BB5 September Unboxing #BeautyBox5 #bb5fave

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People, you cannot imagine my glee when I opened this month’s Beauty Box 5. It is truly the BEST beauty box I have EVER received.  Typically I feature just one or two favorite products, but this month was a huge jackpot. I cannot choose just ONE!  (Did I use enough capital letters for you?  REALLY.)

#BeautyBox5 September box - featured on

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Reflect on your makeup mirror #FallingIntoFall

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During the fall and winter months, you’ll notice a change in my clothing and makeup shades. I tend to wear darker colors.  The thing is, precision is key when applying darker eye shadow!  There’s a fine line between smoky and go-wash-it-off, don’t you think?  An excellent makeup mirror is essential, especially if you’re going to be changing up your cosmetic routine.  Here are some features I like in a makeup mirror.

Mirrorvana #giveaway - enter at
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Groupon makes it a Sweet Summertime #Giveaway #Groupon #ad

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Health, Wellness & Beauty savings on #Groupon #ad

If you’ve visited my blog before, you know that I love to try new beauty products. I also love to save money on those splurge-worthy beauty finds! It’s fun to look for Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons because I can save both time and money while treating myself to a much needed pampering session. Groupon is one of my go-to sites for activities and products.
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May Boxes — the good, the bad, the ugly

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May Unboxing - the good, the bad, the ugly -

With a new calendar month, a happy mailbox commences.  I love getting subscription boxes!  They’re a small gift to myself, filled with new products that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.  This month, I opened 3 boxes.  There’s always something I enjoy from each one, and then…..the things I didn’t.  Here’s the shakedown for my May boxes.   [Read more…]

MAKEup looks for spring – new brands and boxes! #MAKEyourself #BeautyBox5

Disclosure: I received product samples. Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

MAKE cosmetics -

Tiny makeup is my favorite!  I love the fact that there’s no commitment — just try it and buy it.  When this little duo arrived from MAKE Beauty, it went right into my cosmetic bag.
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Why I love Birchbox

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Birchbox is my treat to myself. ENTER TO WIN

Image credit: Birchbox

I love Birchbox because it is my gift to myself. Each month, this beautiful box presents itself like a calorie-free hors d’oeuvre platter. As I select a tiny lotion or new eyeliner to try, it’s a moment of fun and surprise. If you’ve always wanted to try Birchbox, please use my link to subscribe!
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New spring looks made easy!

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We’ve had a crazy-weather week here in TN.  It went from high 50’s to snow, and now we’re expecting 60’s temperatures this weekend.  Daffodils have already bloomed, and my sister’s tulips are starting to show through the ground.  If you’re feeling spring in the air, too, it’s time to freshen up.  New spring looks are made easy with these great offers.
SCARF sale - 2 for less than $9 SHIPPED #affiliate
The first biggie that I’m taking advantage of — Spring Lightweight Scarves – 2 for $8.99!  PLUS FREE SHIPPING w/code SCARVES2  I’m getting the Allie Floral Outline Infinity Scarf in sea foam and the Kaye Rose Print Ombré Infinity Scarf in black.   UPDATE — just went back and placed another order, because the Floral Stamped scarf was calling my name!  And bonus — it was the new 99-cent scarf today. HOORAY!!   This affordable deal is also great to stock your gift closet.  A scarf is a lovely gift for friends, sisters, teachers, and coworkers.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you just get them for yourself!

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Hooray for a snow day! What I bought and what I read

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The day started out as semi-normal.  I sat in front of the TV hoping in vain to see our school system’s name scroll across the bottom.  When it became evident that the call wasn’t coming, I rounded up the sniffling, coughing troops and we headed out into the icy snow.   After a slow crawl onto the treacherous main road, we got a text saying that school was called off.  Another 20 minutes back home, and we were back into pajamas.  The curtains are open, lights are off, and snow is falling — we feel like we’re sitting inside a snowglobe.  Hooray for a snow day!  It’s already off to a great start.
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White Teeth Global teeth whitening kit

(Disclosure – I received one of these to review several months ago.  No compensation was provided for this post.)

What’s your best feature?  You might be surprised to see how many would say that their smile is their best feature.  It’s one of the first things I notice on someone.  To me, a smile is made more beautiful when it’s pearly white.  If you’re caught hiding behind your hand instead of showing your shiny smile, you need to try the teeth whitening kit from White Teeth Global.

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Supplements to help reclaim youthful skin – Collagen Complete

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After my son was born, I noticed big changes in my hair, skin, and fingernails. I attributed it to being tired or not eating well, but my doctor said it could be a hormonal issue. Since then, I’ve been really interested in reading more about how supplements can help to improve those symptoms. Some of you may suffer from the same problem. So when Collagen Complete contacted me with an offer to give one reader a 2-month supply of their product, I told them YES!

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