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My laptop has been very good to me.  Though it’s not top of the line, and it doesn’t have fancy extras like a numerical keypad, it connects to the internet.  If you have access to the web, you have the potential to win a sea of cash using your computer and a few extra minutes!  Here are a few ways your laptop can earn you some cash, too.  This post contains my referral links, and I may earn a bonus if you use my links.  [Read more…]

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I find that it’s easier — and more fun — to live a healthy lifestyle in the summer.  With sunshine and a cool breeze, it feels great to go for a walk or a swim.  Are you trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Here’s your chance to help advise the health and wellness industry, and get rewarded while you do it!  Click here to see if you qualify.   (Link removed – opportunity ended) [Read more…]

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Attention Smart Shoppers!!   Are you a whiz at using your mobile and electronic devices to search for promotions and reviews, browse your favorite online store, or even make purchases?  Then you definitely need to apply for Walmart’s exclusive online community where you can learn from other digitally savvy shoppers like you, and impact Walmart’s future products and services.  Walmart wants shoppers like you to help advise their brand!  PLUS to thank you for your opinion, you’ll receive a $5 Amazon gift code for joining the community.  You’ll get an additional $10 Amazon gift code each month for your participation.  WOW!!!  I can think of lots of ways to use those Amazon gift cards, can’t you?  [Read more…]

Cleaning out the junk drawer

What treasures lurk in YOUR junk drawer?

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Inspired by a cool blog post about organization, I’ve decided it’s time to clean out the junk drawer.  Again.  We actually have FIVE junk drawers in our kitchen alone.  Shameful, isn’t it?  The fact that we’re storing so many unused items in these high-traffic spots means seriously wasted kitchen real estate.  In the meantime, I don’t have enough places to put true necessities like my pan lids, clean towels, and other daily use items.  I’ve been complaining that we have a lack of storage space in my kitchen, but the true problem is that the space we do have is filled with junk.   [Read more…]

Make a few extra dollars this month with consignment sales

This summer we completed only a few projects from the to-do list, but one of them that made the cut was the cleaning of the closets. In the past, I was vigilant about selling my kids’ outgrown clothes on eBay or on forums where fashion-minded moms like myself were willing to pay top dollar for better brands. When my second child came along it became harder to keep up with the everflowing bins of outgrown clothing. I also wasn’t as meticulous about keeping the clothes in perfect resale condition, so I wasn’t comfortable selling them on eBay and depending upon buyers to read the descriptions for the fine print. I’ve given friends and family several hundreds of dollars in hand-me-downs but there was still an abundance of unworn clothing in my kids’ closets. This summer I decided to do something about it. Thanks to a bit of time and effort spent in going through these items, I was able to make a few extra dollars this month with consignment sales.

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Dreaming of a white Christmas that doesn’t have me going into the red

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This year I’m dreaming of a white Christmas that doesn’t have me going into the red. I’m on Year 2 of my mission to pay for Christmas without going into any debt. In years past, I thought nothing of charging the entire holiday’s worth of gifts and paying it back well into summer. Well, those habits are still haunting me today and we’re working hard to pay off that debt. I don’t want to fall back into the pit of owing money that we don’t have. So this year, I’m challenging myself to keep Christmas outside of our budget as much as possible. I also want to have all of my gifts purchased before Thanksgiving so I can just enjoy the holidays. Can I do it?

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You can design your shirt and wear it too #sponsored

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Think of your favorite t-shirt.  What does it look like?  Where did you get it?  No, I’m really serious.  I want you to answer those questions.   I’ll bet that whatever it’s for, that t-shirt is worn like a badge of honor.  It brings back good memories or proclaims something you feel passionate about.  Maybe it’s just really soft and comfortable.  When you pull that shirt out of your dresser, you wear it loud and proud.  Don’t you just want to shake the hand of the person who made that shirt, giving you so many moments of sheer joy just putting it on?  With Teespring you can design your shirt and wear it too — at no risk.  Be creative, maybe even make some money, unite the world.  All with a t-shirt idea.

Let Teespring help you come up with great t-shirts!

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Getting rid of your old stuff without having a yard sale

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Summer is such a busy time of year.  While I tend to think that it will be more relaxed because we’re out of school, somehow it seems that we’re busier because I tinker around the house so much.  One of the things we do every summer is go through the closets.  Getting rid of the old is a good way to start the summer.  It’s also a welcome change to be organized once the school year starts….then the whole vicious cycle begins again.  While we’re going through our closets, I try to place items in piles with their destination in mind.  [Read more…]

College students: how you can earn some extra cash (no plasma required)

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Back in my college days when students needed to earn some extra cash, it wasn’t uncommon for them to hit the plasma donation center. It required being hooked up to a few IV tubes and sitting for two hours or so. This was before the days of Wi-Fi or even cell phones so most kids took a book to read. I was too chicken to do it myself, but many of my friends were willing to brave the IV for that money.  More than one friend came back with a nasty bruise on  her arm.  The plasma center was in a seedy part of town.  Still, the laundry needed to be done so the college kids did what they had to do.

Thankfully these days college students have a less invasive opportunity to pad the monthly budget. launched so that college students can benefit from renting their textbooks to fellow students.  Whether you’re still in school or you’re in those haggard months of job-searching after graduation, perk up your eyes and ears.  I’m about to help you make some cash-ola.

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