Amrita Sen Cosmic and Eternal Love: An Everlasting Love Story #giveaway US ends 3/15

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Welcome to the Feelin’ Lucky giveaway hop, hosted by MamatheFox.  Participating bloggers are linked at the bottom of the post.  Are you a fan of adult coloring books?  This new copy from noted artist Amrita Sen features ancient India-themed Hindu love story pages with text.  The blackline pages are so intricate that it’s sure to provide hours of coloring enjoyment.  It would make a beautiful gift for a friend who enjoys world travels!

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How to shop at a thrift store

Recently, one of my friends surprised me by saying she has never shopped at a thrift store.  The statement was offered when she complimented my dress and asked where I bought it.  I told her that I purchased it at a consignment shop, which is similar to a thrift shop in terms of inventory.  She said she’s never shopped in one because she “didn’t know how.”  I can understand how a thrift shop experience could be intimidating, but it’s so rewarding for a frugal shopper!  My best thrift store bargains have included a Lilly Pulitzer dress for $1.  A cute dress I recently found has garnered many compliments (people keep asking me if it’s a LuLaRoe).  Many of my purchases still have the original store tag on them; they’ve never even been worn!  Thrift stores are really fun; it’s kind of like a treasure hunt.  Here’s what I do….. [Read more…]

Life Is Tough But So Are YOU #centsofstyle Fashion Friday Story @centsofstyle

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A few days ago, I happened to come across something I haven’t opened in a while– my “Happy” folder.  It holds the notes, cards, and drawings students have given me over the years.  When I moved the file folder, a folded note fluttered out.  A student in my math class — at least 15 years ago — wrote it as a nomination for some type of award.  In the note, he expressed appreciation for my help as he struggled with math over the entire school year.  The note brought tears to my eyes; that student worked so hard to master difficult math concepts.  Words like this remind me how lucky I am to be a teacher. My students know I care about them, but they also need to know that they’re strong.  No matter what challenges they face, whether it be hardships at home or struggles at school, I want them to know that, just as my shirt reads, Life is tough, but so are you! [Read more…]

Ms. Dress Up can help you zip up a dress by yourself #giveaway

Ms. Dress Up Zipper Pull #giveaway This summer my grandfather passed away, leaving my grandmother alone with no one nearby.  She attends several church functions every week.  I know it will be difficult for her to zip up dresses, especially those that have full-back zippers.  When Ms. Dress Up shared their unique zipper pull with me, I knew it was the perfect gift for any lady who faces the difficult task of zipping alone!  [Read more…]

I’m thankful because I can vote. @CentsofStyle #CentsofStyle

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Thankful Grateful Blessed #CentsofStyle @Centsofstyle affiliate link

In the chaos of October, I forgot all about early voting. I’m not sure how it slipped my mind. I saw the notices and mailers. It just never seemed to fit into my schedule. Today when I realized that I missed the early voting window, I complained about it aloud….from my couch. My daughter was curious about why I was frustrated with myself. [Read more…]

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry from oNecklace

2016 Holiday Gift Guide -

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When oNecklace contacted me about their Breast Cancer Awareness project, I knew I wanted to participate.  My family, like so many others, has been affected by breast cancer.  I have friends who have recovered from the terrible disease.  Last week, I had my first mammogram.  The pink ribbon represents more than just awareness, though.  It symbolizes strength and hope.  Breast cancer jewelry is a reminder that we’re all fighting this battle in some way.  [Read more…]

Tigger likes my Long Sleeve Swing Dress — $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING

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Now that the morning are a bit chilly, you might find yourself wondering if you could get away with wearing your winter coat. Don’t break it out just yet!  Get through these cool temperatures wearing the fabulous Long Sleeve Swing Dress.  I got to enjoy this dress with one of my sweet furbabies today.

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Let’s gush about great online finds

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I love the girls I work with. They are more than co-workers.  We’ve become friends.  We share recipes, tears, and vent sessions.  When one of us finds a good book or a great hair product, we make sure the others know about it.  So it just stands to reason that we’ve been gushing about our favorite online finds!  Lately, it seems when someone has a great new bag or cute palazzo pants, it’s always from an online purchase. I love seeing stylish items that can’t be found in all the stores around here.

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Life is an adventure – Fashion Friday feature #centsofstyle @centsofstyle

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During a recent visit, my sister mentioned that it was a good time to get Christmas photos taken.  I must have given her a confused look because she explained that my kids were at a critical point in time.  My daughter has finally grown taller than me, and my son lost his 3rd tooth this month.  She’s so right — I want to remember this moment of motherhood.  Life with kids is an adventure, and I want to document that!  I started to think about what type of cards we’d get and realized that the Life Is shirts from Cents of Style would make a great statement. What a fun red sweater alternative!

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3 reasons to get this season’s comfortable fall dresses — FREE shipping

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There were some Old Navy rewards burning a hole in my virtual pocket, so I ordered several dresses a few weeks ago.  I’m officially addicted to comfortable.  The swing dress is ideal to wear to work, church, running errands, or just enjoying your weekend at home.  Here are some reasons to try this look.

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