Why I Want to Read Banned Books

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Back in the Dark Ages called my 8th grade year, I participated in a banned book competition.  The teams were given trivia about specific books and — bzzz! — we had to buzz in with the correct title or author.  One book I was asked to read was Animal Farm, and it shocked me to my core!   The academic team coach, Mr. Price, was my favorite teacher of all time.  Looking back through a teacher’s eyes, I appreciate what he risked to expose his class to banned books.   The idea of banned books encouraged me to challenge ideas and think for myself. Even now, almost 30 years later, I want to read all of the banned books.

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Shark Factivity paperback book + 6 shark teeth US #Giveaway

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We’ve never been lucky enough to find an actual shark tooth when visiting the beach….but that doesn’t mean my little shark hunter hasn’t tried!  I don’t really want to see one attached to the creature, and we did see a shark the last time we went to Virginia Beach.  My son loves to learn facts about animals and so, thankfully, the Shark Factivity book offers the best of both worlds. [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for Your Little Justice League Fan #giveaway US

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There’s a little Justice League fan in my house. He lives and breathes all things superhero.  This year at Christmas, I’m sure we’ll have to have some League gifts for him!  Here are some of the items on the list I’ve started.  Feel free to add your ideas below!  [Read more…]

National Geographic Has Gift-Worthy Books for Kids

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For years, I tucked a $20 bill inside a great book for my nieces and nephews on gift-giving occasions.  My children usually request a title or two for their own gifts.  You don’t have to be a language arts teacher, or even a bookworm, to find fabulous gift-worthy books!

Many of my students have told me that they received a book from a relative as a gift, and it became a favorite.  Wouldn’t it be an honor to be the one to gift that beloved book? [Read more…]

Teacher Must Have List #back2school2017 + #giveaway – PayPal or Amazon

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If you’ve been in the store recently, you’ve probably fought the crowds trying to buy school supplies.  Many new teachers get overwhelmed when it’s time to set up a classroom. That is totally understandable!  This is year 21 for me, so I have my room pretty stocked at this point.  I’ve figured out my teacher must have items, and made sure those were plentiful.  These 3 items made my list.  [Read more…]

Paper Pups 3D Coloring Book – the perfect quiet indoor activity

When we went camping in Baileyton a couple of weeks ago, the weather was supposed to be rainy on a couple of days.   I received the book Paper Pups 3D Coloring for review, so I took it along with us for a quiet indoor activity. Just so you know, this post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission if you use the links to make a purchase. Opinions shared are mine.

Paper Pups sounded too fun to pass on to my kids right away, so after they fell asleep, I pulled it out to play.  I was kicking myself for forgetting my markers because he needed to be colored properly before assembly.  Skipping that step, I powered through to create this masterpiece.  [Read more…]

The Battles of Tolkien book makes a lovely gift for LOTR fans

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In the early years of our marriage, the hubby and I went to see all of the Lord of the Rings movies together.  The story was so incredible that I read the books, too.  They were hard to push through. The descriptive prose was too much for me at some points.   My fascination with the world of Middle Earth came from the way I imagined Tolkien’s stories.  If you know a Lord of the Rings fan, consider gifting the beautiful Battles of Tolkien book. 

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Guardians of the Galaxy Dot-to-Dot book

We’ve joined the camping world, and it’s fabulous!  In June, we bought a travel trailer with the intention of visiting some of the beautiful mountains and valleys we have near our home.  Since some of the campgrounds don’t have Wi-Fi, we knew the kids would need help finding other activities to keep them occupied.  Both of my kids love dot-to-dot books, so when I was invited to review this Guardians of the Galaxy book, I jumped at the chance. Opinions shared are mine!  [Read more…]

Touch-and-Feel Board Books from Silver Dolphin – Bright Books

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When my children were small, we read books together on a daily basis. That special routine became the highlight of our evenings.  My husband and I fondly remember the texts we eventually memorized… even if my kids don’t remember, we do!  In the early days, the babies loved books like these Silver Dolphin Bright Books[Read more…]

You should visit Busch Gardens – even in the rain

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rent out an entire amusement park, having it all to yourself for the day?  Now I know what that feels like!

At several points in our spring break trip to Williamsburg, VA, the universe seemed to conspire against us. Both kids got the flu. We had to change hotel rooms three times.  The weather imploded on itself by the end of our trip.  It was a sopping wet day when we headed to Busch Gardens.  My husband was ready to bail, but the kids and I gathered up our ponchos and insisted on going.  We are so glad we did!   [Read more…]