Cheryl Lee TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit #discount

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Ultimate Eczema Kit #giveaway #ChristmasInJuly

For as long as I could remember, I’d always had the small bumps on my upper arm.  They itched and bothered me during the winter, but I don’t think I ever mentioned them to my mom. When my hands started to become dry and cracked in the winter, I took it in stride. People stared, asking what happened, and I shrugged it off. Sometimes I wore gloves to cover the bleeding cracks in my skin. Getting a pedicure was also embarrassing because my heels were always so terribly dry.  For some reason, I never thought to mention these things to my doctor until I had to see a dermatologist for another, unrelated reason. The specialist told me that all of these issues were caused by eczema.  I was so surprised! My kids struggled with eczema, but it was always a red rash, nothing like what I experienced.  That’s why I was really excited to try the TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit. Immediately, my thirsty skin drank in the moisture!  Thanks to this generous sponsor, one lucky reader will win an identical set. You can also use code CLMDSave20 to save 20% on your purchase, if you just can’t wait until the giveaway is over! [Read more…]

Doctor On Demand FREE first visit – #FeelBetter

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Many of us rely on online reviews to keep us abreast of the biggest changes in technology, services, and brands. Word of mouth recommendations from family and friends are also helpful when it comes to learning about the latest-and-greatest. Since I learned about the Doctor on Demand app last summer, I’ve shared it with just about anyone who will listen.  Doctor on Demand is an excellent option for college kids or out-of-town travelers. For a limited time, you can get your first visit for FREE — just enter code SAVINGS15 for your discount!

Avoid the waiting room with @DrOnDemand - the first visit is FREE for a limited time! #FeelBetter #ad

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Verified Codes has no-clip coupons. Save half the money with a fraction of the effort

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Verified Codes makes it easy to go paper free. #ad
Online shopping is a big part of today’s consumer world.  With credit card bonus points, virtual clearance sections, and expedited shipping, it’s often more convenient for my family to shop online rather than make a trip to a brick and mortar store.  There’s also the savings issue.  Although paper coupons exist for online shops, it’s a hassle to keep up with those coupons and codes. Online codes are easier to use because they’re no-clip, quick, and easy. I’m always interested in saving time and money. Verified Codes makes it simple to get BIG savings with a couple of clicks! [Read more…]

How to deal with the STUFF of Christmas

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There are times when the plastic and paper becomes overwhelming! Did you experience it this year? It’s the STUFF of Christmas. Although I love the merriment, it’s so wonderful when my home and life get back in order. Normally I put my tree away on December 26; it’s not my inner Scrooge coming out. It’s just my fervent need to have less clutter in the house. There’s also the issue that we have a great deal of new things in the house and it can be difficult to manage the “Minitis” issue. When my kids start the fussing, “That’s mine!” it’s usually because there were duplicates. The only time no one wants to claim their items is when it’s time for cleanup. Personalized labels make it easy to identify the guilty party!  If you need a set of labels, take advantage of the Boxing Week specials at Lovable Labels.

Lovable Labels Boxing Week

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Ditch the LBD this New Year’s Eve

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If you’re planning your outfit for this year’s New Year’s Eve bash and don’t want to spend all of your Christmas money, never fear.  Remember when I told you about the fab 9th & Elm site?   This is the place to shop for unique items, many handmade, that you won’t see on all the other divas at the party.  The glitter and glam costs less AND looks fantastic.  This year, spend $35 on your dress and the rest of your hard-earned cash on your fun times with girlfriends!  Plus, save 10% on your purchase when you use code COZY10 at checkout.  So ditch the LBD and wear something a little more glam for a lot less cash.

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Waited until the last minute?

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Big news: Time is running short!  Don’t look like you waited until the last minute – even if you did.

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Family Christian Doorbuster Deals just might save you from the Grinch!!

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As the calendar days tick by, you might start to realize that your Christmas budget won’t go as far this year.  It’s time to take advantage of Doorbuster Deals like the ones at Family Christian!  You can sort by “Price” to find gifts as low as $5.  Wrap up a Chris Tomlin CD or a lovely wall plaque and you’re making someone smile without making your bank account cringe.

$5 Faith plaque - Family Christian #doorbusterdeals #ad

These deals on 84 items are available through December 14.  I love that it’s also available online for those of you who are unable to carve out time in your schedule to drive out to the store!  Haven’t purchased your Christmas cards yet?  This time, your procrastination paid off. You can get boxed cards for just $5.  Many of these doorbusters are great for gift-giving, too.

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Which tempting offers catch you when shopping online?

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These days, it takes a lot to get me to walk into a brick and mortar store.  I used to love browsing through a shop, touching items and trying on clothes.  Now that life is busy with kids, work, and keeping up with the house, shopping seems like more of a chore than a pastime.  Going online is much easier for me.  It’s better for my budget, too, because it’s easier to stick with the one or two items I intended to purchase rather than walk out with a whole Target cart full of dizzying impulse buys.  Sound familiar?  Some discounts are even better online.  Free shipping, cashback, and gift with purchase all make it worth my while to click “submit” rather than slide my debit card.  These tempting offers are my favorites….which ones catch your eye?  [Read more…]

Zazzle pizzazz on Cyber Monday

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Black Friday came and went, but Cyber Monday still waits! Are you excited about the upcoming deals? If you missed the Black Friday Sale on Zazzle you can still catch some of the great buys available at a discount on Cyber Monday!  I recently ordered a phone case from Zazzle and received so many compliments on it.  The colors are gorgeous, and the ordering process could not have been easier.   Zazzle can be a bit overwhelming  because there are so many products offered on the site.  Try searching by category then narrow down your choices with the subcategories. If you’re wondering what to start with, check out these ideas.   [Read more…]

Family Christian’s Black Friday Sale

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After a day of feasting and general merriment, are you energized for shopping?  For many of us, that need to get the holiday preparations underway is pushed ahead by the amazing deals on Black Friday. Whether you shop online or in store, Family Christian should be at the top of your to-do list.  There are lots of great sales on books, music, decor, and more!  To find the specific deals mentioned below, just search for the term at Family Christian.

Thanksgiving Doorbusters (Black Friday Sale)
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