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Our wacky weather has everyone going crazy here in TN.  It was in the 70’s on Monday, and snowed today.  Spring is really toying with our emotions!  If someone asked me today what would be in my pot of gold under the rainbow, I’d say an Amazon gift card.  I love Amazon because of the variety, prices, and convenience. [Read more…]

Homemade really means Made at Home – #HolidaySecrets with Marie Callender’s #sponsored

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Scenario 1: Your kids announce that they invited their teacher to come for a home visit.

Scenario 2: Your sister asked you to bring an extra dish to the family dinner….10 minutes before you were planning to leave the house.

Scenario 3:  It’s 8:00 PM and you suddenly remember that you’re supposed to take a dessert to the church luncheon.

We’ve all been there.  It’s the last minute of an already tight time-crunch and you realize that you’re sunk.  Keep a Marie Callender’s dessert in your freezer for a moment such as this.  The delicious goodness of a homemade dessert is there; just add a personal touch to make it completely yours!  Read on to see how I added a special note of flavor to Marie Callender’s pumpkin pie by topping it with a homemade eggnog whipped cream. [Read more…]

What do Bedrest, Date Night In, and Bridget Jones all have in common? They all need a good movie.

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There have been several times in my life when I felt like Bridget Jones.  All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch a movie, have a good cry, and eat lots of chocolate.  There was that time (6 weeks worth) when I was on bedrest and watched about 6 DVDs per day.  My husband had to pick out the movies for me since I wasn’t able to leave the recliner; he came home with 4 movies about The Holocaust.  Seriously. [Read more…]

Spicy Shelf helped me reclaim shelf space

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Now that it’s nearly the end of July, many of us have hosted family gatherings and enjoyed lots of summer barbecues.  It’s quite possible that your cabinets are as messy as mine are!

Enter to win a Spicy Shelf -

Scary, right?!   To my dismay, I have several bottles of the “essentials” such as red pepper flakes, vanilla, and cornstarch because I couldn’t find my opened canister in this messy cabinet. So then I buy a new one, and another….until I have 3 of each. When Spicy Shelf contacted me about doing a review, I wondered if someone had reported my atrocious organizational skills.   Thankfully, the Spicy Shelf arrived fully assembled (remember, I’m not much of a DIY kind of gal).   All I had to do was decide how I wanted to use them, and add the legs if needed!  The set comes in a pack of 2 shelves, plus assorted props to help you stack the shelves or put them side by side.  At first, I didn’t think they would fit side-by-side but then I realized that the shelves were adjustable.  I was able to squeeze the sides together to make them fit next to each other. Bingo!

In the pretty website pictures, they leave the middle space open.  I wasn’t able to do that because I have jillions of  tiny bottles.  Instead, I filled up the middle space with the taller bottles.  Still, this is SO much better than what it looked like before!   I’ll save time (not searching for the garlic salt) and money (not buying more garlic salt because I couldn’t find the first one.)     There are so many uses for this handy tool.  You could use them for organizing nail polish, craft supplies, makeup, or even small accessories.   Would this help you save some time?   Be sure to use this $5.00 Off Promo Code on your order.   SPICE5  – that is a 5 not a S

Is your spice shelf organized, or total chaos? 

Guard Your ID from identity thieves — plus DISCOUNT

At home, you’re vigilant about shredding bank statements and credit card offers.  At work, you tear papers in pieces so no one will be able to piece them together.  But what about other places?  Are you as careful when you’re on vacation?  This is the main area where I’m a bit lax on my identity protection.    When we purchased identity theft protection, we were told that children’s IDs are more often stolen because the data doesn’t get checked on a regular basis.  When a child applies for college or a first job, it can result in the discovery of a stolen ID that can take years to clean up.  What a headache!  There are simple fixes to help you avoid such disaster.  [Read more…]

Let your inbox filter your emails – yahoo account users

Subscribing to brand newsletters or blog updates can be an excellent way to find great deals.   Just a few days ago I posted about the $20 Shutterfly credit that appeared in my Inbox.  Yesterday I received an email with a $20 magazine subscription gift, no strings attached.  In order to receive these great deals, though, it’s necessary to check one’s inbox on a regular basis.   Once upon a time I was able to keep my inbox cleaned out, but with just one day of neglect it completely overgrows.  Taking the time to filter your emails might seem as unlikely as locating the chupacabra.  In this case, I’m going to make it super easy for you. [Read more…]

Small Business: Work Smarter, Not Harder with Your Goals in Mind

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How many hats do you wear to keep your small business going? #ad

When you’re a small business owner, you might wear the hats of a hydra.  You’re often the jack of all trades, running the show from every angle.  It’s impossible to cover all the bases while you’re also trying to navigate the waters of Customer Relationship Management.  So why not let Insightly help you do some of that number crunching?   Insightly can help you be more productive whether you’re working a trade show (like this Groovy Lights success story) or showing up to your online store on a daily basis. A few years ago I ran an online store for my Arbonne consultant sales. Trying to keep up with my contacts, track new leads, and monitor sales performance was keeping me up until the wee hours of the night. Considering that I also had a full-time job as a teacher at the time, it’s a wonder that I’m here to tell the tale. Having Insightly on board would have certainly given me that extra hand I so needed for project management.  Insightly can be used in any field, from real estate to education.  They even offer a substantial discount for non-profit organizations.  Since Insightly allows multiple users per plan, it facilitates delegation of responsibility to your sales team.  Additionally, there are webinars available to help you learn the ropes. Work smarter – not harder!  [Read more…]