Only a few days left in February to recognize Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month -

Disclosure: I received product samples; the opinions shared here are 100% mine.

Today my students brought my attention the fact that I’d written the wrong date on the board. Instead of posting February 24 as today’s date, I wrote February 23.  Where did the month go, anyway?!   It seems we spent most of the month holed up in the house trying to avoid the snow-covered roads. had a fun way to celebrate Pet Dental Health Month.  If you haven’t checked on your pet’s teeth yet, read the infographic below to find out why it’s something you should do today!!

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Keeping our furry friend happy with Minties and Orijen

Treats for our furry friend ---

I’m a label reader. When I buy snacks for my kids I check the ingredients, nutritional facts, and even where the food was grown and packaged. Having a fresh batch of high-quality treats is important for keeping our furry friend happy and healthy. You know that my dog is considered part of the family. Why wouldn’t we check labels on her food, too? Since our dog has food sensitivities, we have to be careful about what is in her foods. She has lots of favorite treats. Here are two new samples she received that she really enjoyed. The first came from Minties and the second is from Orijen.

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BestBullySticks for a happy dog — just look at this face!

I’m pretty sure my dog was reading over my shoulder when I got the email from BestBullySticks.  How do I know this? Just look at her little face!  They offered to send some dog chews for our pooch to sample and this is what my dog said…..
BestBullySticks-- featured on

Our pets have always been part of the family.  A love of animals is something my husband and I shared right from the start.  When we were newlyweds, we got our first “together” pets — two cats.  We called them the “grandcats” because even our parents treated our cats like they were something really special.  Because they were!  As time went on, our two cats passed over the Rainbow Bridge and we thought we’d never get another pet because of the heartache of losing those two.  By then we also had two children, though, and most kids want a pet.  So a couple of years ago we brought home this little Sweetpea.   She is just perfect for our family, playing along with the kids like she’s one of them.  She and my son are cut from the same mold and thankfully they wear each other out.  When we first brought her home, she was no bigger than our palms.  She’s the baby of the family and we all fight over who is going to hold her, pet her, or play with her.

She’s just a little bit spoiled.

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