On My Bookshelf: I Call Shotgun by Tommy Newberry (plus some freebie Nook and Kindle downloads)


When I had the chance to review I Call Shotgun by Tommy Newberry, I wasn’t sure how I felt about reading a compilation book of father-to-son letters. I decided that I would give it to my husband to see if he would enjoy it. Well, that didn’t happen. As soon as I got the book, I had to open it up. Then I couldn’t stop reading. While the letters do almost seem to be a private reflection, musings of a dad to his boy, the message was clearly there.  It’s a dad’s job to impart his experiences and wisdom upon his children.  So many kids in this generation don’t get the luxury of having both parents in their lives.   For single moms, I Call Shotgun might be a good reference book to know which topics to bring up with their boys.  The verbiage in parenting boys is so different from that with girls.  This book really helps to draw that line.  Additionally, it could be used as a jumping-off point for parents.   I don’t suggest handing this to your son and having him read it.  That completely defeats the purpose of sharing your values with your children.  Instead, consider the advice and ideals expressed in each letter.   Write your own thoughts in the margins, highlight the phrases you loved, mark out what you don’t believe.  Then take your ideas and share them with your child—either in conversation or write your own letters.  Either way, you and your child will both benefit by sharing a closer relationship.

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I am so gullible! Plus some free ebooks. There is a connection, I promise.

Summer is all about unfinished projects for me.  Tonight I finished one such goal — I finished reading Life of Pi. My sister loaned the book to me months ago and I started reading it that day. It was such a beautiful work of literature but painfully slow, and I stopped. The bookmark stayed there for weeks. At my brother-in-law’s urging, I forged ahead this week and finished the book. In doing so I realized that I am so gullible. For the longest time I thought this was a TRUE story.  I don’t really know why I thought that, except it seems that someone told me that once.  Like maybe when we were watching the movie preview in a commercial or something.   So I’m thinking (nearly the ENTIRE book) that this boy is floating in the Pacific Ocean with a tiger in his lifeboat.  The more I read, the more breathless I became.   It also solidified my feeling that I never want to go on a cruise.   Several times I stopped and incredulously told my husband what just happened.   My eyes were getting bigger and bigger, just imagining all of these events. [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend….. Shopping and free ebooks.

What’s your Memorial Day weekend have in store?  We’re welcoming some houseguests.  I’m crossing my fingers hoping that we can swim and grill out….in that order.  I may do a little shopping since there are so many great sales this weekend.  I also got very frustrated today because my steam mop finally kicked the bucket.  I love that thing!  It was time to replace it anyway, so I grabbed this Groupon deal for a CHI steam mop/vacuum combo.  I had around $61 in Groupon credit sitting in my account, so the whole thing cost less than half of the offer price.  SWEET considering that it is selling on Amazon for $199.99!  The red was sold out so I got the blue.  What color is your preference?I love Tea Collection clothes for my kids and they’re offering some great deals!  You’ll find $15 Girls Dresses, $12 Girls Leggings, $12 Boys Tops……the savings abound.     The sale ends 5/27 so grab the deals while you can.

There won’t be much reading in store for me this weekend.  There are some good books available for FREE so I’m going to download them and save them for a more peaceful day!

In honor of Memorial Day, I’ll start our Freebie Friday list with Deployed.  I hope we all take a moment this weekend to say a prayer of thanks for those men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom.

Deployed (Called to Serve) is free on Kindle and on Nook.

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Free Kindle download — Nook too — of Storybound, jokes for kids, saving money, and more!

I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning (3 AM!) reading a new series, Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn.  I didn’t plan to stay up that late!  I finished the first book last night and just had to start the second one.  Then I had to finish the second one.  Then I could go to bed with a sigh.  I thought the books would be super cheesy, but they were absolutely adorable.  Look for the reviews on my bookshelf soon!  I can’t wait to pass these along to my mother-in-law. She loves to read, too, and I know she’ll enjoy these.  What good books have you read lately?

It’s time for this week’s Friday Freebie and there’s a good one for kids this time.  I love when there’s a good children’s story available for free Kindle download.  My kids enjoy reading books when we’re on the go and the Kindle makes it so easy!

This week’s freebie is Storybound, which has great reviews.  The retail price is $16.99 and you can get it for free on Kindle today, so get your clicking finger ready! [Read more…]

Friday Freebie: Lots of free Nook and Kindle downloads available!

It’s been a while since I posted a list of free NookBook downloads!  I’m really getting swamped with my “to be read” pile and haven’t been downloading the freebies lately.  So I’m catching up with these.  The prices go back up almost immediately, so if you’re interested in these get them while they’re free!

Some of these titles are free for both Nook and Kindle.  Unless otherwise specified, clicking on the book cover image will take you to the Kindle page.  Be sure to verify that the book is still free before clicking “submit” or you might get a surprise if the price went up!    Which books look interesting to you?

This is the Nook link.

The Kindle version of Everybody’s Daughter is $1.99.

This is also free for Nook readers. [Read more…]

Free NookBook download: From Notting Hill with Love…Actually

Yes, this week’s freebie looks great!   Grab a cup of hot tea and enjoy a free NookBook over the Christmas holiday.

And by the way, my daughter is getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year, so I’ll be looking for free Kindle books more often! [Read more…]

Freebie Friday: Sweet Venom NookBook download

The fact that this YA is mythology-based makes it a winner for me.  Then on top of that, it’s FREE today!!  Yippee 🙂


And if you liked last week’s “Walking with Frodo” freebie, check out this one:

This one looks like a cute read for kids:

What about your little shark fan?

I know a lot of young readers would enjoy this one!

If your youngster doesn’t like to read, you might want to consider some free previews.  There are loads of them on B&N.  This way you can see if your child really likes the book enough to read the whole thing before you purchase. It’s also a great way to read a bit of the book before you buy it.  You can preview it yourself to see if it’s acceptable and quality reading material.  Here are a few to get you started….once you click on one of them, be sure to look at the suggestions below the featured product.  That’s where you’ll find lots more freebies!

I bet this one will be SUPER popular.  It sounds like most of the middle school boys I’ve worked with!

End of free preview examples. 🙂

I’m always up for a cozy Christmas story.  This one shows as $9.99 on the search page, but FREE on the product page.  Proceed with caution.

No idea what to expect with this one.  Well, except for vampires.

Not sure how this one will be, but worth a free download.  It has decent reviews.

Friday Freebie: Last Secret of the Temple for Nook

It hardly seems like a week has passed since I posted the last free Nookbook downloads, but it’s true!  Here’s one that looks pretty fascinating.


A few other freebies that I came across today…..if you think you might ever want to read one, be sure to download while it’s free because the price can jump up by the next day!






Still free!


Friday Freebie: Free NookBook downloads

I’m not normally into fantasy novels or murder mysteries, but when a paperback version is almost $15 (or even $5), I download it just in case when it’s free.  After all, I might just find a great new author this way! Besides, you never know when the price will jump right up so grab those freebies when you can. You can always archive it if you don’t think you’ll read it.

Here’s an example:

Here are a few you might want to peek at:




This one says it’s for ages 8-12.  I’m going to have my daughter read it.

Friday Freebie: All Roads Lead to Austen (!!!!!!!!)

They had me at Austen.

Click here to download the NookBook:

or Click here to download the Kindle version (also a freebie)









Jane Austen is my favorite author, so getting All Roads Lead to Austen for free is the highlight of my day.   Downloaded faster than you could say “Mr. Darcy.”


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