A 50th gold anniversary is a reason to celebrate!

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In 2002, my husband’s grandparents celebrated their 50th gold anniversary.  We were so fortunate to rejoice with them on that special occasion!  The event was hosted in a community hall where all of their friends and loved ones could witness the history of this amazing couple.  If you’re preparing a 50th gold anniversary event for someone special, here are some Anniversary Party Ideas to make your celebration a success. 

  • Gold frames can be clustered in groups, or set as singletons on tables.  Frame table cards, photos of the lucky couple, or even well-wishes from guests. 
  • Favor boxes and mint tins with gold motifs hold tiny treasures – from mints and nuts to chocolate treats. 
  • Renaissance glass tealight holders with gold accents double as party favors.  Use them at each table to evoke a romantic atmosphere, then invite guests to take one home.  
  • Metallic cupcake wrappers make it simple to dress up simple cupcakes!  
  • Looking for a DIY vibe?  Try gold + silver foil stickers to dress up everyday items.  They’ll give instant pizazz to mason jars, tablecloths, and even the special couple’s chairs. 
  • Set out a guest book and gold pen, wedding ceremony style.  Ask each guest to record a special memory or blessing for the celebrating couple.  Then, the couple keeps the guest book for reminiscing later.  

What party planning ideas do you have? 

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Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt #IntroducingChocolatFreyNA #ad

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Join us for a Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt! #ad #IntroducingChocolatFreyNA savingsinseconds.com #Giveaway

Welcome to our Chocolat Frey fest!  I was introduced to this wonderful brand through the Everyday Assortment and Bunnies box.  When the delicious delivery was made, my family rejoiced.  Seriously, few things get our giddiness like chocolate.  Chocolat Frey was special right from the start.  The beautiful wrappings hint of the quality and treasure within.  Silver, gold, blue, and pink metallic foil make the chocolate even more special.    I wanted to incorporate the wrappings, flavors, and fun into a spring activity for my kids.  Join us for the Chocolat Frey Scavenger Hunt!

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5 Ways to Use Book Sneak Peeks to Get Kids Reading

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5 Ways to Use Book Sneak Peeks to Get Kids Reading - savingsinseconds.com

My wonderful teaching assistant came into school a few weeks ago with handfuls of book sneak peeks.  These are small promotional booklets to draw attention to an upcoming release.  They often contain the first two or three chapters of the new book.  My students could NOT get enough of poring through those pages!  After a few days, the newness wore off, and those goodies sat untouched on my whiteboard tray.  Would you throw them out?  Teachers are known for their hoarding ways, and I’m not immune to a little bit of hoarding.  Here are 5 ways I use book sneak peeks to get kids to read!  [Read more…]

Cold weather is for the birds – DIY homemade suet cakes

At our old house, we had birds around all the time. It’s been sad to build our bird friend list up from scratch. Over the past few months, I’ve set out feeders and scattered seed, hoping to attract some flighty little guys.  This week the weather took a drastic downturn, and I worried that the birds would struggle to find enough to eat.  That’s when I remembered the homemade suet cakes I made at our old house.  This easy recipe is so simple, you’ll want to make it on your snow day!

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Introduce your child to a new type of art with Ice Cream Work

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I’ve never really been in touch with my Japanese heritage.  My kids love to eat certain Japanese foods, and they call their grandmother “Oba” (just as I do).  Beyond that, the only thing that defines our Japanese affinities would be our Honda van.  So when I received Ice Cream Work to review, I didn’t really appreciate the Japanese artwork at first.  It seemed more retro to me; it immediately reminded me of 80’s cartoons.  The muted colors and stylized patterns seemed reminiscent of books from my childhood.  The author’s page revealed that Ice Cream Work represents a unique form of artwork called SUNAE.  Have you heard of it?

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Decorate your pumpkin with candy this fall

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Finding ways to solve two problems with one product is a big time saver at our house.  It’s hard to keep fall decor in line with the changing holidays.  It’s also the time for sweet treats, which is always fun!  One great way to get the two together is to set up your fall table with Sweetworks candy.

Decorate with candy this fall! #SweetworksAutumn #giveaway #ad savingsinseconds.com

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What would you buy with a $25 Amazon gift card?

The days of the long, scrolled out wishlists are over.  Having a catalog earmarked, with product descriptions circled? A thing of the past. These days, people love to keep digital wishlists.  Whether yours is on Pinterest, or you keep your coveted links on an online cart, this is for you.  I like to bookmark school supplies, new shoes, and some new craft materials.  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.  I use that compensation to pay for self-sponsored giveaways like this one! 

Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card - savingsinseconds.com

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Decor for summer parties – what’s your go-to?

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During the summer, I value my time off perhaps even more than throughout the school year.  My kids and I love to lounge in our pj’s, relax in the pool, and eat breakfast as late as we want.  Inviting family and friends over makes us happy, but only when we can relax while doing it! That means that the decor for our summer parties must be completely effortless.

I’ve always wanted to try a Cricut personal electronic cutting machine.  The customized cut-outs make even a simple table look professionally decorated!  The DIY part of me would be fulfilled, while the lazy part of me would celebrate the simplicity.  Wondering what the Cricut offers? [Read more…]

Emergency Numbers Magnet for Babysitter and Daycare @MyPrintly #CMYK

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Make a free Emergency Numbers Magnet with @MyPrintly #CMYK #ad savingsinseconds.com

When you were a child, did you have all the important phone numbers memorized?  Even in my sleep, I could rattle off my best friend’s phone number, my mom’s work number, and (of course) my own phone number.  Things have changed with the introduction of cell phones and Bluetooth.  We no longer have to memorize these numbers.  I teach 6th grade and sometimes need to reach parents. Many of my students have no idea what their phone number is.  It’s time-consuming and inconvenient to look up those numbers on a computer database in every situation.  My own children don’t know all the numbers that they could reach in an emergency.  If I don’t answer my phone, they’d be lost!  That’s why I used MyPrintly to make a free magnet that goes right on our refrigerator.  If a babysitter is at our house, this magnet is a quick reference if she needs to get in contact with us.  It’s simple to print off extras to give this to a daycare teacher.  Don’t forget to tuck one in your child’s backpack!   My Emergency Numbers Magnet took just seconds to create.  Here’s how to make yours!  [Read more…]

#RecycleYourPeriodPad and use Poise® Thin-Shape to Solve Your LBL Problems

I thought that having C-sections would make me immune to the LBL (light bladder leakage) that many women experience after carrying babies. Well, unfortunately, NO. Bladder leaks can happen to anyone.  Despite the C-sections, I’m just as susceptible to the unpleasant feeling that can result from laughing too hard, jumping too high, or coughing too much. Thanks to the new Poise Thin-Shape pads, a funny joke won’t be the end of a good time.  They’re 40% thinner than regular Poise, so they’re almost un-noticeable.  When you’re having fun with friends, the last thing you want to think about is a bulky liner!  Your purse wants you to carry Poise, people.

Your purse wants you to carry Poise. #RecycleYourPeriodPad #ad savingsinseconds.com


If you’ve been using period pads to keep your pants on, I want to let you in on a little secret. Poise is better suited for LBL than period pads.  It’s designed to keep women dry when LBL occurs, and that can be a real blessing when you’re not interested in changing clothes.  You don’t have to let your period pads go to waste, though. Try using them on this easy spring craft that’s perfect for Easter fun!
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