Extraordinary DVD available January 16 #ExtraordinaryMovie #giveaway

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My daughter is so much more level-headed than I was at her age.  She doesn’t want to date at all right now; instead, she wants to focus on becoming the best version of herself.  We’ve prayed for both of our children’s future spouses even before they were born, though, and I am hopeful that God will be faithful in providing loving Christian mates for my children.  My husband and I have tried to model a strong, faith-based Christian marriage for them, but it’s not always easy!   The upcoming movie Extraordinary describes the finish-the-race mentality of one remarkable marriage.

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Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon – book review

It’s finally Christmas break.  Getting out of school on December 21 means that Christmas feels like a regular weekend to me.  I gifted myself with a day in today….didn’t even take a shower until almost bedtime.  It was so nice to relax and mentally prepare for the whirlwind of Christmas weekend.  I spent my day reading Everything, Everything and it was worth every second.
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Make your planner happy with these goodies

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In college, my friend Laura had a BIG planner that she carried everywhere.  She called it “My Life” and it wasn’t too far from the truth.  As my life became more multi-dimensional — mother, teacher, wife, blogger — the need for a user-friendly planner became a big priority.  Over the years I’ve used many planning strategies.  I’ve used Erin Condren planners, thin pocketbook planners, bullet journals….they’ve all worked well in their own ways.  For me, though, the biggest success comes from great planner accessories.  These little goodies make it fun to USE my planner, therefore I want to write in it more often.   [Read more…]

SCJohnson Thanksgiving Trivia Contest #SCJThanks + $5 Mastercard offer #sponsored

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If you’re a trivia junkie, this is your chance to put your skills to the test.   You could even win prizes!  Thanks to Dailybreak, 5 DAILY giveaway winners will snag a year’s worth of SC Johnson products.   While you’re there, watch some funny videos. Plus, if you upload a receipt for participating SC Johnson products, you’ll get a $5 Mastercard®.  I love letting my money and useless trivia facts work for me! [Read more…]

Use a coffee machine to make hot tea #MyAdagio

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This has been a busy week — one of those weeks that ends with a late night all 7 days.  This morning (Saturday) I went into my classroom for what was meant to be an hour or two, but ended up being there for 6 1/2 hours.  Next, I drove my daughter around town so she could work on her school project….taking photos of herself in front of historical monuments. In the rain.  On these days, I look forward to a steaming cup of hot tea before shuffling off to bed.  I’m so grateful for my coffee maker, which helps me to get the tea just right!  Adagio Tea sent me a glorious package with all kinds of product samples to try, and we’ve really enjoyed the daily treat. [Read more…]

Things that still scare me + #giveaway US – ends 11/6

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You’d think that at the ripe old age of 42, I would have outgrown most of my childhood fears.  There are still a few lingering ghosts in my past, though!  In anticipation of Halloween, I thought we could commiserate over these little quirks.  Share yours for a chance to win this shirt!  [Read more…]

Holiday Cards your life can actually deal with + PayPal #giveaway #ad

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Last year I went through the whole portrait studio process and ordered 100 photo cards. We waited for an hour for them to be printed (which I thought was pretty fast) and I took them home. Since it was just September, the cards went right into the office cabinet….where they still sit to this day. That’s right, I have 100 photo cards from last year that were never mailed. Why? The reasons are many….never got around to stuffing the envelopes, addressing the envelopes, or mailing them.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about Minted?  Don’t worry, friend  I’ve got the details about holiday cards for you!  [Read more…]

Mommy and Me collection from Janie & Jack $5 #giveaway WW #ad

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Our family only gets dolled up for “real” photos once a year — for holiday cards!  My kids are typically the ones in front of the camera.  I love it when family pictures look well-coordinated because of complementing outfits.  The Janie and Jack Mommy and Me holiday collection makes that so simple!   [Read more…]

Beauty Box 5 unboxing + Sample

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My mailbox made me happy again!  Beauty Box 5 had a bit of a problem with shipments in July and August due to the terrible weather that kept cropping up, but things seem to be back on track!  We received our July box just a little later than normal.  I wanted to make sure you got to see it because there are some fabulous items in stock right now!  [Read more…]

#WhatWouldYouGive to #EndALS – support the ALS Therapy Development Institute #giveaway

My husband’s dear friend Dr. Josh Wandell was diagnosed with ALS about 4 years ago. He was in his 30’s and at a high point in his career.  He is still fighting strong, and our small community supports him in his battle.  Throughout the town, you’ll see these signs posted all over….in front of businesses and homes alike.  I’m trying to support the fight against ALS with this post.  Click here to find out how YOU can help. [Read more…]