NCircle titles – The Snowman and the Snowdog, Naya’s Arctic Adventures

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NCircle giveaway featuring The Snowman and Meet Naya -

My children love books, but on snow days it’s just necessary to have a few good DVDs on hand.  Leave it to NCircle Entertainment to offer books-turned-movies that are just right for the season!  In this giveaway, one lucky reader will win 2 DVDs:  The Snowman (with a double feature—The Snowdog!) and Meet Naya.   [Read more…]

Use Dot Dollars to stock your Gift Closet

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Get your Gift Closet set up! ideas for the holidays from #affiliate
It’s always good to have an extra gift or two waiting in the ranks. If you have a “gift closet” or something similar, you have an emergency reserve to pull from in a pinch. Sometimes money is tight right around an important birthday, or you might receive an unexpected gift from a neighbor and feel obligated to reciprocate. I like to find gifts of affordable price ranges to keep stashed in the closet for moments like this. When you get those great BOGO offers at the department store, go ahead and take the freebie. When Amazon offers you that super-deal add-on item, go ahead and add it to your cart. Just tuck it in that gift closet! [Read more…]

Great deal on this year’s hot trend – the blanket scarf

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We’ve only had a few cold mornings so far this fall.  On one such morning, I wore a lightweight top in anticipation of the warmer temperatures that were expected later in the day.  Upon entering the school building and finding that the heat wasn’t turned on until the morning, it was a shock to find my classroom so cold.  One of the ladies across the hall was wearing a cozy-looking blanket scarf.  It looked so warm and comfortable that I longed for one, too. So when I saw Cents of Style’s Friday deal — a blanket scarf for just $15.95 + free shipping — I had to snag one for myself and a couple for Christmas gifts!   Use code BLANKETGIFT to get that special pricing.

Blanket scarf for just $15.95 + FREE shipping - awesome Christmas gift. code is BLANKETGIFT #affiliate [Read more…]

We love our snowing Christmas tree – check it out!

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Years ago, there was an antique shop in town that had an amazing assortment of Christmas trees displayed all year ’round. There was an upside down tree, which was rather odd. The corner Christmas tree was interesting, and would be awesome for a small space or an extra hall corner. My personal favorite, though, was the snowing Christmas tree. It was encased in a glass cabinet so that the “snow” wouldn’t be handled by curious customers. The snow fell all around the tree’s limbs and ornaments in a quietly beautiful way. It was simply mesmerizing. My husband and I loved to watch it, as we visited the store often just to look at it. The tree wasn’t for sale, and I’d forgotten all about it over the years. Moving into a new house meant that most of our belongings were stashed in a storage building over the summer. When it was time for Christmas decorating, we still hadn’t unpacked the big artificial tree and ornaments that were now in the far back corner of the storage unit. This gave me the perfect excuse to purchase a snowing Christmas tree, just like I’d admired all those years ago!

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Holiday gifts from Onecklace have a personalized touch + discount code

We’re determined to commit to simplicity in our new, smaller home. That means reducing the amount of “stuff” we accumulate. We purged closets and toy boxes before and after the big move, and I’m not anxious to fill it all back up again with generic Christmas gifts. This year we’re continuing our tradition of giving our kids 4 gifts each. The gifts are based on a cute rhyme a friend shared with me:
Something You Wear
Something You Read
Something You Want
Something You Read

It’s really tough to find something for my daughter to “wear” that she would pick out herself. She’s old enough to care about style, and has personal tastes that I can’t begin to replicate. She’s been asking for a pretty necklace that she can wear on a regular basis. When Onecklace contacted me about trying some of their products, I knew they would have just the right piece for my daughter. Appropriate and unique, the sterling silver butterfly pendant with name necklace is a gorgeous gift.

Beautiful jewelry from makes a fabulous gift #ad

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Change the World With Your Gift – World Vision

World Vision changes gift giving #SantasComing #giveaway -
When was the last time that you bought a life-saving gift with a click of your mouse?

What gift do you give someone who seems to have everything? Or, for a person who doesn’t really want anything? Our family is so blessed that we don’t really need more trinkets or gadgets. Our basic needs are abundantly met every day. Not every family is so fortunate, though. There are mothers who struggle to find enough food to feed their children. There are children who don’t have access to clean water. These survival obstacles tend to happen in other countries, but some families here in the U.S. also meet tremendous hurdles. Thanks to World Vision, it’s possible to bless those families with much-needed supplies in honor of a friend or family member. I was invited to select an item from the 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog, I knew you’d want to know about this amazing opportunity to change a life.  Making a gift through World Vision’s Gift Catalog is so simple that you might never step foot in a crowded mall on Black Friday again. [Read more…]

A Thomas Edison Secret Lab Prize Pack

Being a teacher’s kid means that the likelihood of receiving educational toys is pretty good.
Being the child of TWO teachers? The education toys are guaranteed.
Luckily for us, Ryan’s makes learning fun!
Enter to win a Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab prize pack - valued at over $100 - at
This year as part of their Family Night offerings, the Ovation portfolio of restaurants have partnered with Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab series. One lucky reader will receive a A Thomas Edison Secret Lab Prize Pack (and so will I).
Each Thursday from 5-8PM (excluding holidays), participating Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, and Country Buffet restaurants will host a science-themed event.

– November 12 “Why Do Things Float”
– November 19 “Sweet Dreams/ PJ Party”
– November 26 Thanksgiving DVD Sweepstakes (Each restaurant will give away a DVD)
– December 3 Cotton Candy Experiment
– December 10 Genius Dress Up
– December 17 What’s Your Bright Idea!
– December 24/31 Thomas Edison Secret Lab Activity sheet available

Some restaurants will even be showing episodes of the popular series — check with your location to see if it’s included! In addition to this giveaway, the brand is also sponsoring a sweepstakes featuring a trip for a family of four for 5 days/4 nights to sunny Florida!

The special Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab “Genius” Prize Pack comes complete with themed, collectible products including a Secret Millionaire’s Club (SMC) “Business in a Box” lemonade stand, a SMC Car Wash and SMC DVD and of course FREE MEAL COUPONS from any of the more than 300 Ovation Brands restaurants. The prize packs are valued at well OVER $100 each!!!!!

To enter the giveaway, visit the giveaway form below. The contest is open to US readers, ages 18+. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck!


The Rockboard Scooter gets kids moving!

For 13 years, we lived in a house on a hill. It was a BIG hill, and my kids were not allowed to take their bikes outside alone. I was afraid (with good reason) that they would fly uncontrollably down the driveway. Sad, right? Well, we moved, and now we finally have a pancake-flat yard. Oh, happy day! So when we received the Rockboard Scooter for the kids to try out, it was an instant hit! I mean, look at it. How could it not be an instant hit? Don’t let Santa get credit for the Rockboard Scooter. It’s too good to pass off on an incognito guy in a red suit. Hide it behind the tree, Christmas Story style, and let the hugs and kisses pour in. [Read more…]

Kinivo BTH260 Premium Bluetooth Headphones

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Kinivo Bluetooth Headphones #giveaway #Home4Holidays

What’s in this small package? Oh, I’m glad you asked. It’s the set of Kinivo Bluetooth Headphones (model #BTH260) that just made my Thanksgiving break a lot more enjoyable. These sport headphones are so comfortable, and easy to use, that my kids have made them a constant accessory since we got out of school for Thanksgiving. [Read more…]

Sing along with Chris Tomlin #ADORE CD

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We started listening to Christmas songs this week. My kids love belting out the holiday music on our morning commute. Are you the same way? Chris Tomlin’s ADORE album combines the best of worship music with beloved Christmas songs. Just like my family, you’ll want to sing along with Chris Tomlin while welcoming the holidays.
ADORE album from Chris Tomlin - #giveaway [Read more…]