christmas gifts. This year we’re continuing our tradition of giving our kids 4 gifts each. The gifts are based on a cute rhyme a friend shared with me:
Something You Wear
Something You Read
Something You Want
Something You Read

It’s really tough to find something for my daughter to “wear” that she would pick out herself. She’s old enough to care about style, and has personal tastes that I can’t begin to replicate. She’s been asking for a pretty necklace that she can wear on a regular basis. When Onecklace contacted me about trying some of their products, I knew they would have just the right piece for my daughter. Appropriate and unique, the sterling silver butterfly pendant with name necklace is a gorgeous gift.

Beautiful jewelry from makes a fabulous gift #ad

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Boots and scarves deal at Cents of Style – plus FREE Shipping

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boots and scarves combo - FREE Shipping

Friday 9/11/15 is the big day that I love on Cents of Style — their boots and scarves deal is live!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the scoop.  Once a year, Cents of Style runs a huge special (well over 50% off retail) on the season’s most adorable boots and scarves.  You can grab the combo for just $32.95, plus FREE SHIPPING.   Here are some ideas to use for this amazing offer:

  1.  Split them up for Christmas gifts.
  2. Get matching boots and/or scarves for all your girlfriends to wear on Girls Night Out.
  3. Let your elf-on-a-shelf wear the new items before your daughter gets to.
  4. Buy several and keep them all for yourself.

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