Surprising Places Where You’ll Find Halloween Decor

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I’d like to be able to make special trips for Halloween decor to create the perfect Spooky-Land for the kids.   As it is, there’s barely enough time to get my hair cut; therefore, my home decor purchases are generally impulse buys made while I run other errands.  Here are some surprising places where I’ve found great holiday decorations at affordable prices.  [Read more…]

Memorial Day decor does double-duty for Independence Day

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Memorial Day is almost here.  This year is the first time I’ll be putting memorial arrangements out for a veteran.  My father and grandfather both passed away last year, and they were military veterans. I will take time to remember their service during the holiday.  If you’re gearing up to put out patriotic decor, consider using it again for Independence Day.  I always love getting a 2-for-1 deal, don’t you?  The DollarTree has lots of Memorial Day decorations that are both affordable and adorable.  [Read more…]

Decorate your home with family photos and Canvas Factory

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How long has it been since you’ve done something with those photos on your phone or digital camera?  For me, it’s been ages!   It’s time to change that.  I’m making an effort to decorate our home with updated family photos, and Canvas Factory makes that project so easy.     [Read more…]

Comfortable, cozy cushions for the home

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Our human children barely had a chance to peek at the cozy cushions in the Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle before our furry kids landed on them.  I tried telling the cat AND the dog that Brentwood Home also has products for pets, but they didn’t listen.  [Read more…]

Home Decor from DaySpring inspires

It’s crunch time, people.  We’re facing the last week before Christmas. Is your list completely checked off?  Never fear – DaySpring has you covered.  These days, it’s the ideal resource for thoughtful, meaningful gifts as well as beautiful cards.  I’m a DaySpring affiliate (so the links in this post are my affiliate links), and they sent me a package of beautiful home decor items to share with you.

DaySpring hammered metal tray [Read more…]

Brentwood Home cheers your space with cozy soft cuddles

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Brentwood Home #giveaway #ChristmasCheerHop
Is lounging part of your winter routine? We love the cozy days of Christmas. Brentwood Home has lovely items that bring warmth and comfort into any room in the home. [Read more…]

Show some gratitude with these Thanksgiving inspired items!

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There’s a delightful chill in the air this week.  Fall is officially here to stay!  The crisp mornings and crunchy leaves make me smile.  Autumn days remind me to be thankful for each day of life. Are you feeling the gratitude, too? Here are some Thanksgiving inspired items that will make you feel all cozy and warm!  [Read more…]

#LoveHallmark Gold Miniature Display Tree + Mini Porcelain Ornaments

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Do you ever feel like December flies by without really feeling like the Christmas season?  Maybe that’s why stores put out holiday decorations in early fall.  It gives all of us the chance to enjoy the lights and decor before we get it in our homes!  This year, be sure to look for the new Gold Miniature Display Tree from Hallmark.  
Enter to win the 12 Days of Christmas Days 1-3 Mini Porcelain Ornament set -

When my husband and I were newlyweds, we didn’t have the money to buy a Christmas tree. In fact, we didn’t have one for the first five years of our marriage! Since we spent the holidays out of state with one family or the other, it seemed like an unnecessary expense. Looking back, I feel like we missed out on having that lovely memory. I want my children to enjoy having their Christmas trees in their own homes. I’ve been buying them ornaments during their childhoods so that they’ll have some ornaments to hang on their first family tree. [Read more…]

Inspirational desserts start with Yonanas! #Inspirational2016

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This summer, there will be no dessert-fueled guilt.  Instead, I’ll go straight for the Yonanas to create inspirational desserts that taste like frozen yogurt.  Finally, something other than banana bread can come of our overripe bananas! I’m thrilled that other fruits can be used in the Yonanas dessert maker, too. We purchase a lot of fruit at the farmer’s market (blueberries, strawberries, apples, and more). Since it’s not covered in preservatives and shellac, the fruit must be consumed within a day or two. Freezing it to use in the Yonanas machine will be a big moneysaver, but will seem like a treat! Enter to win a Yonanas dessert maker - great for restricted diets (vegan, dairy free, gluten free). #giveaway at [Read more…]

Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt #IntroducingChocolatFreyNA #ad

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Join us for a Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt! #ad #IntroducingChocolatFreyNA #Giveaway

Welcome to our Chocolat Frey fest!  I was introduced to this wonderful brand through the Everyday Assortment and Bunnies box.  When the delicious delivery was made, my family rejoiced.  Seriously, few things get our giddiness like chocolate.  Chocolat Frey was special right from the start.  The beautiful wrappings hint of the quality and treasure within.  Silver, gold, blue, and pink metallic foil make the chocolate even more special.    I wanted to incorporate the wrappings, flavors, and fun into a spring activity for my kids.  Join us for the Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt!

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