Do your traditions include matching Family Christmas PJs ?

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It’s fun to hear about my friends’ family traditions when it comes to Christmas. Many of them have a specific dish or dessert they look forward to. Some, like our family, enjoy opening gifts at the same time every year. Others plan outings and events, such as cookie baking or caroling, to welcome Christmas. One friend told me that she always buys her kids a special set of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve, so that their Santa-present pictures look good in the morning. Pretty smart! While I’m not usually organized enough to keep track of things like that in advance, I have to admit that having matching family Christmas pjs sounds super cute.

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How to spend your Christmas Cash – prAna Ryley Crop pants #giftedprAna CODE CMTH17

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Meet the Ryley Crop.
These are the pants that make leggings cry.

On the weekends when I’m not restricted by workplace dress codes and the need to look professional, I crave softness.  Comfort.  Flexible clothes that allow me to move.  On those days, even my favorite jeans feel too confining.  As I went through the Christmas boxes to wrap gifts, I found a surprise from prAna — the Ryley Crop in cargo green.  These are the pants that make leggings cry, people!

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Parragon books make December fun

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Part of our Christmas decor always includes holiday-themed books.  I love the winter scenes and bundled-up characters of children’s books.  Keeping these on shelves and tables around the house seems to motivate my kids to pick up and read their favorites. This year, we’ll have some new ones to add to the rotation.  Check them out!  [Read more…]

Help Rudolph light the way with new books

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He’s an iconic figurehead for Christmas — Santa’s right hand deer, Rudolph.  If you’re a misfit looking for your island, check out this set of 3 Rudolph titles!  [Read more…]

The Eternity Rose pink glazed 24k gold earrings

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When we moved, I wasn’t upset to leave behind our house on the hill.  I do miss our pink roses, though.  My husband planted a dozen pink rose bushes for me all around the pool area; the exquisite fragrance was heavenly!  I’ve always loved roses, so it makes sense that The Eternity Rose caught my attention. It’s the perfect addition to our Holiday Gift Guide.

You probably associate The Eternity Rose with beautiful gift items.  They’re especially well known for the 24k Gold-Dipped Rose, which is as extravagant as it sounds.  This company specializes in unique pieces of art made from genuine roses and rose petals.  These items make lovely, long lasting gifts for all occasions. Ideal for home decor, the long stem dipped roses make a wonderful conversation starter. Consider gifting one with the intention of making it an heirloom piece. [Read more…]

Pet Magasin fan favorites for your pet’s stocking #PetMagasin #PetGrooming #ad

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Our little Sweetpea is, without a doubt, a member of our family.  So yes, she gets a stocking.  If your dog has a stocking, stuff it with Pet Magasin products that you both can enjoy all year long. Sweetpea really loves the soft bristles of the two-sided brush, which relaxed her so much that she immediately took a nap afterwards.  Look at those sleepy eyes!

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Love my prAna Rockaway Jacket + get 15% off with code CMTH17 #ad #giftedprAna

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It snowed last weekend!  A glorious 4 inches of snow fell on our small town, which was the perfect amount for enjoying without being snowed in.  Though some of the snow has melted, the temperatures have been so cold that most of the melted snow turned to ice today.  I’m not a fan of bulky coats (no puffers for me, thank you very much) so I was grateful to have my prAna Rockaway Jacket to keep me snuggly warm.  When my kids wanted me to stay outside and watch them play, I was cozy as could be despite this jacket’s lightweight appearance. [Read more…]

Sensory Gift Ideas for The Kids – Holiday Gift Guide

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Each year, I face the challenge of finding unique items for the kids in my life.  From my personal children, to nieces and nephews, to the students at my school who need a little extra Christmas cheer, there are so many kiddos to buy for.  If you need a little inspiration, check out some of these fun sensory items!  [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for the Collector — Splashlings, Funko, LittleMissMatched, Aquarium #ad

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Encouraging a collection can have its advantages.  It gives you a ready-made gift idea for each occasion.  It’s also fun to see how those collections become sentimental over the years.  As long as my kids played with their collectibles, I didn’t mind purchasing a few items for holidays and birthdays.  I saw it as a way to keep that childhood love alive.  Here are some fun collectible items that deserve a place under your tree this year.  [Read more…]

giftYou makes it easy to create and share holiday wish lists #ad

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My husband and I are Tennessee transplants. He’s from Pennsylvania, and I’m from Kentucky.  Both of our families live in those areas, so we miss out on many family holiday events.  My mom desperately wants to please my children on birthdays and at Christmas, but it’s so difficult to explain what they really want.  She’s not into teen trends, nor does she know what types of games are currently being played at my house.  I’ve often thought that it would be so much easier if she could just go shopping with me so that I could point out what my kids are wishing for.  Thankfully, giftYou makes it simple to create a Christmas wish list and share it with anyone, anywhere. [Read more…]