Sustainability Made Simple book + bag

Unless you’ve been hiding under a moss-covered rock, you have probably tried at least one way to “go green” in the past few years.  Most of us have reached an awareness about reusing items, recycling, and reducing our footprint. Disclosure: I received a Growing a Green Family pack, too. Opinions shared are mine.  In the book Sustainability Made Simple, readers can consider some really do-able action steps to raising an environmentally aware family. [Read more…]

How to soothe itchy skin during the winter months

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My skin is generally easy going, but it complains during the winter months. As soon as it’s time to break out the long sleeved shirts, small red bumps develop along my wrists.  Sometimes the dry winter air, combined with frequent hand washing, wreaks havoc on my hands, where the skin becomes so dry that it cracks and bleeds.  Anywhere elastic touches my skin, it leaves red itchy spots.  In the past, I’ve had to resort to months of steroid treatments to soothe my itchy skin. Fortunately, natural remedies are working well for me this year! [Read more…]

Zim’s Max-Arnica makes it a naturally pain-free fall break

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The days are shorter, the temps are cooler.  When the kids are out for a week of fall break, here are the Zim’s items you’ll want to have on hand!

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Cloth Diaper Accessory Stash

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If you didn’t already know, I think cloth diapers are adorable. I didn’t get to use them with my kids since their daycare insisted on disposables, but OH!  How I missed out on some of these prints.  Look!  Just look at this cuteness!

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can get your 30-day free trial and Wear. It. Out.  Here are some ideas on how to spend that extra savings!  [Read more…]

Green Your Routine With Prime Pantry

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These days, it’s harder than ever for me to make it to a brick-and-mortar store. Although I enjoyed scouring stores for bargains, it takes a lot of gas to get around to those discounts.  Instead, I’ve come to rely on convenience, saving where I can.  One thing that has really been a blessing for me is Amazon’s Prime Pantry.  When a frantically busy week hits, and I know that I can’t make it to the store to get the essentials like toothpaste or toilet paper, it’s so simple to fill up a Pantry box and have it shipped right to my house. My favorite natural and green brands are there – from cleaners to snacks – and I can get it all shipped in one box. One lucky reader will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.  Just tell me what would be in your Prime Pantry box!

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Amazon is full of green for St. Patty’s Day #LuckyIrishHop #giveaway

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It’s hard to believe that March is already upon us!  This is a busy time of year for our family.  The kids’ birthdays are coming up, and school is getting wild with the anticipation of spring testing.  We broke ground on our new garden today, too.  Yet even with all of these events going on, there was still time to peruse my beloved Amazon for green items. They have a whole page devoted to St. Patrick’s Day green items! It is, after all, time for the St. Patty’s Day giveaway hop!

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Live Better Lineup is now here at Tropical Smoothie Cafe – #BeWell

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Tropical Smoothie King giveaway - #BeWell at

The next time we’re in Knoxville, TN, I plan to visit Tropical Smoothie King.  The new Smoked Queso Chicken and Mojo Pork & Swiss flatbreads are calling my name!  I’ll chase it all down with a Live Better Smoothie.  Which one should I choose….the Chia Banana Boost?  An Immune Blast or the Chia Banana Max? Perhaps I’ll select the Detox Island Green.  It all sounds so tempting! [Read more…]

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Collection

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Heirloom-Seed-Collection-LSS-000_7231 The Heirloom Seed Collection from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is the perfect way to save money and acquire a safe, secure food supply for your family. Most of the seeds in this package will store 4-10 years if kept cool and dry. What a great way to try many heirloom favorites. These easy-to-grow varieties have been tried-and-true for generations! The collection contains 25 full-sized packets of seeds and a Clyde’s Garden Planner—all packaged in a sturdy, resealable, mylar bag for long lasting storage. If you’re not familiar with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, I encourage you to visit their site. They participate in the Safe Seed Pledge, which means they use non-GMO seeds and plants. Varieties in this package are chosen to be productive in most climates throughout the United States. Bakers Creek supports innovative sustainability methods, such as urban gardening, and helps to teach children how to grow crops. We’ve been using their seeds for years! Thanks to our Grand Prize sponsor, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, one lucky reader will receive the Heirloom Seed Collection and the 2016 Whole Seed Catalog. This Grand Prize package is valued at $58. Good luck! [Read more…]

Stretch food money this year with Debbie Meyer GreenBags® and Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ #giveaway

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Ways to stretch food money without using coupons - #giveaway
In our house, grocery money is one of the biggest areas where money is wasted. I know we’re not alone! In 2016, try these 3 ways to stretch food money for your household without using coupons. Plus, enter this giveaway that will make it even easier.

Take your own bags to the store. 

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Quit smoking naturally – and get back the things you miss from your before-smoking life

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My mom has been a smoker for years, and badly suffers the urge to smoke. She turned to alternate forms of cigarette smoking, which helped in some ways but didn’t truly serve as a tobacco substitute. Heading back to school can be a stressful time, especially for older teens and college students. To reduce stress, many teens and young adults turn to nicotine. These days, most public buildings and schools are designated as non-smoking, so smokers can feel even more frustrated when they long for tobacco products! Although lots of smokers would like to quit smoking naturally, those pesky nicotine cravings can be unbearable at times. If you know a teen or young adult who would like to find an effective smoking cessation program, consider Aqua-tine™. It has only three ingredients, and none of the carcinogens that are found in regular cigarettes! Would Aqua-tine™ help you get some of your life back?
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