Pet Magasin fan favorites for your pet’s stocking #PetMagasin #PetGrooming #ad

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Our little Sweetpea is, without a doubt, a member of our family.  So yes, she gets a stocking.  If your dog has a stocking, stuff it with Pet Magasin products that you both can enjoy all year long. Sweetpea really loves the soft bristles of the two-sided brush, which relaxed her so much that she immediately took a nap afterwards.  Look at those sleepy eyes!

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It’s a Dog’s Life Sticker Book from Parragon Books

Disclosure: I received this book from Parragon Books. Opinions shared are mine.

Our dog is sweet and spoiled.  We treat her like a princess!  Right now, she’s snuggled on her special spot in the camper.  She thinks she is my third child and, to an extent, she’s right.  She’s very pampered.  She doesn’t have a bad life!

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Cat Lover’s Quotation Book makes a great gift

Disclosure: I received this book for review. Opinions shared are mine.

At the Savings in Seconds house, our pets are family.  It’s a good night when everyone has a pet to pet.  Last summer, our pound-kitty was tragically killed on the road.  We had such heartbreak over his loss.  A few weeks later, a friend who was moving out of the country asked if we’d take her 2 cats.  We had the room in our hearts to do it, and it would help a friend, so we agreed.  One year later, those cats seem like they’ve been part of our home forever.

As you can see, we received the Cat Lover’s Quotation Book for review.  Tigger was quite apathetic about it.  He refused to smile for the camera, although he did consent to having his photo taken.  Cat lovers, you can relate to this situation, right?  [Read more…]

Sweet holiday memories of the outdoors with Petronics

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Cutie dog!

Yes, this face looks cute — but he can be a terror!  When my mom’s little Chibby runs out of the yard, he can go for miles.  Like a heat seeking missile, he can find the tiniest nook in which to crawl.  My mom has to budget some cushion time before work just in case runs out of the door when she tries to leave. Imagine the sweet holiday memories she could make by using the Petronics remote collar with her sweetie dog.  Instead of running after him, they could play in the yard together without her worrying that he’ll run away.  What a relief!  [Read more…]

Tigger likes my Long Sleeve Swing Dress — $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING

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Now that the morning are a bit chilly, you might find yourself wondering if you could get away with wearing your winter coat. Don’t break it out just yet!  Get through these cool temperatures wearing the fabulous Long Sleeve Swing Dress.  I got to enjoy this dress with one of my sweet furbabies today.

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Treat your pet like family with True Science VetIQ products

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Vet IQ dog treats #giveaway -

I’m a label reader, and tend to pay attention to ingredients over calorie content.  Since I do that for my kids, it’s only reasonable that I should do so for my pets.  After all, they’re part of the family!  Our dog enjoys having a daily treat, but we have to avoid certain ingredients (especially wheat) because of her food sensitivities.  True Science VetIQ offers dog treats that serve a double purpose — check them out for your pet!  We received the VetIQ Minties dental treats and the Hip & Joint chews. [Read more…]

Visit Amazon for pet supplies – you might be surprised at what they offer!

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Convenience is the name of the game at my house. We try to find products that will save us time and money, and we like to save time and money on our shopping experience, too! Amazon provides the best of both worlds in that regard. We buy a lot of our pet supplies from Amazon because of the low prices and fast, free shipping. They have so many cute ideas for pet items, including the trendy ugly sweater!  I hate having to go to the pet store because my kids want to look down every single aisle – it takes forever!  Shopping on Amazon takes seconds, and it’s often less expensive than our local PetSmart.

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When does a stray cat become part of the family?

So I have this little dilemma and need your help.

There aren’t very many stray animals in our neighborhood.  Most pets that do wander from home have a collar and can easily be reunited with their families.   For a few months, we’ve had a little orange visitor on our doorstep. It all started on a sunny afternoon when my husband sent the kids up for a can of tuna.  Knowing that he must have found a cat to feed, I sent one down.  The kids have been asking for a cat for years, but hubby and I keep saying no because we don’t want to deal with (a) a litter box or (b) the cat hair.  So what was going on? Sure enough, they were feeding a stray cat.  The poor thing was emaciated and obviously very hungry.  After eating his fill, the cat didn’t reappear for a while.  Then one rainy night he (she?) took shelter on our porch.

Of course, we fed the cat again.  And again. And again.

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A beautiful butterfly

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A beautiful butterfly Tonight I looked back on some old pictures that were saved on my computer. Oh, the days when my babies were small! I found this picture of a caterpillar we “raised” and released. It was such a neat experience to watch the cocoon reveal its hidden treasure. When the butterfly was finally ready to be set free, we checked on it for a couple of days before it finally took flight. It reminded me of the Eric Carle book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Both of my kids loved that book — we had the BIG board book with gigantic holes on the day that the caterpillar really fills up. [Read more…]

Pets Rock Giveaway Hop featuring Best Bully Sticks — win a pack of 25 chews!

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Welcome to the Pets Rock giveaway event hosted by Cheap Is The New Classy and Saving More Than Me. Raise your paw if you think pets rock!  In this giveaway, we’re celebrating our pets by offering prizes just for the four legged (or winged…or whatever) kind.

The Savings in Seconds mascot, our little sweet pea, has become quite spoiled with her treats from Best Bully Sticks.

BestBullySticks-- featured on


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