How to shop at a thrift store

Recently, one of my friends surprised me by saying she has never shopped at a thrift store.  The statement was offered when she complimented my dress and asked where I bought it.  I told her that I purchased it at a consignment shop, which is similar to a thrift shop in terms of inventory.  She said she’s never shopped in one because she “didn’t know how.”  I can understand how a thrift shop experience could be intimidating, but it’s so rewarding for a frugal shopper!  My best thrift store bargains have included a Lilly Pulitzer dress for $1.  A cute dress I recently found has garnered many compliments (people keep asking me if it’s a LuLaRoe).  Many of my purchases still have the original store tag on them; they’ve never even been worn!  Thrift stores are really fun; it’s kind of like a treasure hunt.  Here’s what I do….. [Read more…]

5 Books I read in December – The Frugal Gazette + more

In December, I went through a reading blitz. I tried to speed through some of the books that had been sitting on my shelf so that I could make room for 2017 new releases. These 5 books were actually set aside for my husband, since he usually prefers nonfiction (I don’t.) They’re books that the guys may want to read, but don’t let that stop you from sharing them with the women in your life, too!

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3 reasons to download the Chick-Fil-A One app

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Chick-Fil-A is the one restaurant my family can agree upon every single time.  We love it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even snacking in between.  My daughter’s love for salads started with the CFA Asian salad, and now she gets the kale superfood side with her meals instead of fries.  A few months ago, I found out that our local CFA offered curbside pickup when you ordered on the app. Since we have a commute, I took advantage of this several times. Now, with the new Chick-fil-A One App, it’s even more rewarding to visit CFA!

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Iced coffee can earn you free Amazon gift codes!

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Attention coffee devotees…… If you drink iced or chilled bottled coffee, apply for Starbucks exclusive online community .  You do not want to miss this!  Through the free program,  you can provide your opinions and feedback directly to Starbucks decision-makers.  I love having an iced coffee to get me through the morning (or afternoon…) commute.  It’s a delicious way to treat myself during a busy day!   [Read more…]

The Budget Kit book review

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The Budget Kit #giveaway

Is 2016 shaping up to be your financial bang or bust?  The family budget can be a tough ship to sail.  In particular, spring seems to be a pricey time of year for many families. Between all the graduations and weddings, baby showers and birthdays, you may find yourself stretching those dollars a little more.  Tuck in summer vacation planning, and it’s likely that you’ll hear those pennies start to squeak.  No matter the income level, or a lack of budget prowess, The Budget Kit can be a great resource for any household. This workbook-style toolkit is easy to use, and simple to understand.   [Read more…]

Groupon Coupons can make it a spring to save

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Groupon has been a trusted name at our home for a long time. I often use their deals to purchase luxury activities, such as a massage or a salon visit. Local adventures such as the Alpine Roller Coaster discount can make a day trip even more fun. Now, Groupon Coupons make it even easier to save money! From the Groupon website, just go to the tab that’s on the far right and click “Coupons.” You can search by store or category.  Plus, it’s absolutely FREE to use!

Groupon coupons make it even easier to save money -

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5 apps that save me time and money

5 apps I use all the time -

We used to joke about the saying, “There’s an app for that,” but these days it seems like the apps have gotten a little out of hand.  When you pull up the app store and search, there are SO MANY options that it can be quite overwhelming. At lunch a few days ago, my colleagues and I discussed our favorites. It was fun to see what others are using.  I learned about the Wish app, Shopkick, and a few others. I told my friends about these 5 apps that save me time, money, and a bit of sanity. What are your favorites?  [Read more…]

Stretch food money this year with Debbie Meyer GreenBags® and Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ #giveaway

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Ways to stretch food money without using coupons - #giveaway
In our house, grocery money is one of the biggest areas where money is wasted. I know we’re not alone! In 2016, try these 3 ways to stretch food money for your household without using coupons. Plus, enter this giveaway that will make it even easier.

Take your own bags to the store. 

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Holiday gifts from Onecklace have a personalized touch + discount code

We’re determined to commit to simplicity in our new, smaller home. That means reducing the amount of “stuff” we accumulate. We purged closets and toy boxes before and after the big move, and I’m not anxious to fill it all back up again with generic Christmas gifts. This year we’re continuing our tradition of giving our kids 4 gifts each. The gifts are based on a cute rhyme a friend shared with me:
Something You Wear
Something You Read
Something You Want
Something You Read

It’s really tough to find something for my daughter to “wear” that she would pick out herself. She’s old enough to care about style, and has personal tastes that I can’t begin to replicate. She’s been asking for a pretty necklace that she can wear on a regular basis. When Onecklace contacted me about trying some of their products, I knew they would have just the right piece for my daughter. Appropriate and unique, the sterling silver butterfly pendant with name necklace is a gorgeous gift.

Beautiful jewelry from makes a fabulous gift #ad

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Thankful for You #giveaway hop – enter to win $5 Paypal Cash

Paypal cash 5 - enter to win at
Welcome to the Thankful for You giveaway hop! If you’re not a blogger, you may not realize how much gratitude bloggers feel toward their readers. I started blogging with an audience of exactly ZERO. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m appreciative of every visit and comment my readers make on my site. Since this is a book giveaway hop, I’m going out on a limb by guessing that many of you have books wasting away on your shelves. For me, PaperBack Swap helped me to get out from under my piles of books, while enjoying new ones from my wish list. If this sounds great to you, sign up using my referral link. I hope that PaperBack Swap can save you money, too!

There is a free option with PBS — it’s called A La Carte.  That’s the one I use.  You only pay if you request a book from another member, and even then the cost is just 49-cents + one book credit.   If you choose to go with the Standard Membership, you might as well get $3 off, too.   Earn extra book credits by swapping books off your own shelf.  You only pay the postage for those books that other members request, which typically runs around $3.25 for the books I mail out.  It’s fun to see how the books from my shelves have traveled all over the country to different readers.  PaperBack Swap has been much more affordable for me than a used bookstore, because the more popular titles are still only one credit.

To help you get started on your swaps, the winner of this giveaway will win $5 Paypal cash.  The giveaway is open to all readers ages 18+ who can accept Paypal (void where prohibited by law.)  Good luck!