Huge Savings on Microsoft Surface Pro – Student-Friendly Tablet #Giveaway

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Microsoft Surface Pro #giveaway

It’s hard to believe that this is my 20th year of teaching!  Out of those two decades, 19 years have been spent in a 6th grade classroom.  It’s been so long since the days of having a rainbow-colored wrist from my overhead projector markers.  Technology has changed so much during my teaching career.  Through it all, Microsoft Store products helped me maintain a rigorous level of learning in my classroom, no matter what subject or content.   [Read more…]

Do’s and don’ts of Amwell telemedicine #momsloveamwell #ad

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Over the summer, my daughter shared her knock-down-drag-out virus with me.  One minute I was fine, but sometime after lunch the illness hit me full force.  I spent the entire weekend in bed, not able to sleep because of the all-over body aches.  There was no way that my aching body was going to make it  to the doctor’s office! Thanks to  Amwell,  I was able to get some comfort from a healthcare provider without even leaving my house.   #momsloveamwell #ad - get your visit for less!

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It’s gifting season. What’s in your gift bags? #GrouponCoupons #ad

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April showers bring spring…gifts.  ?!?!  That’s now how the rhyme goes, but that’s how my LIFE goes!  April starts the gift season at our house.  We have both kids’ birthdays in the same week.  Our anniversary is in May, plus there’s Mother’s Day.  June brings Father’s Day and my birthday.  Not to mention all the baby showers, graduations, and weddings that start cropping up in spring!  If you’re in the same boat, we feel your pain.  What’s in your gift bags?  Let Groupon Coupons help!

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Groupon Coupons can make it a spring to save

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Groupon has been a trusted name at our home for a long time. I often use their deals to purchase luxury activities, such as a massage or a salon visit. Local adventures such as the Alpine Roller Coaster discount can make a day trip even more fun. Now, Groupon Coupons make it even easier to save money! From the Groupon website, just go to the tab that’s on the far right and click “Coupons.” You can search by store or category.  Plus, it’s absolutely FREE to use!

Groupon coupons make it even easier to save money -

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New spring looks made easy!

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We’ve had a crazy-weather week here in TN.  It went from high 50’s to snow, and now we’re expecting 60’s temperatures this weekend.  Daffodils have already bloomed, and my sister’s tulips are starting to show through the ground.  If you’re feeling spring in the air, too, it’s time to freshen up.  New spring looks are made easy with these great offers.
SCARF sale - 2 for less than $9 SHIPPED #affiliate
The first biggie that I’m taking advantage of — Spring Lightweight Scarves – 2 for $8.99!  PLUS FREE SHIPPING w/code SCARVES2  I’m getting the Allie Floral Outline Infinity Scarf in sea foam and the Kaye Rose Print Ombré Infinity Scarf in black.   UPDATE — just went back and placed another order, because the Floral Stamped scarf was calling my name!  And bonus — it was the new 99-cent scarf today. HOORAY!!   This affordable deal is also great to stock your gift closet.  A scarf is a lovely gift for friends, sisters, teachers, and coworkers.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you just get them for yourself!

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Boots and scarves deal at Cents of Style – plus FREE Shipping

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boots and scarves combo - FREE Shipping

Friday 9/11/15 is the big day that I love on Cents of Style — their boots and scarves deal is live!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the scoop.  Once a year, Cents of Style runs a huge special (well over 50% off retail) on the season’s most adorable boots and scarves.  You can grab the combo for just $32.95, plus FREE SHIPPING.   Here are some ideas to use for this amazing offer:

  1.  Split them up for Christmas gifts.
  2. Get matching boots and/or scarves for all your girlfriends to wear on Girls Night Out.
  3. Let your elf-on-a-shelf wear the new items before your daughter gets to.
  4. Buy several and keep them all for yourself.

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Free express shipping on great clothes for tweens — yes, please!

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This year, I changed my back-to-school shopping strategy.  Normally my kids get a few new outfits to start off the school year.  With our expenses in buying a new home, plus the cash we had to shell out for getting our current home ready for sale, we decided to scrimp on the BTS items.  My kids didn’t blink an eye at having to wear their tired-out summer clothes on the first day of school, so I figured all was well.  Then I came upon a few graphic tees my daughter loved, and placed an order.  Unfortunately, it’s been 10 days, and still no shipment has arrived on our porch.  Right now, I’m wishing that I’d  gone through ModCloth; with code YESEXPRESS we could have received FREE express shipping on US orders of $150+ .  Considering that I spent $35 just in shipping alone, this makes me frown at the bad tee-shirt company!  

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Cheryl Lee TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit #discount

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Ultimate Eczema Kit #giveaway #ChristmasInJuly

For as long as I could remember, I’d always had the small bumps on my upper arm.  They itched and bothered me during the winter, but I don’t think I ever mentioned them to my mom. When my hands started to become dry and cracked in the winter, I took it in stride. People stared, asking what happened, and I shrugged it off. Sometimes I wore gloves to cover the bleeding cracks in my skin. Getting a pedicure was also embarrassing because my heels were always so terribly dry.  For some reason, I never thought to mention these things to my doctor until I had to see a dermatologist for another, unrelated reason. The specialist told me that all of these issues were caused by eczema.  I was so surprised! My kids struggled with eczema, but it was always a red rash, nothing like what I experienced.  That’s why I was really excited to try the TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit. Immediately, my thirsty skin drank in the moisture!  Thanks to this generous sponsor, one lucky reader will win an identical set. You can also use code CLMDSave20 to save 20% on your purchase, if you just can’t wait until the giveaway is over! [Read more…]

Doctor On Demand FREE first visit – #FeelBetter

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Many of us rely on online reviews to keep us abreast of the biggest changes in technology, services, and brands. Word of mouth recommendations from family and friends are also helpful when it comes to learning about the latest-and-greatest. Since I learned about the Doctor on Demand app last summer, I’ve shared it with just about anyone who will listen.  Doctor on Demand is an excellent option for college kids or out-of-town travelers. For a limited time, you can get your first visit for FREE — just enter code SAVINGS15 for your discount!

Avoid the waiting room with @DrOnDemand - the first visit is FREE for a limited time! #FeelBetter #ad

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Verified Codes has no-clip coupons. Save half the money with a fraction of the effort

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Verified Codes makes it easy to go paper free. #ad
Online shopping is a big part of today’s consumer world.  With credit card bonus points, virtual clearance sections, and expedited shipping, it’s often more convenient for my family to shop online rather than make a trip to a brick and mortar store.  There’s also the savings issue.  Although paper coupons exist for online shops, it’s a hassle to keep up with those coupons and codes. Online codes are easier to use because they’re no-clip, quick, and easy. I’m always interested in saving time and money. Verified Codes makes it simple to get BIG savings with a couple of clicks! [Read more…]